Does anyone else miss movie tie ins?

  • We all know the average movie tie-in video game and how they were regularly rushed to meet the movies release date, resulting in a mediocre to bad product. They admittedly swamped the market a little too much back in the 2000's , but they still had their place and produced some fun games.

    Does anyone else understand why these games disappeared? And was it a good thing?

  • I feel like it would be a good idea for devs to pick something up after it has hit the box office. If it is successful, then they can go and put together a game that maybe builds on the world and story of the game and they know they will have an audience. During the time you're talking about, it was pretty ugly. They were usually just dumbed down clones of the movies they were based on. A La La Land DDR clone or a Greenbook platformer would be great.

  • The whole of B-tier games sort of went away from what I can tell. When I was a little kid, I'd be attracted to a ton of these games when I went to Blockbuster. They weren't all bad and I actually think a few are very good.

    I don't know whether these B-tier games still exist but are hidden in the bowels of Steam, or if they kinda just vanished, but I also miss them. Shrek 2 on GameCube is a prime example of a fun game for kids that I might not play if it came out today, but kids would definitely enjoy it.

    Maybe they disappeared because of the HD pipeline? I remember major studios having serious issues figuring out HD in a timely and efficient manner. Even Nintendo was notoriously late to the HD world. I think maybe development got too expensive to justify a cheap investment in these types of games.

  • I think of the last one I personally beat which was Brave. It was extremely simple and not one to ever win an award, but it worked as a PS4 title and I'd be surprised if it didn't make a bit of money.

  • I mean there is a spectrum to these types of games too. Like how The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay released along side the Riddick film, but was a big budget AAA masterpiece. The AAA movie tie-in is just as rare as the cheap ROI licensed game too.

  • I do and I don't.
    Like I miss the whole thought of "You've seen the movie, now play it" but at the same time alot of those games were mediocre at best and utter trash at worse (remember that G.I Joe movie game? )

  • @dmcmaster Remember that G.I. Joe movie?

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    I find it funny how the climate has shifted so now we're starting to see more game tie-in movies than movie tie-in games.

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    Sorta, I remember it tried real hard with some knock off Iron Man suit, and I think Cobra was actually the president all along or something.

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    This is only movie adopted game that matters. A masterpiece.

  • @b-cell said in Does anyone else miss movie tie ins?:

    alt text

    This is only movie adopted game that matters. A masterpiece.

    That's a rather good example actually, though I found the game far too short. I'm not sure it counts as a tie-in as such though.

    I'm still sad to see these things go though. They were rarely ever broken, just very mediocre, but I know younger gamers such as my niece find some of those games amazing, and a fair few entertained me as well alongside everything else I was playing.

  • @sheria I think it counts as a tie in, it happens after the movie if i remember correctly. Johns drops off riddick as a reward. I was perfectly fine with the length but i played the Dark Athena version so maybe i blur the 2 games together.

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    Technically it's a prequel to the whole Riddick-verse taking place before Pitch Black

  • @dmcmaster o yeah forgot he was captured in pitch black too.

    Its been a while but i consumed all riddick media but it all blurs together

  • @bigdude1
    Pretty sure he's been captured in all of them

  • @dmcmaster hes not captured at the beginning of the newest riddick movie, but it quickly devolves into what is essentially a pitch black remake

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    Really? Have not seen the newest one.

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    @dmcmaster Basically the necromongers are like "GTFO RIDDICK" and leave him to die on a random planet, and then yeah basically a shot for shot remake of Pitch Black after that.

  • I think those type of games died last gen when the smaller tier studios went under. There's not a lot of mid tier devs now, just the big guys and indies. Movie tie in games need to get done quickly and fairly cheap, indie devs can't/don't want to work on these and they can't afford the big guys to do it.

    I don't think Riddick was released side by side with the movie was it? Most games based off of movies that get released side by side are bad. Games that were based off movies but got made after the fact can be pretty good, like Alien Isolation and my personal favorite game based off a movie The Warriors.

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    Well apparently I have watched it, as its in my Amazon video library, and picked up somewhere during the credits.
    Guess I did watch it and confused it for the first one.