Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)

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    Another game that deserves a thread!

    Release date: July 26th

    There's also a ton of new info courtesy of Famitsu, which you can read here:

    Or here in more easily digestible format:

    Youtube Video

  • I'm excited about it, though I do have to say I have a few concerns about the game.

    The description they gave on the video sounds a lot like what we got in Trails of Cold Steel, which I'm all in favor of that, but I know it can be somewhat worrisome for people with more experience with FE.

    Aside from that, I expected it, but I was still dissapointing to see such a uncreative and non sensical setting, in my limited experience World Building in Fire Emblem has always been terrible, and it is something I would love to see much improved, but oh well.

  • I was initially super excited for this game, but ever since they showed it turning more into Persona or Harry Potter even, I've lost most of my interest in this. It will probably still be good, particularly during a second half if there's a major shakeup that changes how the game plays, but that already means less of what I wanted from this for the sake of adding replay value through faction choosing to a game that I don't think needed it. Still keeping an eye on it though, and I still think it looks like a healthy bounce back from the stuff that popularized Awakening and Fates, at least until they announce dating your students or something.