Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Probably don't have to tell anyone this but spoilers are hitting the net hard and fast, just had what I believe is the ending spoiled by a fucking video on how to fix a central air AC unit.

  • @dmcmaster

    I had God of War 2018 spoiled for me in such a dumb was as well. YT algorithm put at the very top a video titled

    Kratos Chains of Chaos in God of War.

    Or something like that...

    Mind elaborating on how a AC unit spoiled it this time?

  • Aeris, the church and that music. So far the most powerful reaction I've felt with the game, I was teary-eyed before I knew it. What a moment...

  • @dipset
    I honestly have no clue how, googled how to fix a freyon leak in the unit attached to my house, started off normal guy is talking about the unit where this or that is on it, what you'll need to fix it. Then cuts to well I won't say to avoid spoiling others.

    Still not sure how that happened either, unless people are uploading it with random ass titles to trick people.

  • @dmcmaster

    Dude that is heinous!!

    So you mean to tell me scumbags are making fake YouTube videos with innocent titles then mid-video just spoiling the game?

    If so, that's absolutely ridiculous. So many people work so hard to make the fans satisfied and happy. Such a shitty and immature thing to do.

    That said, this humiliation in the Kenny vs Spenny pilot always killed me. Had to go to the lineup for Unbreakable and spoil it. Lucky he didn't get his head kicked in:

    Kenny vs. Spenny Pilot (2001)
    Youtube Video – [22:10..]

  • I got a stupid problem with this game. Like many of you, I'm super hyped for it and want it now.

    BUT, it's very obvious that the next episodes will be on PS5, and this first episode will almost certainly see a re-release on PS5 too, possibly with added bells and whistles.

    And I know I will feel bad when that happens, because I'll either have to buy it again, or just miss out on this superior version. And I'd rather have the entire collection on the same platform.

    So I'm tempted to wait, but who knows how long the PS5 version will take to show up. And meanwhile I'll be missing out, risk being spoiled, and so on.

    Is anyone worried about the same thing? Am I way overthinking this?

  • @axel

    I think I've already decided I'm going to buy TLOU Pt 2 and FF7 on PS5 because it'll be the definitive versions and I can honestly wait because its guaranteed to be happening if not already in development.

  • @axel I had the same thought as well, but awhile back I came to the best decision for me (and I can't stress that enough because what I'm good with may not vibe with you at all):

    I'm getting this now, ASAP, and if there IS a PS5 version for Part 1, I'll bite the bullet on that too.

    I came to this conclusion for two reasons:

    1.) Since the original is my favorite game of all time, I don't mind having multiple copies, DEPENDENT on what a PS5 version has.

    2.) IF the PS5 does backwards compatibility Series X is doing (where it's somehow automatically uprezzing the previous generation's games in the hardware itself), then having the PS4 version is fine for me. HOWEVER, I don't think Sony is doing the same thing in that area, or if they are not to the extent, quite like Xbox, so I would much rather experience this as soon as possible.

    Again, that's just me, and your criteria is for you to help you determine what's best for you.

  • I'll be double-dipping in no time, like a good fanboy should.

  • @dipset Last of Us 2 I'll definitely wait because I'm not particularly hyped for it. I'm sure it'll be great but I wasn't crazy about the first one. They might even make it a simultaneous release on PS4 and as a PS5 launch title at this point, like Breath of the Wild on Wii U and Switch.

    @Brannox I usually avoid double-dipping, even if somehow the PS5 version was free to PS4 version owners, I doubt I would want to replay the game a second time. So if I get it now, I won't get it on PS5, although it'll probably be very tempting.

    I also have a base PS4, not a Pro, so at this point it would be the "worst" possible version. But the zeitgeist and peer pressure is so strong, and there not might be another big release for a few months...

    Oh well, I'll figure it out! :)

  • @brannox I don't see Sony (or Microsoft for that matter) implementing any kind of BC that "automatically" uprezzes previous generation games, but I can see games getting patches for PS5 that will essentially treat them like PS4 Pro Pro games which allows them to run faster/smoother.

  • @el-shmiablo Isn't the whole Smart Delivery shtick from Microsoft supposed to give you the version of the game that's best for your console, regardless of which "version" you bought? Basically cross-buy.

    Reading this here:

    This technology empowers you to buy a game once and know that – whether you are playing it on Xbox One or Xbox Series X – you are getting the right version of that game on whatever Xbox you’re playing on.

    But in any case, I don't see Square Enix being that generous.

  • @axel
    It's Square Enix, they'll probably release a PS5, Xbox One, Xbox SX version, two different PC versions, and a Tiger handheld LCD version next year.

  • @axel The game still needs to support that service and be patched to support the features.
    Reading more on Smart Delivery, it's just Cross Buy with a new name.

  • The trophy list finally opened up on PS4. Been receiving those things blind since Saturday. Not that I'm spoiling myself now either with that. Chapter 12 is next for me.

  • I wanna play it but as I only play most games once I'll wait for next gen.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    Reading more on Smart Delivery, it's just Cross Buy with a new name.

    Yeah it really is. But like you said, it's not magical, it has to be supported by the publisher, it will only be a guarantee for first-party titles on Xbox.

  • @axel Yeah that's all I was saying.
    It honestly seems like it's up to the publisher going forward. Cyberpunk is doing the same thing. Own the game on PS4? You also own the PS5 version.

  • It's been a long time since I get to play a new game at launch day. The menu music is fucking killing me, so goddamn good. Scratch that, not just the menu music.