E3 2019: Bethesda Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • Hello everybody! Once again I'm launching the E3 threads (minus the PC Show because I feel disingenuous for creating a thread I know nothing on) one week prior to the shows to give everyone enough time to comment on what you want to see, think will happen, reactions to the conferences, and of course how you think it went.

    This thread is all about Bethesda, so what do you think they'll show? Will they make light of Fallout 76? Will DOOM: Eternal be their centerpiece? Could we get a surprise announcement like The Evil Within 3, more Dishonored, or will we wind up with more Elder Scrolls Legends/Blades/Online Updates? What are you interested in?

    Personally, I'm looking forward to DOOM: Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and I'm morbidly curious how they'll talk about Fallout 76.

    Leave your thoughts below and I hope you have a happy E3!

  • I'm guessing at least a massive apology for 76 in some way.
    Not a major focus on Bethesda games beyond 76 updates,Blades and ESO.
    Rest of the show is devoted Doom Eternal, Rage 2 DLC, port of Rage 1, Ports of Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

  • @dmcmaster I read "76 updates" and "Rage 2 DLC" and I got sick suddenly.

    I do want to see some Wolfenstein: Youngblood though and I'm already sold on DOOM Eternal.

  • No Evil Within, Huber is upset.
    Doom Eternal has 40 kills with an October 25th release.
    Bethesda acts like nothing went wrong with Fallout 76.

  • Btw as part of that 76 apology, you can get Fallout 3 Anniversary or whatever they call it for free.....so long as you've put X amount of time into 76.

  • I’ve said it before in other threads but Bethesda is on thin ice with me as a paying customer. Oblivion, which released on Xbox 360 in 2005, is one of my all time favourite games. It blew me away at the time and I had never played something of such an immense quality.

    But like most things you LOVE, you become highly critical of it, and my complaints about Oblivion were the same as most people’s complaints with the main one being the bad combat system.

    Skip ahead six years later to 2011 when Skyrim releases and this game addressed almost none of the complaints people had with Oblivion. The combat in this game was equally as bad with some minor improvements to magic casting. Whoopdidoo!!

    Not only that but Skyrim has a ton of extremely similar quest lines to Oblivion and took a lot of the details out from world design to RPG expectations.

    Skip ahead to Fallout 4, and again, this game feel like it missed the mark on why anybody likes Fallout and RPG games in general. The gunplay was at least improved but the writing and acting just felt so weird.

    Then we get the Fallout 76 debacle and it became clear to me that this studio is doing what works for them instead of being a studio that pushes their games. If they have a working formula, then why mess with it? Well Fallout 76 is when it all caught up to them. Their standard of quality is high when it’s high and low when it’s low, but the whole of this game was a slapped together cash grab - very low.

    So NOW, at E3 2019, Bethesda should acknowledge to long time fans that they are trying to make major changes to their studio for higher quality games in the future. An outright apology for Fallout 76 without any jokey bullshit would be nice too but I don’t expect it.

  • Only question is what can they do to apologize for 76? I mean promising future games will have more development time is something that will probably be said, along with a vaguely worded "we're working on a new engine " statement.

    Also Mikami will be there soooo Evil Within 3?

  • Edit: Posted Microsoft in the wrong thread.

    I hope for The Evil Within 3 to make an appearance; by not doing DLC for 2, they might be able to release by spring. Other than that, I really just want a good release date for Doom Eternal and maybe a sneak peek at Starfield.

  • Reading all this, I just realized the only Bethesda IP I care about is Wolfenstein, and that one's already covered, so I have no stakes in their show.

    Elder Scrolls 6 would be hype too, but that's already ruled out.

    Maybe a new IP?

  • @axel
    You mean Seinfeld, the scifi RPG that they confirmed to not be at the show either.
    Although I think there was a rumor floating that Arkane was going to show something

  • Since I don't think BGS has anything to show yet, it might put pressure on other devs in their family to show new stuff (if they care about making this E3 show worthwhile), regardless of readiness. New game from Tango is likely. Also, mew Arkane project please. I really enjoyed Dishonored 2 and Prey, a new game in either IP would be great. Maybe a Fallout/Elder Scrolls remastered game too?

