Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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    My non-spoilery review:

    This is not the best Godzilla movie, but it's the best Godzilla movie produced outside of Japan, and that's a good thing.
    The humans and their drama generally feel inconsequential, aside from pretty decent performances out of Ken Watanabe and Charles Dance, who's so comfortable in his "smug villain" role you may temporarily forget that he has basically no backstory or motivation other than to just bring you more plot every once in a while. I honestly did not care about the family turmoil / divided house plotline at all. There was a lady in the theater who would audibly HISS every time Vera Farmiga's character showed up though, so your mileage may vary. I'm still of the opinion that this whole MONARCH shared Kaiju universe is fine as a plot device to bring us monster fights - but the most interesting part of it to me is that the PEOPLE in MONARCH outside of Ken Watanabe don't realize that they are relatively inconsequential. The monsters generally don't care. They are essentially Lovecraftian Elder Gods that just woke up, are kinda pissed off, and are only concerned with their own hierarchy and sphere of influence. People are more or less ants. The illusion of a human controlled earth breaks wide open in this movie, and that's the best thing it's got going for it. The score is also aces, Bear McCreary mixes the old and new nearly seamlessly. Definitely some cheese, some orchestral epicness, and plenty of hype and adrenaline.

    In conclusion, You want big ass monster fights? You gonna get big ass monster fights. 4/5

  • Interesting. I saw it in the Imax there and thought overall it was pretty bad and nowhere near as good as Godzilla from 2014. That movie did a much better job at showing how inconsequential people are, had some really great cinematography and at least the opening 20-30 mins with Cranston were great.

    This movie is a mess of going from one place to the next place to see the next fight which all felt very samey really. Every character felt like a parody on itself and pretty much every good shot from the movie is in the trailer.

    The one thing I will say is the soundtrack is pretty good but ya.. I spent most of the movie thinking this is pretty bad and ended thinking okay well.. that was forgettable stuff. So ya, disappointed here.

  • Yeah, I thought 2014 is a middling action disaster movie and a poor Godzilla movie. If that's your jam, I guess this movie might disappoint.

    For what it's worth, critics on Rotten Tomatoes seem to largely agree with you. Audience score does not though. So looks like there is a bit of a reverse TLJ going on here.

  • Godzilla 2014 is probably my least favorite Godzilla movie that I've seen. Way too much focus on the humans, nearly no focus on Godzilla. I don't watch these movies for character development or plot, I watch them to see monsters fight each other and destroy stuff. I'd even rather watch Godzilla 1998 because I can at least laugh along with it.

    I really enjoyed King of the Monsters. It isn't the best Godzilla movie but it's still a lot of fun and gives the audience exactly what this sort of experience should deliver.

  • Just watched this. I haven't watched any Godzilla movies other than this before. I have to say that I really enjoyed it. The monster fights were the best part, no doubt. They take every chance they get to frame cool shots with the monsters, and that alone made this worth the price admission for me. The cinematographers know what they're doing with this one. The human stuff are decent at best, I did care a bit about the main group's escapades. Can't say the villains are anything above shit though. The first couple minutes was a bit too slow for me, the movie really kicked into gear when the action started at Antartica.