Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch)

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    Niiiice, very cool design for those new characters!

    I wonder how big this "side story" will be. This is going to drag me back to the game.

  • @axel Finally a house I can really get behind. Balthus and Hapi are sick! Especially Balthus, the Almighty King of Grappling who also wields a big sexy axe in his artwork. I'm surprised they went along with all the memes and actually made a fourth house in a game called Three Houses, but after seeing them I'm glad they did.

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    More details on Fire Emblem: Three Houses' side story DLC 'Cindered Shadows' have surfaced on Nintendo's Japanese official website. Notably, the page mentions that once this DLC has been downloaded, a Side Story entry will be added to the game's main menu, and its save data will be completely separate from the main story. The maps in this DLC are also said to have a lot of gimmicks, making the overall difficulty a bit more challenging from the base game.

    This side story will have a different gameplay flow cycle from the main game's monthly training and end-of-month battles. While you could scout and recruit other students in the main story, Cindered Shadows will have you fight with a pre-determined set of members. Note that according to Nintendo of America's trailer description, once you complete the side-story, you'll be able to recruit the new characters into the main story.

    Cool, so it's its own mini-campaign with streamlined progression. I just wonder where in the timeline these events are supposed to happen.

  • @axel
    It probably happens around Smarch

  • A few more details about the expansion.

    I still haven't done a second playthrough but this could bring me back to the game. Doing a second playthrough and being able to recruit those 4 new characters would make the game feel extra fresh, I'm excited!

  • So, you'll be able to recruit these new guys on a first play-through as well?

  • @keir Sounds like it, as long as you finish the DLC first (which may or may not contain main plot spoilers so might not be ideal).

  • @axel I think I'll wait to find out about potential spoilers before deciding if it's something to do the first time around for second.

  • I'm guessing that Huber picks Golden Deer.