E3 2019: Nintendo Discussion, Predictions, Reactions, and Analysis

  • @dmcmaster I'm not, because Sakurai is busy killing himself for Smash. That remaster really needs to happen though.

  • @mbun
    Not like Nintendo couldn't hand it off to that studio that did Twilight Princess HD or something.
    Although I'm sure Smash is the reason we haven't seen a sequel.

  • @dmcmaster said:

    Not like Nintendo couldn't hand it off to that studio that did Twilight Princess HD or something.

    DO NOT hand that game's port job off to the studio that did the absolute worst Zelda port to date.

  • Will Doug Bowser bring the heat to this E3? probably not, but here are my long shot predictions anyway:

    25% Chance:
    Super Mario Odyssey 2
    Monster Hunter Stories 2
    Sonic Mania 2
    Tomodachi Life 2
    new Ace Attorney game
    Bravely Third

    1% Chance:
    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 2
    Donkey Kong 64 Remake
    Super Bowser Odyssey

  • I'm not a fan of ports but I think the only thing I hate more is mandatory motion controls. So I'd be very cool with Metroid Prime trilogy, Galaxy 1 and 2 and Skyward Sword ports with the option to use a regular controller.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Some of those would have to be reworked completely for that. I think of playing Wii games on Dolphin where you have to hold a trigger to enter pointer mode to drag it around with analog. That level of goofy.

  • My final set of predictions were fun to come up with as I think Nintendo can do a LOT of things, but these are what I settled on. Again, from least to most confident:

    Bayonetta 3 will have a gameplay trailer
    Luigi's Mansion 3 will get a subtitle & an October date
    Link's Awakening Remake dated for September
    Animal Crossing will be the primary focus, both for the Direct & booth design
    The next Smash Bros. DLC fighter revealed & shadow-dropped. I'll go so bold as to say it'll be Dante from Devil May Cry

  • Direct is rumored to be about 45-50 minutes long.
    If true this is gonna be a meaty direct.

  • I'm just super happy for Damiani right now. The way that Zelda reveal got him pretty much shocked and hyped at the same time was great to witness. :)

  • And that Duck Hunt troll was just brilliant, man it took me by surprise. Laughed out loud. :D

  • Wow. What a show! Nintendo has come along way since the Wii U days.

  • Okay Nintendo. You win.
    Still waiting on that F-Zero tho.

  • So that Dragon Quest Smash trailer had me hyped as hell, like seriously bravo on bringing in multiple hero's.
    The Banjo reveal will go into memedom soon enough (especially the Duck Hunt bit)
    Breath of the Wild 2 HYPE LEVELS INTENSIFYING, also Gannondorf?
    No More Heroes 3 Fucking Excited, especially if it continues building on the Suda-verse that Travis Strikes Again was building (also it would be a damn shame to not have the Killer 7 be a boss battle)
    Resident Evil 5 and 6 on Switch, not all that exciting but hey it's more RE on Switch, and maybe it's my imagination but maybe the trailer was sorta building up to RE7 on Switch (like a proper port, not the streaming version)
    I am damn curious to see how Witcher 3 runs on Switch, at the same time I can now play Witcher 3 in my bathtub while Gearlt is in a bathtub.
    Spyro on Switch is an awesome addition.
    Another MS owned title popped up on Switch (Super Lucky's Tale) very interesting to say the least
    Also Expansion Pass for Ultimate Alliance 3, so all the X-Men stuff we've been seeing is from the DLC or are we getting a handful of essential X-Men and more via DLC?

  • @el-shmiablo
    Don't worry, one day we'll get F-Zero Yakuza

  • Speaking as someone who isn't into Nintendo, this was FANTASTIC. I am VERY pleased with this year's Direct. A lot of variety and the big N is continuing its commitment of having at least one thing for everyone, both first and third party.

    Having Smash being both the start and the false end was a great way to help space their announcements. While both fighters were the most popular calls, I still enjoyed their reveals, however, in Banjo's case, it was the SAME way they did King K. Rool, and I wish it was done different only for that reason. I also appreciate the transition into Dragon Quest XI after showing Dragon Quest in Smash.

    While I did bet against it, I did enjoy Bowser's intro. The reason why I bet no was I was concerned they wouldn't do it without it being corny, but it was a decent way to package it.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 and Link's Awakening Remake getting the deep-dives they did were also really well done, especially the latter with a dungeon builder!

    The Dark Crystal game and the focus didn't do anything for me, but watching the Allies reinforce what I said above: These will be for somebody.

    The Witcher III on Switch is ridiculous in a good way. Love the fact it's coming to Switch, but I do NOT have faith it'll work well.

    The segment of this direct including Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the Resident Evil 5 and 6 ports, No More Heroes 3, Contra: Rogue Corps., and Daemon X Machina was one of two low points of the show, and it wasn't really bad, speaking the high quality of this presentation.

    The Panzar Dragoon project was probably the one thing from this direct that appealed to me the most, and I'm curious if this is a remake or an entirely new game. I'm very curious to learn more.

    I kind of feel like the Pokemon Sword/Shield wasn't really necessary.

    Astral Chain's significant trailer and the surprising Emprie of Sin (if only because John Romero is working on it) preceded the second low segment that was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Cadence of Hyrule, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games.

    However, the Direct at this point strapped a rocket ship to itself and exploded into the highest levels of hype: Animal Crossing: New Horizons first unveiling, the Banjo-Kazooie reveal, and that which no needs introduction, and what will inarguably the biggest new game announcement of the show:

    Breath. of the Wild. 2.

    Should've waited on recording the podcast, huh? X-D

    I hit 1.5/5 on predictions, but this show was great. 9/10 and personally a tie with Square for best conference.

  • Luigis Mansion 3 looks great, Banjo in Smash, and BOTW 2... Bless Up

  • Fantastic show. Easily the most consistently engaging conference in this year's E3. Great showings of upcoming big games, great pace, and cool surprises. I don't really have much to complain about, other than that weird RE trailer. 9/10

  • Also fucking laughed at the Fire Emblem trailer
    "What should we do Teach?"
    "KILL THEM ALL!!!!"

  • I can't way to see The Witcher 3 running on single digits

    Also fucking finally my boy Banjo gets his place, the DQ characters are the least interesting possible thing for me but oh well not all characters can be good.

    And NMH3 is also great to see.

  • Nintendo just won E3

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