Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)

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    not sure if satire

  • Just watched the gameplay and I don't know what to think, I see a lot of stuff I like, but there plenty of ways in which I'm just not super confident in the game.

  • You Can Recruit Students From Other Houses
    Really like that one sassy student who's part of another house?
    You can speak with students from other houses at Garreg Mach and invite them to join your house.
    If you have high enough skills in the attributes they respect, they'll join you.

    Oh, that's a great touch.

    Fire Emblem's weapon triangle is, in many ways, the foundation on which the series' combat lies.
    Three Houses throws the triangle to the wayside.
    Instead, the power of your attacks will be determined by your units' Combat Arts, which are essentially their special moves that they learn as they level up.

    I don't know about this though.

  • @mbun I'm a little confused by that one. I just don't really get how the strength of a normal hit could be determined by a special move, but maybe I'm just misunderstanding it.

  • @capnbobamous This all sounds very, very cool to me! This is the kind of ambition and risk I'd love to see from Pokémon, by the way.

    The only confusing thing is that you'll first spend X hours at the academy only training your units, with no battles (or maybe mock ones?), and then you'll be at war and possibly never use the academy again? Feels like a weird split, but maybe it's not as strict as I'm imagining it.

    As for the Combat Arts, they say "One Combat Art might be useful against beasts while another might hurt archers more, and so on." Could it be that every attack is a Combat Art, and there's no regular attacks? Or regular attacks are just always neutral against any type of enemy?

    I'm not too worried about that, I'm sure it'll be balanced properly.

    Super excited for this!

  • @axel
    I feel like there will be some time travel elements to the plot , like the tutorial will be use getting to know all the characters and learning the basics , before we see the "reunion" 5 years later as a vision from Tiki, and we see the worst possible outcome where all 3 kingdoms manage to destroy each other and the school is completely destroyed, and I assume some larger unseen villain is revealed/hinted at, which (and I might be remembering it wrong) the school is supposed to be some kind of neutral ground between all three kingdoms, no school just means open war between them.

    As for the combat arts it might possibly work like this, maybe?
    Like we have the base level's for all the units, but equipping different gear will give you temporary skills (equip firesword, get fire skill while it's equipped) as you battle you'll get some like skill points or class points, spend class points and you'll unlock the skill as a permanent level up, or something like that.

  • Youtube Video

    Short video showcasing a few characters and some lore for the Black Eagles.

  • Youtube Video

    Blue Lions preview this time.

  • Found out from previews that every line of dialogue in the game is voiced. That's pretty nuts.

  • @mbun
    Damn, going all out on this one it sounds like

  • Not gonna lie I was pretty doubtful of this one, but after seeing a lot of info from previous I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out, , sadly I won't jump into it soon but it is getting pretty tempting.

  • Youtube Video

    The last one is Golden Deer. Until the dlc fourth house.


  • Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    87 Opencritic at the moment, looks like a winner. Can't wait to get started, this game is going to eat the next couple months for me.

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    Put a lot of hours in over the weekend while watching Easy Livin' and I'm having a lot of fun so far. Feels good to play Fire Emblem on Switch. Love talking to everyone, doing the quests, and fishing in the monastery. Teaching aspect and the lectures are cool as well.

    If you're playing, what house did everyone pick? I chose Golden Deer since I love Claude and was able to recruit Sylvain immediately , working on recruiting Felix since he seems pretty strong and maybe Bernadetta just cause I like her.

  • @kristen-rogers I went Blue Lions and I recruited Leonie from Golden Deer. Leonie is a Cavalier now but I'm building her stats for a Bow Knight because my archer Ashe is very weak. Felix is really strong! I usually send him to one part of the map alone and he wrecks everyone. He has a Lone Wolf ability that let's him do extra damage.

    I'm about 20 hours in. Although. I didn't realize until recently you can hold a button to run while in the monastery. That should save me some time. Especially with recovering all those lost items. My favorite fights so far are the monster battles. I like how you have to surround them and break their armor before you can kill them. It reminds me a little of Octopath Traveler.

  • @shoulderguy you know you can fast travel in the monastery?

  • @bigdude1 I do use the fast travel. I just don't want to miss any items or conversations. That's why I run around the whole monastery once every month.

  • I got a question for y'all playing with permadeath on: do other characters react when a character dies? Like, is there a special cutscene that shows people mourning the death or something like that? Because if there isn't, I don't really see the point.