Final Fantasy VII Remake

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    Trust me it's a life saver, especially in combat

  • Found the spoiler mode pretty disappointing. They spent way to much time theorising about the ending when there's so much to the game. Since I've got plenty of time on my hands at the minute & listened to Minnmax's deepest dive, this is the kind of detailed breakdown I was looking for, though definitely not for everyone.

  • @paulmci27 minmax?

  • @dmcmaster It's a YouTube channel formed by former Game Informers.

  • I found both highly enjoyable for completely different reasons and since I love Remake so much so it's jumped to being my second favorite game of all time, I have been devouring each and every perspective that's out there.

    Going through the game on Hard mode, and I've listened/watched to a double digit amount of spoilercasts or videos and I still can't get enough.

    But I guess the Spoiler Mode is my favorite of all that I've seen because I enjoyed seeing the passion and excitement that I feel was more on display than anything else I've seen.

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  • Kinda spoiler, but still neat to see the 7 and 10 connection referenced in some way

  • Credits rolled. 47:26:41

    *cue Barret singing the victory fanfare

  • Just reached Chapter 13, the feels are really starting to hit! Also, Chapter 11 is a pretty nice surprise.

    Also, anybody picking this up? This thing's pretty much a college course book.

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    Question, kinda spoiler.

    So I'm trying do to the "get all dresses" trophy. I am not sure how to get it though. There are many guides on the net but they all give various step of deatils what I have to do in order to get the dresses. Some say I have to do special side quests and pick different dialogue options on various NPCs in chpater 9. Some say its literally just 3 picks in chapter 3, 8 and 9.

    Do anyone that have done it got a confirmed "right" way of doing it?

  • @lotias PowerPyx's trophy guides are typically really solid. Here's a clear guide for the dresses. It all comes down basically to the Chapter 3 special Tifa dialogue choice and then to the number of side quests done in Chapters 8 and 9.

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    @sentinel-beach aah yes that site came up in my googling as well! Will follow this, thank you! :D

  • If you're interested in FF7R lore stuff from the Ultimania book, you might want to follow this person:

  • Screw it, I just bought it.

  • @axel holy shit you're the first person i've seen on the internet that knows the difference between bought and brought

  • Finally a decent video on Final Fantasy 7. Not some ballbeg talking shit about the ending for 3 hours.
    Youtube Video

  • Just finished it.

    I need a drink.

    This is already my GOTY, I can't think of anything that will beat it.

    I am lacking superlatives to describe it, it is one of the most delightful, endearing, exciting, epic, heartwarming videogames I've ever played.

    They surpassed every possible expectation I had for this remake, they nailed it on every single front: it looks and sounds sublime, the attention to detail is unbelievable with its hundreds of nods to the original, the combat system is unexpectedly fun and deep (although with a couple frustrations).

    It took so long to come out that my hype had sort of deflated before launch, but after playing this, the sequel instantly became my most anticipated game ever.

    I could heap praise on it for hours, there are SO MANY amazing things in this game. I wholeheartedly encourage you guys to watch The Deepest Dive from MinnMax by the way, it's a super fun way to experience the game as they basically did a spoiler mode broken up into parts, one until chapter 4, one until chapter 9, etc. And they purposely all stopped playing at the same point each time, so they could both go super deep into those chapters specifically, and speculate on what was coming next without knowing. I watched them as I reached those parts every time, but watching them all after you're done will surely be cool too.

    I don't even feel like playing any other videogame after this.

  • @axel I played the game along with Minnmax as well it really enhanced the experience. Their coverage of the game was amazing.

  • Just wanted to jump in to say:

    1.) @Axel, I wholeheartedly agree with every word you've said here.
    2.) MinnMax's Deepest Dive is indeed delightful. Though I wanted to get through it at my own pace and not wait, I watched them after I had finished the game as they came out and it was amazing to have the context of what was to come and watch them experience it.

  • Pro tips required here
    I'm trying and failing to beat Sephiroth efficiently on Hard, I also have the Limit Break Accessory. But still can't get the handle on this fight.

    My Set up
    Chain Bangle
    Fury Ring
    ATB Assist - ATB Stagger - HP UP x 2 - First Strike - Steadfast Block - Luck Up x 2
    Elemental Lightning in Armour

    Mythril Rod
    Force Bracelet
    Limit Break Accessory
    MP UP x 2 - Magic up x 2 - ATB Stagger - First Strike - Refocus
    Ice - Wind - Lightning

    Metal Knuckles
    Force Bracelet
    Skill Master - ATB Stagger - Staedfast Block - HP UP x 2 - Healing - Fire
    Elemental - Wind in armour

    I stick with using Cloud mostly

    My plan Phase 1
    Dodge Fire
    Use Punisher Counter for Telluric Fury
    Try dodge Aeolian Onslaught and fail
    When he uses Magic Use Triple Slash if ATB bar is available
    If I'm not messing up I could get through this with almost full health, I'm usually messing up though

    Phase 2
    Aerith Cast Limit Break - Earth Protection this takes care of some of his attacks but Hells Gate, Aeolian Onslaught, Magic and a ranged 3 hit sword attack still do damage
    Even with Earth protection I end up getting beaten up badly.

    Phase 3
    Use opposing Magic elements to Stagger him, if imbued with Thunder I'd attack with Cloud and if he's with Wind I'd attack with Tifa as they absorb elements.
    For me Sephiroth normally starts with Wind or Thunder .
    I've staggered him quite early in phase 3 but it's after this he can be a problem when Aerith hasn't filled her ATB bar to strike him.

    Final phase (Which I think is cheap)
    If Cloud doesn't have a limit break, which keeps happening, I'm screwed. His shadow Flare and Heartless Angel just shreds my team. I've even had Cloud die whilst using his Limit break.

    I'm still useless at using Counter Stance and Timing Counters, my reflexes aren't the best either.

    Anyone got any pro tips