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    @Ezekiel Correct. They do sell a version of the game with a 1-year subscription included for $10 more than the normal price, which saves you $10 off the yearly sub though. The game does have a little story mode and you can still make and play levels locally without the subscription, but much like Splatoon, online really is the backbone of these games.

    Oh well. My brother offered to pay 25 towards it, because it's the only Switch game he wants to play, but if I have to pay for a sub on top of that then I'll pass.

  • Here's some of my courses:

    Sky thwomping: LMN-D9W-QPF.
    Spin-jump challenge: GRY-K0Q-JRG.

  • @tokeeffe9 Finally got my copy today. I'm mostly just enjoying the new story mode levels so far. I did make one level. T55-1YP-8YF.

  • Beat story first day I got it, and that was lots of fun. Still have plenty of courses left to play through in it too. Making levels is definitely a downgrade from the original in lots of ways, (RIP layering) but even just with a Pro Controller it is finicky but doable once you get the hang of it. Just finished making my first course for this game, and I felt way more restricted than I ever did in the original in every area except asset limits, least they improved that. Hoping this game gets lots of patches to polish up lots of the rough edges into beautiful slopes. Oh, and Nintendo better not delete my levels and prevent me from reuploading them if they don't attain Youtuber tier popularity again now that I'm paying for online. I see we have 32 slots to start instead of 10 like the first game.

    Oh yeah, here's that level: 9RX-LFD-20G I'll check yall's out in a bit.

    Edit: @sage-of-thyme said:

    Here is my first level: 9RQ-R9B-7HG

    Course not found...

    Managed to play everyone else's I think though. I was worried mine would be too tough, but some of yall got those screw up once and forced to restart courses. Instead of blocks with powerups or single enemies you can use pipes to respawn them for infinite chances. Just be careful with infinite powerups.

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    I must remember to try out all the levels created here when I get home today. I created another one too over the weekend.

    From now on though, I'm planning on spending my commute making a level and hopefully make longer ones.

  • Completed all 120 levels in the singleplayer. Pretty good stuff, only real complaint is that Luigi pesters you about using the "we think you're an idiot that can't play this game so here's basically cheat codes" button on every single level after dying only twice. Surely they could have added a toggle to shut him up or something.

  • @hanabi Agree hard. Up the count of the amount you have to die too. Give people a chance to adjust to a level before throwing easy win at them.

  • @mbun is the issue in terms of making levels with the usability or straight up less features, cause I could understand things being more difficult without a tablet but lacking previous features would be far worse.

  • @bard91 Both sadly. It is a Pokemon situation where the next game lacks some things from the last while adding new other stuff instead.

  • Wondering if I should get this game plus Astral Chain for my Nintendo discount voucher. I honestly don't see myself dedicating too much time creating levels myself. Think its worth it? I might be more into watching this game than playing it but I can't say because I haven't tried it.

  • @dipset If you like Mario, there's 120 campaign levels (not all required for credits) that are all pretty well designed, kind of like buying a new 2D Mario officially by Nintendo, plus all the levels others make. It is probably worth it for that alone. I'd hold off if you were getting it for the online coop and versus though. Very rough right now.

  • Made my first level: WG5-TN9-7HF
    not very hard and probably not very good but that's what I get for trying top-down design instead of thinking of the gameplay mechanics first.

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    I'm a day late but I got around to the levels that are available here and I dug them.

    Here is the other level I created over the weekend - 3DX-XRS-VPG. Nothing major but it does have the extra step of getting Yoshi.

    I do wish this game would let you add your own photos to comments and it had a ghost/replay mode so you could watch how a speedrun was done.

    Still haven't got around to making another level but I do have one idea I like so I'll see if I can implement that.

  • @tokeeffe9 said:

    I'm a day late

    Never too late.

    Unless Nintendo starts deleting uploaded levels like the first game.

    I do wish this game would let you add your own photos to comments

    Yeah, the comment system is a massive downgrade from what was available in the first thanks to Miiverse and has already bummed me out multiple times when I wanted to leave a comment somewhere with a screencap of my player's state (powerups, coin count, timer, etc.) at that moment.

    and it had a ghost/replay mode so you could watch how a speedrun was done

    That you can argue either way for. Half of speedrunning is routing, so if you could peek at other's routes they worked hard to discover and put together, half the work is done for you, and it suddenly favors people better at execution over people better at routing. This isn't the kind of thing I play for, but seems like a valid point for why you wouldn't have such a feature. That said, knowing Nintendo, it isn't there simply because Nintendo's online is barebones, and this game was surely rushed given what they've said about planning for the online with friends but didn't make release day.

    Still haven't got around to making another level but I do have one idea I like so I'll see if I can implement that.

    Yeah, I need to make some more too. I've got a bunch of ideas in an order I want to do them. Going to try a 3D World level next. I just need to find the time to. Making levels isn't as fast and easy as it was in the first game.

    I've been getting really frustrated at this game overall, and I definitely have a love / hate relationship going with it right now. I want to write up a big post with all my thoughts on it compared to the first game, but I'll wait afew weeks or months before I do so to let everything sink in more and see how other stuff pans out. I honestly think this is a horrible sequel to the first game, despite all the new stuff we can do. I saw it coming from impressions of people with early copies for review before I bought it, and I knew I was getting the game either way it turned out, but this game has just been the most mixed bag for me it could possibly be. Here's to hoping free patches fix most my gripes, but I really doubt they will.

  • Thank you to the people that played some of my levels. I have discovered several mistakes in them. Some of them have unintended paths that make them easier than I wanted them to be. In other levels there are some jumps that you almost always miss the first time as a new player. When I playtested them I didn't find those mistakes. So yeah, it's challenging to playtest the levels as if you don't already know them.

    I found a twitter thread with 10 pretty good tips for creating levels. It's at @Totter87.

    Like he says in it, it's good to actually post the levels, discover the mistakes and learn from that.

  • @corsair__4 said:

    I found a twitter thread with 10 pretty good tips for creating levels. It's at @Totter87.

    You can just post the tweet. Forums support it.

    Like he says in it, it's good to actually post the levels, discover the mistakes and learn from that.

    The problem with that is this game still doesn't have a level patching feature. From my understanding, once you post your level, you can't edit it and upload again. You'd have to remake it from scratch in a new slot, which is a major bummer. Can't use the Copy feature either to just Copy the slot of the old level for your start.

  • Yes I agree, a patching system would be very nice. As it is now what you can do is learn for the future courses you make. But it sucks that you have to delete the entire course with it's play- and like-history just to patch it.

    I tried to post the link but it just became a blank. Anyway it's more of ten basic tips that had some thoughful ideas behind it.

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    @mbun You have to delete the upload and re upload your level again. Not particularly nice but that's the current way of patching

  • @tokeeffe9 So they do let you reupload from the same build after deleting the currently uploaded one? Might just be because Nintendo nuked unpopular levels in the first game, but you used not to be able to do that. You'd have to remake the whole thing from scratch.

  • Does anyone know how to make indoor tiles/backgrounds? When you enter a building you may want to have indoor backgrounds instead of the default sky background. I've googled and searched for it in game but didn't find the solution.