Super Mario Maker 2

  • Thank you to the people that played some of my levels. I have discovered several mistakes in them. Some of them have unintended paths that make them easier than I wanted them to be. In other levels there are some jumps that you almost always miss the first time as a new player. When I playtested them I didn't find those mistakes. So yeah, it's challenging to playtest the levels as if you don't already know them.

    I found a twitter thread with 10 pretty good tips for creating levels. It's at @Totter87.

    Like he says in it, it's good to actually post the levels, discover the mistakes and learn from that.

  • @corsair__4 said:

    I found a twitter thread with 10 pretty good tips for creating levels. It's at @Totter87.

    You can just post the tweet. Forums support it.

    Like he says in it, it's good to actually post the levels, discover the mistakes and learn from that.

    The problem with that is this game still doesn't have a level patching feature. From my understanding, once you post your level, you can't edit it and upload again. You'd have to remake it from scratch in a new slot, which is a major bummer. Can't use the Copy feature either to just Copy the slot of the old level for your start.

  • Yes I agree, a patching system would be very nice. As it is now what you can do is learn for the future courses you make. But it sucks that you have to delete the entire course with it's play- and like-history just to patch it.

    I tried to post the link but it just became a blank. Anyway it's more of ten basic tips that had some thoughful ideas behind it.

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    @mbun You have to delete the upload and re upload your level again. Not particularly nice but that's the current way of patching

  • @tokeeffe9 So they do let you reupload from the same build after deleting the currently uploaded one? Might just be because Nintendo nuked unpopular levels in the first game, but you used not to be able to do that. You'd have to remake the whole thing from scratch.

  • Does anyone know how to make indoor tiles/backgrounds? When you enter a building you may want to have indoor backgrounds instead of the default sky background. I've googled and searched for it in game but didn't find the solution.

  • @corsair__4 semisolid platforms.

  • @hanabi

    Oh I see. Thank you.

  • Finally got to level creation. The Wii U was the perfect console for this game... But after a while it becomes OK.

    My first level:
    Don't be greedy!

    Simple course, can get tricky but not too much. I was able to clear it in my first try and I suck at Mario.

  • @phbz Thanks. I hate it.

    Precision jumps are pretty annoying. Also, those sideways trampolines at the beginning that don't actually bounce you are pretty deceiving.

  • @mbun :D They do work, but they are not needed. I made it short because it demands precision. No hard feelings, at least you went for it.

  • @phbz I held right while falling, and they never bounced me.

  • Another one.

  • Hey everyone,

    I made my first level, first time playing Mario Maker. The code is: PCY-MM4-N3G. It's an easy and simple level that just has details. Don't forget to open the locked door before finishing the level!

  • Here's my first attempt: RC9-3SJ-LXG.

    Doesn't require any crazy skills, just patience and caution.

  • @cptcobblepot Timer felt kind of tight for finding the key. Secret path is harder than the main path. Also, you can go through the secret path backwards if you enter the red pipe at the end. Would be better to have the dropoff pipe somewhere normally inaccessible above.

    @Axel Didn't see the doorway until the end, and with a momentum off block spin walljump into spin and stopping your momentum you can just make it to go backwards. Wasn't a big deal since you can pretty easily tell you're back to an earlier part of the level though. Only part of the level I wasn't into is that thomp at the beginning of the up path you have to wait for.

  • @mbun Ah damn I tried every way I could to reach the door from the bottom and couldn't, thought it was safe ;)

  • @axel It is so difficult to pull off on top of being easy to tell you were taken backwards that it is fine. Strangely, killing the momentum of the walljump when you land on the very edge of the platform is the hardest part of landing it. Got enough height but kept falling off over and over before I finally stuck the landing.

  • Quick question, did Don upload his level that he was working on during the live stream?

    Also created a small level and would love some feedback: P80-7J5-FCG

  • @munchkin-gaming I still don't know Don or Ben's Maker IDs, just Ian and Kyle's.

    The name doesn't really suit it. (Very first thing you do is run.) Some parts are visually messy. The jump over the spike stack seems really tight, unless you want me to bounce off the kicked beetle, which is pretty tricky. I found it easier to jump over your room with the ON / OFF Switch being hit to the checkpoint than do the section beneath it, so maybe add some spikes or something so people can't do that? The boss seemed easy enough, which isn't bad late into a tough level, but I imagine that'll change every time someone tries it with that arena. Maybe you could parachute the 1-ups in or just anything fancier than having them just there near the door? Should be time during the fight. The icicle section seemed scary, but execution was alot easier than I thought it'd be, so good job on that part.

    I know I said I was making a 3D World level, but halfway into that I started making a different level, and that one ended up getting finished first: