Accountants / Aspiring CPAs

  • Another of my topics I expect to be met with crickets but here goes.

    I am just finishing up the first course of the CPA Preparatory program and am finding it all super interesting but oh boy is there a lot to remember. Totally different from my previous degress in history and education. Memorizing all the ratios may prove to be my downfall.

    So, if anybody is an accountant, is aspiring to become one or even has experience studying or practicing, I would be very grateful for any tips you can provide on studying, exam prep, what to expect in the field etc.

    Broader picture, this could be a space to discuss any part of the industry (though, again, this may be just my latest forum miscarriage).

  • I wish I could help you, but accounting is not even close to any classes I've taken! Good luck with finding some help, though!

  • @inflorescence thanks! What are you studying?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I have a B.A. in Music Theory. =P So if your next venture is about Schenkerian analysis........!