Trover Saves the Universe (PS4/PC)

  • Anyone plan on playing this one? I pre-ordered it but haven't gotten to play it just yet, will start it up tonight.

    Wanted to gauge others here, any interested or are you maybe burnt out of the Rick and Morty type of humor?

  • Think ill wait for a sale on it

  • I thought Accounting + was really cool and I tend to enjoy Justin Roiland's sense of humor, so I'm looking forward to this one. That said, there is too much stuff I need to get first. Unfortunately, this one will have to wait a while.

  • I like VR and always need new experiences in that realm, but Rick and Morty is something that really rubs me the wrong way so hard pass from me.

  • @capnbobamous
    Dont remember the name of it, but look up his cartoon of what is essentially a Dr. Seuees character in real life. It was part of some other show but I remember stumbling onto it on youtube about 2 years ago.

    Mr.Sprinkles, however I cant seem to find the one that collected all the shorts

  • @dmcmaster Just curious, whats the price that makes you think about it and what's the price you grab it without a second thought. Think its $29.99 right now. They did mention today they will be doing some DLC that will be free.

  • @sabotagethetruth I get that, while I really enjoy R&M sense of humor and improvisational delivery it's clearly not going to land for everybody. I wasn't even sold on this game when one of the trailers was just a bunch of quick cuts of characters just saying the F word. However, follow up trailers and gameplay showed they had more in the clip then just dropping swears everywhere.

  • @themarcv
    It's not the price, price is fine. It's just that I rarely have time to play anything in VR, between setup (mostly moving stuff so theres enough room for the camera) and work schedule.

    Like admittedly $30 Is a hell of a steal regardless, but other factors are preventing me grabbing it at it's current price

  • @dmcmaster I get that, I don't have to do much to set up my PSVR, mostly just move the coffee table but it's enough that I have to questions myself if I really want to do VR right now. Most of the time after work I just want to veg out watching some youtube or whatever.

    So help me with your issue with the price. Like $30 isnt a bad price to you, buts its too much cuz of the additional effort you have to make to set it up and have time to play? I just curious if you had prices in your head that if it did go on sale for $20/$15/$10 at what price does it make it worth it to you?

  • @dmcmaster oh man, it's crazy how many concepts from Rick and Morty that were used in his previous work. I don't know if the whole show was like this, but the one I saw involved an older fellow doing science stuff in his basement.

  • I would be checking this out for sure if I had a VR system