Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Whatever route they're going to take with Part 2, I hope they don't just make the world bigger but don't fill it with cool things to do or see. I really want Part 2's actual world to be filled with fun details to gush about, Part 1 kinda lacks that overall.

    Also, since Part 1 is SE's first Unreal 4 FF game, I hope they can work the technical kinks for the next one. I'm sure they can push that engine to even greater heights.

  • I definitely think the world is going to be smaller but feel bigger in scale when compared to the original. Considering Part 1 is a liner game with the ability to open up here and there, I don't think they'll just make an open world. Probably do the same as Part 1 where you journey on the rails for a bit, then later on things open, but the world isn't humongous.

    At least that's my quick assumption.

  • New Zack Fair related thing coming??

  • The theory I've seen people digging into is that Ever Crisis could be a movie.

  • Picked up my Switch playthrough of FF7 so I can fully understand this ending then dive into spoiler modes and such. I forget so much of this game since I played it for the first time in like 2007 maybe. I definitely look forward to my whole party, including Red XIII, dressed up as sailors in "disguise".

    So, other than Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus, I don't even know about all this other FF7 spin off shit. What's the syllabus to even grasp WTF is going on here? Gonna finish FF7 on Switch then watch Advent Children, but I likely don't have to consume it all?

  • Crisis Core is phenomenal (especially via Emulation) however it's hard to tell what if any connection it will have to Remake. It's also the one game that probably won't see a Remake or port or anything due to a celebrity being used as a major character

  • @dipset Focus on just finishing FF7 first, for the rest I think you'll be fine with just reading up about it. Advent Children is one of the most nonsensical pieces of crap I've ever watched, don't get your hopes up.

  • @axel
    Although the fight scenes are nice to watch. But yeah AC is pretty much nonsense

  • I'm still furious that there is no option to upgrade it to PS5 version from PS+ with a discount or something. I have to play the PS4 version because no way in the hell that I will pay for an upgrade if its price is same whether or not I have the game already! What a greedy move! They even should had make the upgrade free if you have the PS4 version.

  • @scotty Think what you wanna think but I don't think your anger is justified. You haven't paid for the game at all. You were given it for "free". I don't think Square reserving the PS5 version for people who have actually paid them money is all that outrageous.


    The Yuffie DLC is officially titled "FF7R Episode INTERmission".

    Price confirmed as $19.99.


  • I'm a bit confused. If you buy the PS5 version the Yuffie dlc will be included?

    I don't own the ps4 version. This upcoming ps5 will be my entry point.

  • @hazz3r said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    I don't think your anger is justified. You haven't paid for the game at all. You were given it for "free"

    technically he paid for the PS Plus subscription so that's not entirely true.

  • @yoshi Hence why "free" is in "quotations".

  • @scotty Agreed. Greedy bastards. PS5's are hard enough to get at the moment. I hope SE thinks it worth it dicking their customers over again. I have no interests in VIIR, but it is total bullshit.

  • At the risk of causing somebody to have a breakdown, I don't see the problem.
    You are getting a "free" game that will still work on the PS5. It smacks of entitlement that people are angry that it isn't the version that they want or that they can't get a discount on the newer version because they were given said "free" game.

    Nobody is is screwing anybody over, and nobody is getting screwed over.

  • @dmcmaster said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    Although the fight scenes are nice to watch. But yeah AC is pretty much nonsense

    Curious. How is it nonsense?

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