Super Mario Maker 2

  • Hey fellow Allies, after watching the fun MM2 stream, I thought I'd join up here to see some more levels from the best community on the net.

    I'd love to get some plays and thoughts on mine, and would love to play your levels as well!

    I’ve just been kicking off the rust with these first four, but I quite like them. I can’t wait to polish myself more and find time to create all the fun courses I have in mind.

    1: Icicle Caves Escapades Q3W-VXY-M0H (SMW, snow day & night)

    My first level for this game; I love the snow themes. You can blaze through for a speed run taking the harder icicle route, but the easier route with claws will lead to a whole new area that is pretty jolly.

    2: Quagmire in the Quagmire V3L-QVX-7TG (NSMB, forest night)

    I’ve never made a “one-screen” puzzle level before, so I just tinkered around with one. If that’s not your jam, then don’t play this. It’s quite basic though, with some visual clues showing you where a few things need to go. It is fully resettable as well.

    3: Clear Cascading Conundrum 7PD-2P4-86G (SM3DW, airship)

    Man this style looks great. There are two main sections and you might have to do a few different tasks to make your way forward. Lots of fun to make (find both keys for the true ending).

    4: Seek the Silences in the Gloom T0C-WNX-TGG (SMB, ground night & underground day)

    My latest level may seem like it has a few pick-a-path sections, but the “silence” will lead you the right way every time. Hopefully pretty atmospheric with fun rewards sprinkled throughout.

    Looking forward to hearing about some of these!

  • @awgner07 Was enjoying 1 until I hit a fail state and had to abandon my checkpoints and restart. 2 took me forever to solve and execute. 3 was really fun and cool, easily my favorite of your bunch, and I agree 3D World is awesome, even if Ian thinks otherwise. 4 I played while listening to a podcast, and now that I read your description that explains why I struggled more with it.

  • @Mbun
    Thanks Mbun, darn that fail state! The last level isn't working quite as good as I'd hoped because it takes so long for the silence to kick in after that beep that I now realize people won't take it slow and wait for it. I'll be sure to check in some of your levels, hopefully tonight.

  • @Mbun Played both your levels last night. One I had obviously seen on stream, and the other was just a great & solid standard course. I liked navigating through the middle section particularly. I really enjoy the visual consistency of both your levels and how everything looks just good and thought-out. I hope to see a 3D World level from you some time! It seems harder to be creative with the style compared to the others in creating unique visuals, but it does make up for it by just looking so nice in the first place!

  • @mbun Yeah I feel the timer is off to, I wish they would implement an editing feature so we could fix already published levels. According to death counter it doesn't look like a lot of players have even found the secret area.

  • @awgner07 Thanks. I'm honestly not so happy with how my second level came out. I started it cause I was procrastinating my 3D World level actually. I should get back to that after this weekend.

    @CptCobblePot I found out you can delete your uploaded level, make changes, and then reupload it at least, but of course it'll wipe the records of people who played it, which is a bummer. Editing is just one of those things that should've been in this game that isn't.

  • Yeah patchability would be so nice. All they would have to do is make you redo the clear check to make sure you haven't made it impossible and then let you keep the stats of your level.

  • But then what's stopping you from making a completely different level when editing it, meaning if you keep the stats/likes from the original they become irrelevant since they applied to something else entirely. I'd like to do little tweaks to my levels too but it's understandable why it was left out since it could lead to all sorts of abuse.

  • @axel Yes, that is indeed probably one of the reasons why they don't have it implemented. It would be nice, but there'd be so many ways for people to abuse it unfortunately.

  • I've made my first multiplayer level. It's a race up a giant beanstalk. It can of course be fun by yourself as well!

    Up the Beanstalk with You All


  • @mbun Editing shouldn't be in, at all. Delete and re-upload is as it should be IMO. What's the point of keeping stats if the level can be modified? The only editing that I would be in favour would be one in which you still lose the stats but keep the track ID.

    Anyways guys, made a new level: HKQTYJVQG

    Some puzzle solving, not too obtuse I hope. I love so much classic Mario graphics, not sure if I'll ever venture into making any 3D world level, anything after the SNES I find it painful to look at.

  • @axel said:

    But then what's stopping you from making a completely different level when editing it, meaning if you keep the stats/likes from the original they become irrelevant since they applied to something else entirely.

    I don't see many people actually doing this.

    it's understandable why it was left out since it could lead to all sorts of abuse

    I can't think of any abuse you could do with it as long as it forces you to redo clear checks after edits.

    @Phbz said:

    What's the point of keeping stats if the level can be modified?

    Just log the version numbers and keep the stats locked to their previous versions. Easy.

    What yall don't get is how annoying it is when people have to delete their level, make tiny edits, reupload, and now it shows back up as a new level on your followed list and sometimes you don't realize you've already beaten it cause the flag is gone, and of course all the likes and general traffic are gone too, simply to fix little things found through play testing. It is like saying devs should never patch their games.

  • At least making minor adjustments would be cool, but I am sure that would be hard to implement. What could they limit?

    Plus if the level is reuploaded it may not get the pickup that it had before. Not really a happy medium either way. I will just have to playtest my levels more than once before uploading.

  • @cptcobblepot Even playtesting my levels extensively, I forgot to save my level at the specific part of the level I wanted to show on the thumbnail for it, and had to delete and reupload just to fix that.

  • @mbun Oh THAT's how you can choose the thumbnail?? Good to know!

  • @mbun See and that happens. I feel like I play play tested my level a ton. However, I did do it all in one day and I was pretty excited to upload my first level ever.

    The only solution is for them to offer some form of re-editing a level.

  • @cptcobblepot I finally thought of an example where people could edit a shortcut to have a friend win an unbeatable fastest speed record on the level, then edit it back so nobody could ever top it as possible abuse to allowing editing, but that's such an unlikely edge case, and most would be super obvious if they did it. If you just tied records to a version history it'd also prevent this. There's ways to make it work. I just don't think they want to go through the effort to implement it.

  • Just played some with a friend, and it was very fun and smooth. Will depend on connections of course, and it was only two player, not four.

  • Youtube Video

    This is insane! They added pretty much everything people were asking for, this World Maker thing alone is amazing, but there's so much more.

    A bit curious why they didn't go all out on a Mario Bros 2 theme and instead added only a few functionalities, but I really can't complain. This could make me get back to it.