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  • I only caught the last 5 mins but I'm more interested in it now. I've been on the fence bout maker 2, hearing this one has a story mode is a huge selling point. Just playing user created content wasn't selling me on the game.

  • I'm glad 3D World is a fully fleshed out thing. As I've said before it's my favorite Mario game and while this won't really replicate that, it's trying at least. Also wonder what the sixth theme is, since there's clearly a space for another one after 3D World.

    More than that though I'm just glad those autoscroll levels are filtered into their own garbage bin so I can play actual levels without running into them every three seconds now. Hope the same happened with the poor man's Kaizos, didn't check all the tags they showed.

  • I'm a little disappointed we didn't see Chargin' Chuck in the Direct. Also would have liked a world/map making system. The red Yoshi is nice. Hopefully they add the other ones too. Overall I like all the changes and additions Nintendo showed in the Direct.

  • @themarcv Even the first game had levels created by Nintendo. They just wrapped it now in an overworld area with some NPC chatter that reminds me of Super Mario Run on Mobile tbh. That feature is so throwaway to me, but you've proven this little is enough to sell some, so who am I to throw shade at this decision when it is clearly paying off? Loved EZA's idea talking about a second story with the Koopa crew rebuilding Bowser's Castle though. Now there's something I could get hyped for.

    @Hanabi I bet you'll still run into all that in Endless Mode. Really bummed if 100 Man Mario is gone. That's like all I played constantly in the first game, and I had such a good time with it that Endless Mode can't replace, because you can't beat Endless Mode and get a reward. Maybe they'll offer rewards the further in you get? It really just feels like a worse version from what we know so far though. Also, if you only get 1 life on the harder difficulties, have fun getting absolutely nowhere. What was great about 100 Man Mario is lives were a currency and you could assess a difficult level and decide whether you wanted to invest a pool of lives into learning and beating it or spend 1 life to simply trade it for something new to assess.

    @Shoulderguy Chargin' Chuck would be fun yeah. I too want a way to link levels you created together into a world. Promotional stuff has shown Blue Yoshi I think? (or maybe it was Yellow?) I know they've shown a different color one besides Green and Red. I'm a little curious about the Yoshi, because they said Red Yoshi can breathe fire, but traditionally he can only do that after eating a Koopa Shell. So, if the other two are in this game, will Blue just be able to fly infinitely and Yellow stomp infinitely with no restrictions? That doesn't seem as fun.

    Of everything shown, my favorite addition was the Night levels, not even because of all the cool bonuses you get for those settings, but because I've always loved nightscapes and as a kid the Night levels in Mario 1 were my favorite. I was expecting maybe a Night theme but definitely not being able to tweak every theme to have a Night variant. Looking forward to making and playing lots of comfy Night levels. I hope the bonus effect part of them is a toggle, but I'll deal with if it isn't and still enjoy them. The Moon thing could be utilized in fun ways I can imagine too.

    The most important thing shown though has to be the online coop and versus. This is a massive deal for Nintendo. They're finally letting people play a Mario game real deal online, not a side mode or additional online features but the actual gameplay of Mario online with others, and that's a massive leap forward we've needed to a better online environment around Nintendo for a long time now. Hopefully this means when Super Mario Party 2 or whatever rolls around, they'll introduce full board play online for that and Nintendo in general will stop making stupid excuses for neglecting proper online modes in games that would shine so much brighter if it was an option. Of course it looks like there's no local splitscreen besides building together, but that's perfectly fine with me, especially when you technically can do local coop and versus, just needed each player to have their own Switch and copy of the game. I could see Super Mario Maker style gameplay being way too frantic and confusing if your screen was split into smaller chunks anyways.

    I hope there's more they have to show naturally, but there's already enough here for me to have no qualms buying this game. Love how they split the Direct into returning features and spotlighting all that is new to burn it into casuals who'd say absolutely ridiculous stuff like the only new thing in this game is the slopes.

