Top Ten Reasons Finland is Better Than Canada

  • @tearju-engi Very cool, thanks for the info!

  • NUMBER 4 - Lakes

    This is a good time to point out that these are in no particular order.

    Two countries are generally debated to be the nation with the most lakes within its borders and those countries are...oh, look at that, Finland and Canada. So it's a tie, right? Weeeeeell, if you look at the ranking of nations by size, Canada comes in at number 2 while Finland is 64. So even if the number of lakes is exactly even, this means that Finland has WAY more lakes per square km than Canada. This means if you go to your usual lake and find a bunch of drunk douche bags taking up the whole beach with their football game, you don't have to travel nearly as far to get to your backup lake. I also imagine the number of football-throwing douche bags at the beach is much lower in Finland.

  • NUMBER 3 - Hockey Jerseys

    You're going to war against the meanest MFers in hockey from every hockey powerhouse nation across the globe.

    Do you bring a leaf?...


    Or a Dark Souls boss?


    Even if you don't like the lion with swords, the blue just looks so good.

  • NUMBER 2 - Lohikeitto (so happy I only have to write these things and not say them)

    A few years ago, my sister-in-law came to visit so I was trying to find some really authentic restaurants with food you can't find in Japan. I found a restaurant that focused on the foods of the indigenous people of Canada (it's called Salmon and Bannock, if you come to Vancouver, I highly recommend). They had this salmon soup that was phenomenal. Creamy, salty and packed to the brim with dill.

    Flash forward to a few days ago and I buy me a piece of salmon with the intention of recreating that soup. I Google me some "salmon soup" and one of the options I see is this Finnish salmon soup that sound mysteriously similar to what I had eaten all those years ago. So I make it last night and OH MY GOD it is the best thing to happen to my taste buds in some time.

    So now I'm in a conflict. Both countries have provided me with delicious salmon and dill soup. How do I separate them?...

    Eureka!! I Google "origin of dill" and find that it's from Southern Europe, particularly the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the word "dill" apparently comes from the Norwegian word "dilla" which means "to soothe". So based on this research, I think it's fair to assume Finland had dill first considering its relative proximity to Southern Europe and its shared border with Norway. Finland is the OG, we're just imitators.

    Lohikeitto, look it up. Easy to make and insanely delicious.

  • NUMBER 1 - Consumption of Coffee

    Have you ever been sitting around with a friend and said, "hey, wanna grab a coffee?" only to receive the reply, "I don't drink coffee"? If you're Finnish, probably not. Nothing crushes me more to hear somebody I thought I knew utter these words. Finns drink the most coffee per capita of any nation in the world! They drink, on average, 12 kg per capita per year, which is almost double the amount of the average Canadian at 6.5 kg. That's HALF the number of annoying responses from friends; AKA doing it better.

    Oh, they also won the Winter War over the massive military super power Russia, which is super cool but I could find no record of Canada vs Russia wars.

  • Is Finland a good option to visit as a tourist?

  • @irongrey Depends what you're looking for. Plenty of people at least younger ones can handle basic english. But be minded that culture might be very basic at times if you're from a big city

    Also Santa Claus is a big thing up North. North America brainwashing him being from North Pole is no.

  • @Tearju-Engi do you mean that Santa Claus was actually real and lived in Finland?

  • @irongrey more like they didn't want him to be tied to any country and just ignored his origins. Like of course there are differences and all and lore changes through time but outside of North America it's pretty much tied to Finland. Like we get lots of visitors around the World for it.