Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • @themarcv I'll take advantage of you mentioning Trails of Cold Steel to plug it, since I would take any chance I get. If you enjoyed the first few hours then I can near guarantee that you'll end up liking the game as a whole, so now that 2 is also available on Ps4 and 3 coming soon, with hopefully 4 next year, there's no time like the present to get back to it. As I said if you liked the beginning you'll like the rest.

    And to not completely hijack the thread my thoughts on FF7 Remake, I'm honestly completely indifferent even though it looks promising, I'm not a FF guy and I would rather go back to 6 to finally beat it or try 9 or tactics as they look way more appealing to me, but hopefully people are pleased with the remake even though I have little confidence on current Square.

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  • @dmcmaster ...who's ferrari?

  • Idk saw these online, allegedly they are from a artists working on the FF7 remake

  • @dmcmaster Fair enough! Looks cool either way.

  • @bard91 I have zero doubts I'd love the Cold Steel games, the horrible truth is I enjoy the majority of video games and that's where the problem is. I'm in a position where I can afford to get any game that interest me and I do. What ends up happening again and again is I'll get a game and love it (recent example Sekiro). I'll play it as much as I can ( few hours here and there during the week, more during weekends) but before I can beat it another game comes out. I'll try juggling the two, but then a third game comes along, now I'm having fun with MK 11 and Days Gone, but I'm also picking up Rage 2. Now Sekiro is in the rear view mirror, even tho I have all the good intentions to go back. The reality is I very rarely do.

    Maybe worse of all, I don't mind this. I'm not killing myself that I shelved Sekiro. I have fun and move on, I still want to beat Sekiro, RDR2, RE2, DMC V, Spider Man DLC etc. but the probability of that is now super low.

    Also this remake has been doing a perfect job recreating these characters, Barnett and his weird sunglasses included (I'm guessing they are going to be like scouters or something).

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  • @sentinel-beach

    When every scene in FF7 becomes a Yakuza sub-story.

  • @sentinel-beach God Damn that is excellent, this remake is going to be insane.

  • I am guessing this will be a two episode remake unless they add to the game

  • I guess it depends on where they end up splitting it. I think, for example - we should definitely be on the world map by the time game 1 is over. If it's just Midgar, I'd be a little bummed.

    It takes like 4-5 hours in the og game to get out of midgar, but CGI and voice acting and such is gonna double that.

  • Two parts makes sense, I think you have to end the first part at the end of disc one. I think that's the end of the part 1 regardless if there's 2 or 3 games. You can't really split them just by disc though, disc 3 isn't that long., hence why I think two makes sense.

    I think they'll do three games just to really milk it though.

  • @iboshow
    I'm thinking at least 3 part
    Episode 1 being a fleshed out and expanded Midgard
    Episode 2 possibly ending with Cloud's coma/amnesia.
    Episode 3 being well the rest

  • Really?! I was thinking 5 episodes minimum.

    I'm just now wondering how the world will be handled. Like, between episodes, will we be able to explore the open world and farm/grind/sidequest or once you complete the chapter, you can't keep playing until the next one. I'm now really curious just how action-focused this is going to be. I hope it isn't just going to be a big long tunnel.

  • @tokyoslim
    I think we might get a taste of the world outside Midgard if they keep that (admittedly odd) section where you leave hit a inn then go back.

  • I'm gonna be bummed if each part as some sort of soft cap on leveling/item gathering. They'd better give you something to do between parts, otherwise I can't see it playing like a JRPG.

  • I wonder if they'll integrate any of the Compilation material into Remake. I've only ever played Crisis Core (and it's been quite some time), but I think parts of it could drop in nicely.

  • @binarymelon
    I hope so, although they'll either have to get Gackt back or just redesign G. Hell Gackt is the alleged reason why Crisis Core hasn't been ported to anything.

  • @sazime
    I'm pretty sure there will be a NG+ at least.

  • Some (very optimistic) people think that the "episodic" format means they'll do something more akin to the FF XIII trilogy, so we'd have FF VII Remake as a full game, and they'd make sequels / spin-offs down the line, re-using assets, to make the whole investment profitable (also possibly re-using Crisis Core / Dirge of Cerberus stories, or brand new ones).

    I would love for that to be the case, but I'm not getting my hopes up.