E3 2019: Ubisoft Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • The Gang Makes a Video Game! Lmao.

  • @dmcmaster I made that same comment in chat. This conference so far feels very not Ubisoft this year.

  • Welp. That's it, I guess. I'm completely down for Watch Dog Legion (amazing demo, best new game at E3 so far for me easily) and Gods & Monsters. I'm intrigued with Roller Champions, it looks fun, will try it out when it comes out. Everything else... is just meh. Quite disappointed with this one.


  • Didn't live up to the expectations set from the previous couple years. Barely even felt like an Ubisoft Conference. Seemed like they were trying too hard to be Playstation in the void of them not at E3. A couple fun moments, but also weird stuff like the tv show. Not offensive, just glaringly average and not the identity they've worn in recent years. Started really awkward with the announcers after the average concert too. Extremely quick cut to postshow at the end. Just really weird overall, and not in a good goofy Ubisoft way.

  • Sadly a poor Ubi show this year. So much Tom Clancy and military shooters. LUCKILY though there was Watch Dogs Legion which blew me away completely! I made a thread for the game immediately now.

  • This conference had nothing for me, and the pacing felt a little all over the place, but unlike the previous conferences, it was steady: Not super high, not super low.

    The "non-game" things felt a little unnecessary: The Assassin's Creed Symphony, Mystic Quest, and the Uplay Plus announcement were things I didn't feel like they belonged (but this IS Ubisoft, but still....)

    Watch Dogs Legion showed the best and the best part of the conference overall.

    The shoutcaster introduced Rainbow Six: Siege trailer, the Brawlhalla/Adventure Time crossover, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, and the For Honor limited time mode trailer (Shadows of the Hitokiri), all were shoulder-shrugs from me.

    With the amount of talking Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and The Division 2 received, (in addition to WD: Legion), there were only THREE games that had substantial showings. That said, I wish there was more information about Rainbow Six: Quarantine

    The last two games, Roller Champions and Gods & Monsters, didn't really show the games that well.

    Writing all this out and going over the notes, I'm on the fence about whether Ubisoft needed to do a conference. I went 2 for 5 on predictions, but I don't know how to feel.

    At the end of the day, I think 6.5/10.

  • After watching the conference. Watch Dogs Legion is the only game that showed well. I'm worried about how much variety the NPC's will have.

    I can never be fully sold on a Watch Dogs game because of the first 2 games. After the original Watch Dogs was reveled, I remember being at work, and so many people were hyping it up to me. I played all of the game when it came out. It's the most generic world and story I have ever seen in a video game. Most people at my work didn't even play or finish it. Although, Watch Dogs 2 has much more character and life. It had a really bad cover system and the driving was bad. I played 2 for about 10 hours until I got frustrated and quit.

  • Guess Gods & Monsters was that BoTW style game that leaked a few days ago, not much to go on, but I am a sucker for Greek mythology

  • @dmcmaster Gods & Monsters - If it's a Breath of the Wild style game by the AC Odyssey team then i'm sold. But that trailer didn't really show enough.

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