E3 2019: Bethesda Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • Bethesda is tone deaf. Wasn’t a fan of the show. DOOM looks great, Ghost seems intriguing. Bethesda themselves need an ethos check.

  • @dipset pretty much agree, Bethesda as a publisher has some good studios, but specifically as a developer I think I've lost all interest in them.

  • I was falling asleep during Bethesda

  • I think it's their best E3 show since 2015, which doesn't say much but I think it's decent. Highlights are:

    • Ghostwire Tokyo. This looks so sick, like a cross between Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding. I'm in love with the concept that trailer presented. Also, the jolly game director (can't remember her name, sorry) was absolutely awesome.
    • Deathloop. The oldie groovy style really got me, and while I don't understand what it is yet it's already very intriguing.
    • Doom Eternal. More great gameplay, more fun.

    Most of the conference is just updates to things I'm not really interested in so naturally they don't really grab me. There's nothing that offends me, it's just meh. Obviously they're speaking to their most hardcore fans, which I am not currently. Wolfenstein stuff looks great but nothing really new to show. I do have to admit that the Fallout 76 segment made me want to check the game out again, it's a pretty good hype up segment. Absolute low point for me is that silly Elder Scrolls Legends trailer.

    Also, the crowds are still too crazy. Appreciate the enthusiasm though. Or should that be in quotations?


  • Doom Eternal is only saving grace otherwise terrible conference.

    dont know what ghostwire game looks like and no idea. although presentator was cute. arkane new game looks like multiplayer ie waste of time
    why are people clapping at fallout 76 and elder scrolls online? they must be bethesda employess.

  • The people clapping during TES Online and Fallout 76 are the same people that pay good money to see their hometown team lose 20-0 for a decade straight and still go to the games.

    I swear Bethesda tried to make some revisionist history with this press conference glossing over how much they jerked around customers and how this game is suddenly amazing (I have yet to hear anybody tell me that).

  • Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood look great. I like the previous games in each series so no surprise there.

    Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo have potential. It's just way to early to say. If any developer is going to show their game at E3, Don't forget about bringing the most important part; Gameplay.

  • @shoulderguy

    There have been a TON of CG or "Cinematic" trailers this year. Its a bit disappointing but they don't seem to be misleading at least.

    I forgot about Youngblood. I actually want to play that more than DOOM Eternal. I still need to play Wolf 2 but might just skip to Youngblood.

  • @dipset Did it not seem a bit much? Like, as if the loud ones were obviously planted to make it look like people are happy with these products so as to convince people watching that these games are accepted now?

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    I’m not gonna put my conspiracy hat on and say these people were planted, but I have yet to hear anybody in-person nor online speak about Fallout 76 like it’s become some amazing game all of a sudden.

    I think most Fallout fans feel betrayed by the game and let down. That’s the narrative, that’s the fact, and that’s the way I personally feel. Championing a few people who are die hard loyal, doesn’t change that narrative. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they were just some loyal enthusiastic fans but damn it seems suspicious.

    Not to mention, don’t most people scoff at The Elder Scrolls Online? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it at launch and it’s obviously been years since, but the positive reaction to the TES stuff seemed even MORE suspicious than the Fallout 76 stuff because they had camera cuts to people celebrating and outright screaming in joy. I have TV experience, it takes 2 seconds to cut to a reaction, I’m not saying these people were plants, but damn it all seemed weird to me. Like it was the opposite of how we all feel.