E3 2019: Square-Enix Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • Hello everybody! Once again I'm launching the E3 threads (minus the PC Show because I feel disingenuous for creating a thread I know nothing on) one week prior to the shows to give everyone enough time to comment on what you want to see, think will happen, reactions to the conferences, and of course how you think it went.

    This thread is all about Square-Enix, so what do you think they'll show? How much new will we get from Final Fantasy VII: Remake? How in-depth will they go on Avengers? Could we get the next Final Fantasy announced? What are you interested in?

    Personally, this is my most anticipated conference with Final Fantasy VII: Remake alone, but I truly believe with everything else in their portfolio, this could be a show stacked with announcements. Even though I wouldn't be shocked if they did a repeat of last year.

    Leave your thoughts below and I hope you have a happy E3!

  • i have a feeling most of this conference will be Final Fantasy 7

  • I feel like the 3 big things will be FF7, Avengers and Dying Light 2 (yes it's being shown on Squares stage)
    Trailer and release date for Kingdom Hearts DLC

  • Avengers will release on November 1st 2019 and will show and 10 minute gameplay with Wolverine and Captain America.
    Final Fantasy VII: Remake will not show Tifa.
    Full Metal Alchemist Video Game.

  • It's time to see what Yoko Taro is up to!

  • @iboshow
    I'd actually be down for a big budget Full Metal Alchemist game, hell both versions of the series could easily fill an entire games worth of content I think.

  • @dmcmaster I played the first 2 games on ps2, I just want it to come back.

  • @iboshow
    If you ever get the chance try the 3rd game, was never released in the US but it's a blast and a crime it never got released worldwide

  • @dmcmaster I played it in Japanese for 30 minutes and I didn't understand so I stopped.

  • Octopath Traveler 2 or Bravely Default 3!

    FF 7 releasing this year or early next year! Either way, big blowout for the game.

    Babylon's Fall also strongly featured.

  • Just waiting for that next Babylon's Fall trailer.

  • Thanks to State of Play, this conference jumped from middle anticipation to most. Sorry Xbox and Bethesda. But onto the predictions (again, from Least to Most confident)

    Final Fantasy 14: ShadowBringers will have a final trailer
    The next Nier will be announced with an art trailer, but no gameplay
    Babylon's Fall will have a gameplay trailer
    No more than 7 games total will be in the entire conference
    Final Fantasy 7: Remake's presentation will be an entire gameplay sequence

  • I'll up your Nier prediction with art of a 3rd game and a remake of Nier 1 that includes both Gestalt and Replicant versions

  • I forgot something: Secret of Mana Collection announced for the West, including the never-localized Secret of Mana 2 / Seiken Densetsu 3.

  • @axel
    Considering Square just filed a trademark for Collection of Mana, i'd say its coming over

  • @dmcmaster Yup, that's the dream!

  • any chances Square teases ff16?

  • @ff7cloud yes

  • @ff7cloud
    I'm like 30% positive we'll see something about FF16, personally I hope it goes to a more FF6 direction.
    And just a reminder they did just renew the Parasite Eve trademark a few months ago (specifically in the UK)

  • Maybe not from the conference itself, but this feels related enough to post here when people went to this concert expecting similar scoops.

    Edit: Just to further rub salt in the wound, they just immediately after posted what was at the concert to Twitter anyways. People completely wasted their time and money going to that concert.