Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • If you're interested in FF7R lore stuff from the Ultimania book, you might want to follow this person:

  • Screw it, I just bought it.

  • @axel holy shit you're the first person i've seen on the internet that knows the difference between bought and brought

  • Finally a decent video on Final Fantasy 7. Not some ballbeg talking shit about the ending for 3 hours.
    Youtube Video

  • Just finished it.

    I need a drink.

    This is already my GOTY, I can't think of anything that will beat it.

    I am lacking superlatives to describe it, it is one of the most delightful, endearing, exciting, epic, heartwarming videogames I've ever played.

    They surpassed every possible expectation I had for this remake, they nailed it on every single front: it looks and sounds sublime, the attention to detail is unbelievable with its hundreds of nods to the original, the combat system is unexpectedly fun and deep (although with a couple frustrations).

    It took so long to come out that my hype had sort of deflated before launch, but after playing this, the sequel instantly became my most anticipated game ever.

    I could heap praise on it for hours, there are SO MANY amazing things in this game. I wholeheartedly encourage you guys to watch The Deepest Dive from MinnMax by the way, it's a super fun way to experience the game as they basically did a spoiler mode broken up into parts, one until chapter 4, one until chapter 9, etc. And they purposely all stopped playing at the same point each time, so they could both go super deep into those chapters specifically, and speculate on what was coming next without knowing. I watched them as I reached those parts every time, but watching them all after you're done will surely be cool too.

    I don't even feel like playing any other videogame after this.

  • @axel I played the game along with Minnmax as well it really enhanced the experience. Their coverage of the game was amazing.

  • Just wanted to jump in to say:

    1.) @Axel, I wholeheartedly agree with every word you've said here.
    2.) MinnMax's Deepest Dive is indeed delightful. Though I wanted to get through it at my own pace and not wait, I watched them after I had finished the game as they came out and it was amazing to have the context of what was to come and watch them experience it.

  • Pro tips required here
    I'm trying and failing to beat Sephiroth efficiently on Hard, I also have the Limit Break Accessory. But still can't get the handle on this fight.

    My Set up
    Chain Bangle
    Fury Ring
    ATB Assist - ATB Stagger - HP UP x 2 - First Strike - Steadfast Block - Luck Up x 2
    Elemental Lightning in Armour

    Mythril Rod
    Force Bracelet
    Limit Break Accessory
    MP UP x 2 - Magic up x 2 - ATB Stagger - First Strike - Refocus
    Ice - Wind - Lightning

    Metal Knuckles
    Force Bracelet
    Skill Master - ATB Stagger - Staedfast Block - HP UP x 2 - Healing - Fire
    Elemental - Wind in armour

    I stick with using Cloud mostly

    My plan Phase 1
    Dodge Fire
    Use Punisher Counter for Telluric Fury
    Try dodge Aeolian Onslaught and fail
    When he uses Magic Use Triple Slash if ATB bar is available
    If I'm not messing up I could get through this with almost full health, I'm usually messing up though

    Phase 2
    Aerith Cast Limit Break - Earth Protection this takes care of some of his attacks but Hells Gate, Aeolian Onslaught, Magic and a ranged 3 hit sword attack still do damage
    Even with Earth protection I end up getting beaten up badly.

    Phase 3
    Use opposing Magic elements to Stagger him, if imbued with Thunder I'd attack with Cloud and if he's with Wind I'd attack with Tifa as they absorb elements.
    For me Sephiroth normally starts with Wind or Thunder .
    I've staggered him quite early in phase 3 but it's after this he can be a problem when Aerith hasn't filled her ATB bar to strike him.

    Final phase (Which I think is cheap)
    If Cloud doesn't have a limit break, which keeps happening, I'm screwed. His shadow Flare and Heartless Angel just shreds my team. I've even had Cloud die whilst using his Limit break.

    I'm still useless at using Counter Stance and Timing Counters, my reflexes aren't the best either.

    Anyone got any pro tips

  • This guys video is pretty good.

    Youtube Video

  • @paulmci27 said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    This guys video is pretty good.

    Youtube Video

    Seems really messy, I was hoping for something more efficient. Like using Dazers on Ruby weapon.