  • This was a very good video, the pacing was snappy, the voiceover was pleasing, they started off with an introduction for newcomers, excellent job there from a purely marketing/production point of view.

    It feels like they went all in with this, there's so much content it's almost overwhelming.

    The only thing lacking in my opinion is a possibility for creators to tie multiple levels together as "worlds" or at least playlists. It's surprising because they even have an interface for it with a pseudo-world map for the challenge mode or whatever it's called, so it could have been re-used. Maybe in a future update!

    It's going to be very hard to resist this one.

  • Blinked and GameXplain has uploaded multiple new videos with hidden details from the Direct, from the game's official website, and from multiple Japanese videos uploaded with new gameplay. All that and a new hammer powerup from the Japanese Direct that might not be related to the Hammer Suit from Mario 3.

    Not to completely advertise for them, but it might just be easier to say you should probably subscribe to that channel if you want more news from this game, so I don't flood this topic with minor videos every time they find something new. Their analysis of the original trailer was spot on for many of the things explained in the recent Direct, so shouldn't hurt to follow developments along with them.

  • @mbun said:

    so I don't flood this topic with minor videos every time they find something new

    Well, this might not exactly constitute as minor. Seems that it is actually likely that Super Mario Maker 2 DOES have local 4 player multiplayer on a single screen, probably New Super Mario Bros. style.

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  • Info from lots of people who went to prerelease events dropping today.
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    Only big bullet point I want to add is Nintendo apparently saying you cannot play online with friends, only strangers, excuse given that it would break the ranking system. To which I roll my eyes at because we should still be able to play coop or unranked competitive online, but as it is you'd have to play these local coop only, which further sucks because docked local coop is restricted to NSMB bubbles for respawns and all players to remain on a single screen at a time, whereas online and undocked local allow players to be individually anywhere within the levels, providing a better competitive atmosphere.

  • Well, who's been playing?

    I've just played a few story missions and made a pretty short, bad, level to get into it. Looking forward to messing around with it a lot more.

    YY2-JG6-WMG is the ID if you're interested :D

  • Needs a patch.

  • Needs a patch.

  • Oh wow, that is really bad. Is it consistently like that?

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    "You can simply get the Super Mario Maker 2 game. If you currently don't have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you'll still be able to play local multiplayer and create levels for people to play on your own console. You just won't be able to access any online content in the game's Course World."

    What does this mean? The game is useless without a subscription? You can't play any user created levels?

  • @tokeeffe9 Played yours. World record set 😎

    The jump at the end is tricky!

    Here is my first level: 9RQ-R9B-7HG

    Spent hours on it last night and no one has played it cause I uploaded at like 12am haha

    Edit to address you post about the lag: it isnt that bad normally. I have had mostly good experiences with the online.

  • @tokeeffe9 I don't have the game yet, but I asked my friend who does and has been playing lots of online, and he confirmed he'll get games like that from time to time. He said he wished it would kick laggy players and restart the level like Super Mario Party would kick laggy players and restart the minigame. You can get smooth matches, but I think this shit is STILL P2P, so it is entirely dependent on individual's connections. So much for the $20 a year online actually improving the online.

    @Ezekiel Correct. They do sell a version of the game with a 1-year subscription included for $10 more than the normal price, which saves you $10 off the yearly sub though. The game does have a little story mode and you can still make and play levels locally without the subscription, but much like Splatoon, online really is the backbone of these games.

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    @mbun said in Super Mario Maker 2:

    @Ezekiel Correct. They do sell a version of the game with a 1-year subscription included for $10 more than the normal price, which saves you $10 off the yearly sub though. The game does have a little story mode and you can still make and play levels locally without the subscription, but much like Splatoon, online really is the backbone of these games.

    Oh well. My brother offered to pay 25 towards it, because it's the only Switch game he wants to play, but if I have to pay for a sub on top of that then I'll pass.

  • Here's some of my courses:

    Sky thwomping: LMN-D9W-QPF.
    Spin-jump challenge: GRY-K0Q-JRG.