Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • Just absolutely blown away by Final Fantasy VII at E3 this year.

    I think this game managed to give me this sensation that I used to feel as a kid early last generation (2006-2009) around E3. Its an honest gut reaction to feel excited and joyous. I want to pour over YouTube looking for off-cam footage or whatever I can get of the gameplay demo on the show floor.

    Last time I felt this way was E3 2011 when Dark Souls had the Gargoyle demo and there was a ton of off camera footage that I picked through on the User Videos on GameTrailers. Unrelated, but legend has it that only one person finished the Dark Souls demo in the whole E3 week. But YEAH! I have this honest to goodness excitement for FF7 Remake and its bringing me back to good times during middle school, in my bedroom just watching tons and tons of gaming videos and not being able to wait for Christmas to get a PS3. All before I became jaded and more focused on making dinner after work instead of heading straight to the internet to consume every last drop of E3.

    Cannot wait and I might get the special edition with the statue.

  • I've stayed out of the topic for too long because I'm so self-conscious about espousing my love for this game so much. So all I'll add is:

    Yeah. I threw down the $350. Best E3 demo for me.

  • Just confirmed to cover the events of Midgard

  • @sentinel-beach said in Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

    Did you freaking see this new showing?! This project is literally becoming more unbelievable the more real it's getting. Holy fuck, I tell you. This looks amazing! And Tifa. She's just perfect. Perfect. How is this all possible. The amount of literally EVERYTHING in this game. I don't know if I can handle this. :)

    Final Fantasy VII Remake - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4
    Youtube Video

    Yeah, really blown away by how insanely good this looks and how they've seemingly nailed everything. :)
    Gonna miss the old voice cast now that it's confirmed, but the snippets of the new sound very promising so far which is a really good sign.

    Last night's blowout was awesome and I agree Tifa's design was perfect and her fighting looked awesome in the battle footage (voice sounded great too).
    Cannot wait.

  • I'm not really feeling any excitement for this to be honest. The battle system sounds better than I initially expected, but it will never replace the traditional ATB system or turn based for me. The game covering Midgar only kills it for me though. It's a third of the original story and I don't feel there's anything to fill out really; all I see them doing is padding the hell out if it with unnecessary content.

    Knowing that I'll complete this game feeling insanely unsatisfied due to it cutting a full story into bits puts me right off; knowing that the rest might be years away though is even worse.

  • Wait I’m misunderstanding, the ENTIRE game is only in Midgar or just the first episode?

  • @dipset said in Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

    Wait I’m misunderstanding, the ENTIRE game is only in Midgar or just the first episode?

    They haven't officially called it a first episode, but that's what I'm referring to. That's the "game" that's coming out next year to which I'm commenting on.

    FFVII was a truly epic adventure that took me on such a rollercoaster ride that I started the game again right after completing it. We know what happens in Midgar, but it's everything after that made it truly epic. I don't think it matters how many quests and what not the add to this game to create content, people who have played FFVII before are guaranteed to leave unsatisfied.

  • @dipset
    Like I said think of it more like the XIII trilogy
    Episode 1 is a fully fleshed out Midgard
    Episode 2 is likely up until Cloud goes into a coma (or coming out of it) with more open world stuff
    Episode 3 is a changed world with the omega weapon's running around (and probably made mandatory)

  • I think it's interesting that in the Japanese version of the trailer, Sephiroth doesn't say "Hold onto that hatred" but instead says "Don't forget me" which is a reference to his final line in Advent Children. Pretty cool little detail.

  • This is exact what I DIDN'T want SE to do with a remake of this game. I didn't want this game to follow modern trends and go for open world action. I don't really like the open world concept, and I would vastly prefer turn based for this game. The even managed to expand the scope to the point of need to split the game into an undermined number of parts. They still don't know how many parts the game will be or even the scope of the 2nd part. This game manages to disappoint me in all the ways I thought would and ways that I never would have suspected.

  • Who wants to put up bets on how it ends??

  • @sheria The whole game or just the first chapter? My only prediction is that you will be able to get back any party members who leave during the story of the original (vagueness intended).

  • @e_zed_eh_intern said in Final Fantasy VII:

    @sheria The whole game or just the first chapter? My only prediction is that you will be able to get back any party members who leave during the story of the original (vagueness intended).

    They have only mentioned it encompassing the Midgar section of the game so far.

    I was playing around with my comment though, not to be taken together too seriously. The joke was that we all already know how the game concludes.

  • I have high hopes for FF7. I think back to The Witcher 1 and how much I adored the story centralized around Vizima and it’s outskirts. It really lets you breathe and take in the city one bit at a time.

    I love that the first portion of FF7 is just focusing on the beginning in Midar. I won’t feel rushed, I’ll see and do everything, and just like The Witcher sequels, things will feel so much bigger when you expand the world in the next two portions of the game.

  • I want this game SO. BAD.

  • The newest trailer looks honestly insane! Dear Lord, I just couldn't stop smiling and laughing out of disbelief watching this. It'll really all be there. Like this project shouldn't be possible, but in six months we'll be playing it. Goddamn!

    FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)
    Youtube Video

  • @sheria I may be a dumb dumb

  • I just really hope they have the battle system figured out. I wish they would either go full action or full turn-based ATB. The battle systems in Lightning Returns and FF15 just felt they were afraid to remove commands altogether, for whatever reason, and as a result battles always felt jarring to me.

  • I don't know why, but this trailer seriously hyped me up! They revealed so many new things, some I never thought would be recreated, or had forgotten about (the weight-lifting minigame, the president Shinra hologram, etc.).

    Also it looks like they're not shying away from the Don Corneo sequence, which wasn't a given. I almost want to go media blackout from now on, as I'm afraid they'll show everything by the time it comes out.

    I'm starting to see how this part 1 can easily be 30+ hours and justify being sold as a full, stand-alone game.

    Surely they're gonna have to rename it at some point though, no? Calling it Final Fantasy VII Remake is a bit misleading if it's only part 1.

    I wanted to wait for its inevitable re-release on PS5 but it's going to be extremely difficult to resist buying it day one.

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