Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • I'm on Chapter 14. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. It's one of my favorite games in the franchise.

  • Started the Yuffie DLC, finished the first of the two chapters in four hours while doing the side quests, too.

    I love Yuffie, she's great! :D Such a goofball with an attitude, running around in her moogle poncho. Oh boy. :) (What a great moment, when her classic attire was then finally revealed.)

    Sonon's much better than I anticipated. His voice does a lot for his likeability. And the way he calls Yuffie "boss" but then also rolls his eyes at her hijinks makes this a fun dynamic to follow.

    The battles are much more chaotic and faster now, and that whole new "synergize" system between the two characters makes it all even crazier to try to comprehend. It is still as smooth and well-working as before, just turned up a hundred notches, it feels.

    Fort Condor was simple fun, looked pleasing as well. I beat them all, but there will be new tougher matches if you replay this on Hard difficulty.

    I appreciate how this takes place among the main games central chapters. These new perspectives are now complementing the story, for instance the bigger and more official Avalanche gets the spotlight and we hear their thoughts about our heroes and that whole splinter cell led by Barret.

    I'll leave the other chapter for tomorrow (it's 3 AM). There seems to be the lovely Scarlet involved with her big, round... eyes. <3

  • The second chapter felt shorter and more straight-forward.

    • Lots of Scarlet which I liked.
    • Two new weird characters with laughable looks and things to say. The fuck?
    • The box-breaking minigame with Yuffie got me way too angry, couldn't get the final prize. Ridiculously hard.

    As a super bonus after everything there was a surprisingly lot new material of our heroes right after the main game's ending. Sweet as hell! :)

  • @sentinel-beach said in Final Fantasy VII Remake:

    As a super bonus after everything there was a surprisingly lot new material of our heroes right after the main game's ending. Sweet as hell! :)

    That part got me thinking that the next game will probably not be open-world as some people are expecting.

    The fact that the trip to Kalm happens in a cutscene, when in the original game this is where you finally get your first taste of the world map and can go to a couple other locations first, tells me that the sequel will remain linear. There may be semi-open areas, and you may be able to travel back and forth between some locations (via a menu or map), but I highly doubt you'll seamlessly explore the world. And I don't mind it at all honestly, recreating that world at a realistic scale and justifying the open-world by adding tons of content sounds almost impossible, and to be frank unnecessary. Open-world games are a very different kind of beast and few succeed to offer true freedom while avoiding to feel formulaic and padded, so I'll take the endlessly surprising structure and pace of FF7R any day over a forced open-world.

  • @axel

    I've said this before but I expect pt2 to sort of follow in the mold of 15