E3 2019: Square-Enix Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • come on fft remastered

  • just got my first class edition pre ordered 485 dollars

  • "Exclusive content for Avengers on playstation"
    Gee I wonder what it could be

  • Best Conference so far this year and will be hard to top. Not surprised Babylon's Fall didn't show, and honestly I don't mind it taking a year off. Crystal Chronicles Remastered looks crazy improved from when we first saw it. Square Enix listening to the fans and "remastering" VIII is really hype. 7Remake was looking great, and I love the 2 Bluray flex. Two SaGa games coming to the west for the first time. That super well put together trailer for explaining Dragon Quest Builders 2 to people. Dragon Quest XI S looking almost too visually good considering it is supposedly Switch only. Presentation of the conference itself was on point with the cool painting theme.

    Maybe it is just my love for JRPGs, but I had a really good time.

  • Sqaure-Enix crushed their show for me. This was reminiscent of Bethesda 2015: Bookends with interesting middle. However, this year was more substantial.

    I've said so much, so many times, about Final Fantasy VII, and the Remake. So I'll only say I absolutely loved every single thing they showed. The two blu-rays was an eye-brow raiser, but that last trailer.... chef's kiss

    Liked where the put the following trailers to start the calm down: Life is Strange 2, Crystal Chronicles, Octopath Traveler, and the Last Remnant Remastered. A little confused why a couple of those are there, but smartly placed.

    The Dragon Quest segment got a healthy segment with more focus on Builders 2, and I think it worked in its favor. XI was also a nice reminder, but for what it was, another good way to order this.

    The Square initiatives (Collective and Music) are very neat, and I'm curious to see both of them grow. That said, Circuit Superstars and Battalion 1944 were out-of-nowhere out-of-character reveals.

    I loved seeing the KH III Re:Mind trailer, but it was the same exact one, so Square should've saved it for tonight.

    ShadowBringers getting a HUGE segment wasn't a surprise. Also enjoyed seeing Yoshida onstage.

    Dying Light 2 (weird publishing deal), Romancing Saga, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius felt like another cooldown and prep for a great ramp up. Outriders was decent, building to Oninaki, building to the Final Fantasy VIII remaster.

    Then the close of the reveal on Avengers. I felt this was a very nice presentation, save for no playable sequence. That said, I'm a massive fan of the actors revealed and a release date is a nice touch.

    I LOVED this show for the most part. 2/5 on predictions, but EASILY the best conference of E3 this year. 9/10

  • No contest, Square is winning E3. Unless Nintendo pulls a new Zelda and a new Mario out of their ass or something.

  • Final Fantasy VIII Remaster! My heart!

  • @axel Dear God no.
    Literally anything else. F-Zero. Ice Climbers. A new fucking Geist.


    But seriously, just show something new. Preferably something I haven't already played on WiiU.

  • I don't have any nostalgia for Final Fantasy 7 personally but it's awesome that all the fans are enjoying this new take on FF7. I like the style and the combat system enough that I'll get FF7 for sure. I just wish it was on PC the same date as PS4. After playing all of Kingdom Hearts 3 on my PS4 slim, I just know FF7 is going to chug on that system for me. The PS5 can't come soon enough.

    Oninaki - This game has potential to be surprisingly great the same way Octopath Traveler did last year.

    Outriders, Avengers - Need to see something playable. Not just cinematic trailers and developer diaries.

  • This was a pretty great show. FF7R looks so god damn amazing, and they presented it very well. Also very excited about FF VII remaster, as a newcomer to the FF series, both of these are the ones I'm most interested in playing so I'm very happy about both of these things happening. Builders 2 is super jolly, I really enjoyed that trailer. Marvel's Avengers looks pretty cool. I'm kinda having Marvel fatigue though so it didn't help that they didn't really do enough to show the game, I was expecting a gameplay demo for this. Overall this is a solid 8/10 show, that FF7R presentation might be the best game demo so far this E3.