E3 2019: Xbox Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • ok now that they have Double Fine on their side on top of Obsidian, I have to pay attention to MS.

  • Sorry I caught glimpse of it at work, did I see PSO2?

  • @dmcmaster yes you did.

  • I have to say... not as good as last year, but it's a pretty good conference. First thing first, the surprises. The Cyberpunk 2077 segment was top notch, I'm so glad that the cursed leakers didn't spoil that... Can't say that for Tales and Elden Ring though. Man, those two would be explosive surprises... I hate leaks so much.

    The one big fault that's not due to leaks is the Gears section. That was meh at best for me. The girl face trailer sucked, the Escape trailer sucked, the pre order thing was weird.

    I think the Indie game selections are on point again for the most part. Spiritfairer or whatever is so beautiful, would love to play that. 12 Minutes is so cool.

    The Xbox Game Studios stuff are pretty solid. Halo Infinite, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the Double Fine announcement were the best parts of it for me.

    Overall, I think Xbox did okay this time. The problem of their lacking first party stuff is still prevalent here for me understandably. Definitely will be a while until their new studios get to the good stuff.

    Also, I'm so happy that they're toning the "console exclusive" narrator voice down. "World premiere" is all I need.


  • @bard91
    About God damn fucking time

  • Going to go section by section, but I'm in conflict:

    I think the show started decently. The Outer Worlds had a good trailer, Bleeding Edge did the best it could, and I love anything and everything Ori.... except spiders.... so this trailer hurt. But happy to have a date now.

    Minecraft Dungeons is an interesting concept because its not the typical format. Not for me, but at least its something different.

    After the welcome speech, I liked the additional Jedi: Fallen Order footage, Blair Witch getting announced (while not for me) was a good tone setter.

    Then of course the best part of the entire conference for me by a MILE: CyberPunk 2077's CG Trailer and of course the Keanu Reveals. LOVED his time onstage, as it really felt like he loved being there. Also, a definitive date. Hell yes.

    However, the rest of the conference into a decline (albeit a very gentle sloping one) for me.

    Spiritfarer, Battletoads, The Legend of Wright, the ID @ Xbox montage, Sarah Bond (Head of Xbox Partnerships) talking about GamePass, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Age of Empires II Definitive Edition, and Wasteland 3 from InExile was a largely forgettable experience

    Though ANOTHER Xbox purchase, this time being Double Fine was an eyebrow raiser. But outside of this little break, another short stretch of personal misses: Star Wars Lego The SkyWalker Saga, DragonBall Kakarot, 12 Minutes, and Way to the Woods.

    I'm a die-hard Gears fan. That was not a good presentation.

    • The Kait trailer was pointless
    • Announcing a release date (Sept 10 is neat!), beta date, when they'll show Horde felt out of order
    • While Escape maybe an interesting concept, I don't have two friends into Gears as I am, that trailer wasn't good, the under the stage shot (while a nice concept) proves, ONCE AGAIN, gimmicky stage stuff doesn't work.
    • Why were there wrestlers there? And WHY is there a Terminator Dark Fate character pack?!
    • Ugh.

    While did try to pick up from this point (the new Elite controller, Dying Light 2's trailer, and the absolutely JOLLY LEGO Speed Champions DLC with Forza Horizon 4), it lost itself with Gears Pop and State of Decay 2: Heartland.

    While I have ZERO familiarity with Phantasy Star Online, but I recognized PSO 2 coming Westward is a BIG deal.

    Crossfire X felt like it was supposed to be a big announcement, but the reality was different.

    Tales of Arise would've been a nice surprise. But ya know, it's E3 times. So. Leaks. TRIPLY so for Elden Ring.

    Borderlands 3 had a nice trailer and the weird Borderlands 2 DLC announcement, but at least it's free.

    While I expected the end of conference talk about xCloud and Project Scarlett, having it confirmed for Holiday 2020 and Halo: Infinite (with a decent trailer) launching on it was necessary.

    Overall, I went 1.5/5 on my predictions, and while I recognize I had very few announcements for me, there was a lot for others. But that Gears 5 segment just landed with a wet thud.


  • Battletoads didn't live up to my expectations. DM me if you know where I can get the music for that deer game.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 looks actually better than last year underwhelming release. it looks cool now.

    Dying light 2 looks excellent. shame its pushed back to 2020.

    was disappoint that no surprise or new announcement or gameplay.

  • The conference was actually a bit disappointing from an Xbox Studios and Xbox specific standpoint. The only intriguing thing is Game Pass on PC but even so, are there enough Xbox games that I even want to stream for $10 per month?

    Cyberpunk 2077 had a story only trailer so I didn’t get gripped as much but I did yell for Keanu Reeves (in joy).

    The specs talk of Xbox Scarlett didn’t really do a lot for me. I don’t have an 8K TV and I probably won’t be able to afford one for a while. Even a 120Hz TV is super expensive in 4K so I just don’t even think this fidelity will be worthwhile.

    It’s all about the games and I was kinda not attached to any of them. Halo Infinite trailer was pretty bad and they should a cutscene instead of gameplay so I assume this game is gonna get crunched for 1.5 years.

  • I'm all in on Cyberpunk 2077, Tales of Arise, The Outer Worlds and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

    Also very interested in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Flight Simulator, Elden Ring and Psychonauts 2.