Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • I've got to chapter 4 already, it's been great so far. I have a few thoughts on things (never played the original game, btw):

    • The combat took a bit to get a hang of, and so far it's quite fun. Switching characters is pretty seamless, the attacks are flashy and satisfying to hit, and using the commands mid battle doesn't feel cumbersome at all. I really like how the ATB system rewards being aggresive and also thoughtful, might as well do some damage and get the bar filled rather than guarding all the time. I need to get a hang of the lock on system, it's very finicky. I feel like this is what the FFXV combat should have been.
    • Man, the first 2 chapters are a great intro to this game. The game gets to flex the cinematic muscles quite a bit, which adds a lot to the overall presentation of the game. It's also well paced. Plus, Loveless Avenue looks stunning. I honestly forgot that the game is a JRPG, these two chapters felt like something out of a more linear action game. Chapter 3 slowed down things down and showed more of the RPG stuff, albeit in a somewhat awkward way.
    • The main character interactions has been fun to watch. Seeing Cloud being... Cloud is pretty chuckle worthy at times. Barret's tsundere-esque one time character break is hilarious. Tifa's a sweetheart and I really cant wait to see her more. Jessie's a fun time as well.
    • The music is fantastic. It's worth the admission price alone, tbh.
    • Graphically, this game still looks gorgeous on my substandard setup (PS4 Slim + a low-end TV I got for free), especially in the topside environments. The slums look as grotty as I would have expected, but there's quite a few noticeable slow loading textures and objects there, especially if you're running around. I also notice a lot of times where the game pauses for 3-5 seconds everytime you interact with the NPCs, specifically quest givers. Now more than ever i'm glad the next gen consoles focuses on the loading stuff, especially PS5.

    I'm really excited to play more, I hope you all will be enjoying it as well. Playing this puts me in a good mood for studying too, which is nice.

  • I'm actually playing it. Nothing can ruin this for me.

  • ID Software sharing in the FF7 excitement.

  • Goddamn this just keeps on being excellent! Another super intense boss fight behind me, love how the music just drills into my brain in those and kicks right in. Pure extacy.

    The story is now telling me that the point-of-no-return is next. I'm ready for the final chapters! ...tomorrow, it's 2.00 AM and I just played six hours again.

  • @sentinel-beach
    How long have you been playing?

  • @dmcmaster I believe the clock showed something short of 35 hrs. Although it seems to keep running on pause as well, which has for sure added 2-4 hrs to it (I mean I've eaten something a bunch of times etc.).

  • @sentinel-beach So the game's length about 30 hours? Man, that's sounds reasonable. I could actually finish this soon-ish.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Ok just had the impression from your comment that you basically glued yourself to a couch for 30 something hours.

    Anyway have done maybe 12 hours so far, have 2 sidequests I need to finish in Sector 5 before I continue the story.

    Also I hope they find some way to incorporate Jesse into the rest of the parts, gone from window dressing character to damn near main character. That and shes just alot of fun.

  • I think I've seen people finishing this in about 30 hrs or so, sure. Mine will take 40-50, it seems.

    And no, I haven't played that all in one sitting. :) I got the game last Saturday, so I've actually played this pretty sparingly for a week now. A couple chapters a night, basically.

  • Just got to wall market and God is it pretty at times. Seriously makes me wonder what Gold Saucer could potentially look like.

  • I finished it. My God this was good! Absolutely beautiful in so many ways. My expectations were more than met, I'm truly thankful for this game. It's both simple and complex in the right ways and in the right areas. It's elegant, magical, heart-warming, thougth-provoking, modern yet also timeless, fun and awe-inspiring. Superb.

    I wouldn't give it a 10, but this is in a way still more than that score. A really rare case of a dream come true, in a really solid, entertaining and quite frankly unimaginable way.

    I know these are like super high praises I'm singing right now, but my head is still completely in Midgar right now. I spent my Sunday with the final few chapters today, played for nine hours straight. In total the game clock showed just about 50 hrs for my playthrough, but I guess you could minus five hours because of the idle time / pause.

    The Junon cannon, some day... One of my absolute favourite moments in the whole game.

  • Got to Sector 5 for the first time and met Aerith again. The short rooftop section with her is so good. The way she speaks and acts, the VO's nailing it. She's so charming, it's ridiculous. The cast of characters are 10/10 so far.

  • @bam541 100% agree

  • @bam541
    Not entirely sure why you spoil tagged that, but I completely agree the cast is just about perfect.
    Also I somehow didn't realize this till yesterday but Badger from Breaking Bad is wedge and now I'm kinda hoping Mike gets picked to play Cid.

  • @dmcmaster said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    Not entirely sure why you spoil tagged that

    I'm just trying to be cautious, lol.

  • That's actually a pretty terrible way to use spoiler tags, sorry. I mean, give a little context before that, like the chapter number for example. Now that could be literally anything under there, like your thoughts on the final boss or something.

  • @sentinel-beach
    It's his thoughts on Areiths house and the voice acting.
    House be purrdy

  • I'm about to start the final stretch but I I have my own little theory about the possible direction this will take

    This is all taking place during Cloud's coma, and the game is just his attempt at putting the pieces back together.

  • Welp my theory was wrong about the ending, will post spoiler thoughts later

  • So I wasn't expecting that Meta ass narrative in the third act, that said I left somewhat cautious and optimistic about the next two parts (assuming it's a trilogy) as they are free to approach the world and events of 7 in a whole new light, which I guess means Remake is just the start of the 7-2 Trilogy?
    That said I'm still trying to figure out a few things about the ending, such as which Sephiroth was at the Edge of Creation, although I'm partial to the thought that it is OG Sephiroth, and the 7 seconds were to let Cloud change the world in some way, that in doing so brought a version of Zack that didn't die, along with another Cloud (albeit one still suffering from Mako Poisoning) into this new timeline/ Alternate Universe.

    Also maybe I'm stretching a bit but I feel there is a weird sudo narrative with the Whispers being almost a representation of the fans, they initially try to make sure event's happen as they originally happened, before slowly relenting and letting new things happen. Like I said I think I'm stretching alot with that idea.

    Anyway I do think that going forward some events will still happen but now in a new context, basically going from "Oh no thoese guys killed this bird, let's kick thier ass" to "oh no thoese guys are trying to kill that bird, let's kick thier ass" kinda thing, with new stuff sprinkled throughout.

    Anyway now that that's done, any improvements you guys want to see in a patch or the most likely real Next Gen versions?

    Personally I just wish there was some way to alter the AI of teammates a bit, had too many instances where the enemies would be agroed onto whichever character I was using while Barret or whoever is just standing around.