    Like FFX there was an efficient way of beating all the Dark Aeons.

    That type of thing.

  • That Tifa theme is now free to download, neat. I took the other two as well, didn't realize they were there as well for free.

  • @sentinel-beach
    Great, now I'm stuck with a pallet of butterfingers

  • Damn. Last night I got wrecked by Reno in the second battle on top of the Sector 7 pillar.

    I generally like the boss battles and flow of combat in this game, but I suck at the fast reaction stuff and he's soooooo quick.

  • @dipset Cloud's counterstance is your friend in boss battles. Underappreciated ability that becomes a godsend in Hard difficulty

  • Finally got around to beating the game, clocking in at 37 hours 26 minutes. Haven't played it in weeks, and I just blasted through the last 10 hours in 2 sittings. My god, the last few hours were so goddamn epic, and I also cried tears of joy at the end. I'm very satisfied by how this game turned out, despite the cut corners and filler parts here and there. I love the combat system, boss fights, story presentation, characters, materia and weapon customization, and those beautiful CG cutscenes. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, but the one that I can think of right now is when you're helping Jessie and co. getting the bomb early on, hanging out with those characters felt pretty wholesome. (9/10)

  • If anyone is living in Japan and feels like stalking some SE employees (kidding of course, don't actually stalk them)

  • The next part's already in full development. Hype!

  • I had a feeling there was supposed to be another battle with Roche

  • I had left the final two chapters hanging and I finally finished it tonight. I think this game went above and beyond the call of duty. We wanted a remake and Square fleshed it out into something so much more. It took things that were inferred in the PS1 game and just really showed the true plight of the people in Midgar. I've played the Midgar section in the original many times so the music, bosses, and general flow of things has been etched in my mind for years, but the later parts of the original FF7, not so much. So this game just filled in so many blanks that my imagination had to infer back with the original.

    It's not perfect. I don't know why but some areas just don't have the same love as others. Sometimes characters look outright bad while others look incredible. I guess the game has like 20 different gameplay systems, so many "custom" one off moments, and it's all limited by the PS4 because it has to run smoothly somehow. So I get it, but the presentation is A+ at times and like C- at others.

    My other main critique is that where FF7:R fills in a lot of blanks, it also kinda phones in other areas. On one hand, early on you truly get to experience the unimaginable size of Midgar when you're climbing on the top plates and look down to see the slums far below your feet. On the other hand, when that plate drops, my imagination always told me that they just flatlined the Sector. Mass deaths, just insurmountable, unfathomable destruction. But in FF7R, by showing me the destruction, it definitely weakened the blow. They used rushed looking back drops to show the scale of the destruction (the same thing they did on PS1), and when you get up close, you can still kinda identify the slums as they were before. Hell, your bar sign even kinda survives in the end...

    I know I'm picking nits with that one, but you could feel the desire to re-use the environment so they didn't show it thaaaaat destroyed. I was really expecting something more like a bomb going off. Just a catastrophe.

    Also, way too much WTF anime bullshit at the end. I don't know why every JRPG insists on going that route with just such supernaturally high stakes. The original reason to leave Midgar was to just escape Shinra. I don't even full understand the call to action anymore? What is stopping them from walking back into the city? What is sending their quest forward instead of backwards?

    The end confused me but overall, this game went above and beyond. I think it's a gold standard for JRPGs but I somehow feel like this level of game is unsustainable considering how long it took. Even if they cancel the next one, I'd still be happy with how this game to life and brought new life into the world of FF7.

  • @dipset
    On the subject of the ending

    Many people, myself included feel there are some time travel shenanigans going on, Areith and Sepethiroth both clearly have knowledge of events that are about to happen or will happen. Areith even talks to Cloud in the past tense at least 3 times throughout the game. There's also the robed things only being present as things change or try to change throughout the story, or the trio of specters before Sepethiroth possibly being Kadaj, and Crew from Advent Children (the boss theme with them has the ADVENT sub title) to even briefly traveling to the Original FF7 Midgar at the end (and possibly in it?) Judging from the lack of anything outside the ring.

    Safe to say most everyone has some kind of theory regarding the ending.