  • For my second day of predictions, I came up with the following (Least to most confident):

    5.) Arkane Lyon's (France) next project teased, but we won't really know much about the gameplay
    4.) Wolfenstein Youngblood will have a demo showing off much of the beginning
    3.)The conference will be less than one hour IF there are no updates on Legends, Blades, ESO, & Quake Champions. Of which I hope not, because to be honest, the updates aren't really worth it.
    2.) DOOM Eternal is the centerpiece of the show (as in the big blowout they'll end on), and be dated for May 12, 2020. Bethesda has a history of spring May releases (DOOM - 2016, Prey - 2017, Rage 2 this year), and everybody seems to have the Mandela effect it's coming this year. While it still might, there has NOT been an official statement it would be. I'm hoping for one Sunday saying this year, but 2020 feels more likely.
    1.) Pete Hines opens with addressing Fallout 76, either as a self-deprecating joke or a serious mea culpa for about three to five minutes.

  • Apparently Fallout Shelter 2 might be a thing

  • I think this show maybe better than how I'm feeling right now, and it DID get better the longer it went, but I still have frustrations regarding this despite the fact I think it was better than their last two shows.

    Having Pete Hines and Todd Howard come out immediately is what I expected, but it wasn't the mea culpa I was anticipating. I WILL give them credit on Fallout being the first thing they talked about, and the sheer amount they're doubling down in their content with Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter, both of which are free.

    GhostWire: Tokyo I think maybe the announcement of the show. I'm personally not into it, but of the two announcements, I think this one was presented a little bit better.

    I loved the two montage trailers involving the fans, but fans are my biggest problem with this show. I'm left with disdain about the entire Elder Scrolls Online segment, all because the fans who would NOT shut up. Making it about themselves, interrupting the flow of the presentation, stop-starting the script, just being outright obnoxious. They make the case to bring back the pre-recorded video.

    Commander Keen was a weird announcement and I don't know how to quite feel about it. I guess I'm leaning more on the negative because of it being a mobile game, but I don't necessarily have anything against it.

    Rage 2's DLC trailer set as an 80s sitcom opening matched the game's tone, but it was a forgettable one as I can't even remember what was shown off. It hasn't been an hour since I've seen it. That's not good.

    It was at this point the show went on an upward trajectory as Wolfenstein Youngblood, the newly announced DeathLoop, the talk about Bethesda's own streaming tech (Orion) and of course the dedicated closer in DOOM: Eternal pulled this show out.

    As a whole, there are more positive than negative moments, but the down moments could have been packaged better (and in the fan's case, maybe have the presenter tell him he still had stuff to go through)

    I went 2.5/5 on predictions and I think this was a 7/10 conference.

  • I think I even enjoyed EA more than Bethesda this year. This is easily my E3 low so far. Ikumi introducing GhostWire and the Doom Eternal hype couldn't carry me through the obnoxious audience, Bethesda caving to no human NPCs in Fallout 76, exploiting people who find solace in games to spin your company's image, DRAGONZ R AWESUM GUIZE!, murder humans Nazis murder humans Nazis murder humans Nazis, and your favorite franchise is back ...kind of ...on mobile! 2.0.

  • Bethesda is tone deaf. Wasn’t a fan of the show. DOOM looks great, Ghost seems intriguing. Bethesda themselves need an ethos check.

  • @dipset pretty much agree, Bethesda as a publisher has some good studios, but specifically as a developer I think I've lost all interest in them.

  • I was falling asleep during Bethesda

  • I think it's their best E3 show since 2015, which doesn't say much but I think it's decent. Highlights are:

    • Ghostwire Tokyo. This looks so sick, like a cross between Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. I'm in love with the concept that trailer presented. Also, the jolly game director (can't remember her name, sorry) was absolutely awesome.
    • Deathloop. The oldie groovy style really got me, and while I don't understand what it is yet it's already very intriguing.
    • Doom Eternal. More great gameplay, more fun.

    Most of the conference is just updates to things I'm not really interested in so naturally they don't really grab me. There's nothing that offends me, it's just meh. Obviously they're speaking to their most hardcore fans, which I am not currently. Wolfenstein stuff looks great but nothing really new to show. I do have to admit that the Fallout 76 segment made me want to check the game out again, it's a pretty good hype up segment. Absolute low point for me is that silly Elder Scrolls Legends trailer.

    Also, the crowds are still too crazy. Appreciate the enthusiasm though. Or should that be in quotations?