Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • I was literally just thinking this morning (yesterday night?) about how there's no way this game would get delayed.

  • Youtube Video

    I don't even like the original that much and this trailer still made me giddy.

  • @naltmank This is some grade A anime bullshit. I've never been so excited for a game.

  • Word on the street is that the demo is dropping on Tuesday. Not putting it in news thread because rumors aren't news.
    But please be excited for rumer.

  • Also, this hasn't been posted in here yet, and it's 100% amazeballs, just like every other video we've seen of FFVIIR

    Youtube Video

  • The demo is out!

  • Just downloaded the demo. Can't believe we'll be finally able to play this! I mean, what a project! I'll sit down with the demo later today.

    Here's Brad's preview with Damiani. Looks simply incredible.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Preview - Exploring Midgar
    Youtube Video

  • Downloaded the demo, but can't play it till I get off work

  • I'm interested to hear about what you guys thought about the demo, I personally want to wait until the full game release to start playing it but I'm still too curious.

  • Banned

    Not since I rented Brave Fencer Musashi from GameWorld have I been this excited to play a demo.

  • Goddamn that was a lot to take in! In all the good ways. Astonishing what they've achieved with the game, what they've done to it. The music is as it should be, a beautiful nostalgia boost, but then everything else... You simply need to experience it for yourself. So much more of everything to flesh things out, love it. Barret is out of control! :D

    The battle system and the fighting feels good, thankfully. It's like a million times faster than in the OG and so flashy and all that that's like the only thing that makes me wonder if my head will be able to constantly digest it all, so to speak. The screen is full of stuff when the action gets heavy. At the same time it still feels really simple and easy to grasp: you basically spam the square button and your basic strikes to fill the ATB gauge, which then gives you access to the bigger punches, spells and items. Super quick to fill the gauge, though, so it's never a problem, I feel. Just something to prevent you from going all in all the time which makes sense.

    Unreal what this whole project looks and feels like now. TLOU Part II will have a run for its money, I found myself thinking inside the reactor at one point.

  • Anyone play it on PS4PRO any framerate or resolution options?

  • Downloading now. I'm spending every moment of free time for the next two weeks replaying this to death.

  • I think the combat system has potential. The scorpion sentinel is a really thoughtfully designed and paced boss battle; very fun and I hope every boss builds upon this sort of structure.

    I don't like the UI at all (thin, blue, indescript), and giving what should be idle chatter a cutscene treatment really kills some of the pacing. I don't mind the dialogue and character building when it's on the run or mostly optional, but stopping the bombing mission more than once so a character can go "uah!?" and take a half step back is silly given the circumstances.

    Funny that the demo quelled my skepticism of the combat and arose new skepticisms in the storytelling!

  • Good lord this was awesome. I cannot believe how good everything looks and sounds and feels. All those years of everyone calling for an FF7 Remake and I always felt it would be a mistake as it would only disappoint. This looks far beyond my wildest of expectations.

  • Wow, I loved that demo. Only played it once so far but it's all I can think about. Took many knees to just soak in all the atmosphere and appreciate the beauty of it all.

    Personally didn't mind all the cutscenes and breaks in action, well worth it to finally get a much better picture and tone for the rest of the Avalanche crew. Love all the little additions to dialogue giving a better feel for these side characters like Jessie commenting on cloud's looks and asking about his relationship with Tifa.

    Cloud comes off as a much more calm and collected professional. Love the delivery of his lines regarding the reactor, "depends on when it was made, different reactor different lay out, but I'll manage." that line tells so much about his character, hes been in the shit before, he knows these reactors even if he's never been to this one. Even though he's going in somewhat blind he's not sweating it. Contrast with Barret, he's trying to play it cool but he can't control his emotions like Cloud.

    The combat takes a little getting use to, its very easy to just play it like an action game and forget about the command system. As I started to get the hang of it they then throw Barret in the party and the combat really starts to shine. Having two characters to control adds so much options. Barrett's play style was really fun too, I love his charge shot and him having cure makes him super vital in combat as well as being long ranged.

    The boss fight was really fun, its a tough fight that had me using everything I had. Using both players abilities and spells as well as having to dig into items too.

    It was about a year ago I came to the realization that OG FF7 was my favorite game (it has to be to justify me purchasing it like 7+ times) and this remake just expands everything I love about the original, the characters, setting, story and combat. I can't wait till 4/10 I'll be taking the day off and just basking in warm Mako glow all weekend.

  • @dmcmaster I didn't see any on the demo

  • EB Games just told me that all Australian Stores are going to be shut on April 10 and the game will come out on April 11 in Australia purely because April 10 is the Good Friday Public Holiday and all Aussie stores shut on that public holiday, even though EB Games own website says the game comes out on April 10.

    GOOD JOB SQUARE ENIX! slow claps

  • @yoshi

    Wooooow I didn’t even think of that. That’s a worldwide Christian holiday. Everything is closed lmao.

  • @dipset religion ruining everything yet again lol