What do you think of your PS4 library so far?

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    I only buy exclusives. I have a computer and Switch for everything else.

    • Bloodborne - It's good. One of the better PS4 games. But I prefer the Souls games. This is the only one I never felt like replaying.
    • God of War - Mediocre.
    • God of War III Remastered - Liked it. Weakest of the trilogy, but still entertaining.
    • Gravity Rush Remastered - Very good. Nice story, very creative gameplay, missions that are seldom tedious.
    • Gravity Rush 2 - Mediocre. Lack of urgency and tedious mission design with an overwhelming number of annoying three-dimensional stealth scenarios. It also doesn't have the atmosphere of the original, despite having a much bigger budget. It has lame special abilities that can be activated by the slightest unintentional rub of the touchpad. Just goes to show more money and more stuff doesn't make a better game.
    • Horizon Zero Dawn - Good example of the modern open world action-adventure game. The mechanics were fine and the characters were uninteresting. I find it overrated.
    • Infamous: Second Son - Have barely explored the city or done anything. Average.
    • Infamous: First Light - Average. I didn't dislike it.
    • Journey - Average.
    • The Last Guardian - The puzzles become so tedious. I got sick of trying to figure out what I was supposed to make this AI do. Waited so long for this, but I never finished it.
    • The Last of Us Remastered - It's fine. Like the original, The Last of Us, Part II will be a game I play twice and then have no desire to revisit. The gameplay just isn't that special. Neither is Druckmann's writing. I prefer the early Resident Evil formula. Better level design, interconnected world progression, item management and enemy variety.
    • Ratchet & Clank - Playing this right now. I like that this kind of expensive cartoon game is still allowed to exist on PlayStation, just barely. But my interest is sizzling out. There just isn't enough to it after a couple of hours.
    • Shadow of the Colossus - Pretty good, but the original is already burned into my brain, so I'm not that motivated to complete it again. But the first playthrough was nice after not playing it for almost a decade.
    • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - It's fine. Uncharted started taking itself too seriously after like the second game. I prefer the pulp adventure aspect of the series over Druckmann's emotional crap.
    • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - It was alright. Wish there was more action, better platforming and the camera wasn't so zoomed in while aiming.
    • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - The first two are still fine. I only beat the third one once on the PS3 and couldn't do it again. It kind of sucks.
    • Until Dawn - Pretty nice. I didn't care about these kids at first and was surprised how much I later wanted them to live. That's character development. I've only played it once, but it's in my top three for the platform.

    Overall? I guess a 5 out of 10. There's not enough creativity and so much stuff that is simply average.

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  • PS4's my main gaming device, so all third party stuff I'm playing here too. I'm assuming we only do the exclusives here. Ordered from the game that I played first:

    • inFamous Second Son: it's the game that finally pushed me to buy a PS4. I love it, it's personally my favorite in the series because I think having more than one kind of power is way too cool. It's not the best in the series (inFamous 2 says hello) but it's a damn good game.
    • inFamous First Light: Awesome little game. Spend two days straight finishing this game and completing the challenges.
    • Tearaway Unfolded: One of the jolliest game I ever played.
    • Gravity Rush Remastered: It's not perfect, but a very solid foundation for a wonderful series.
    • Uncharted 4: I have said a lot of great things about this game in this forum. Straight up 10/10.
    • Bloodborne: I unfortunately didn't finish it, but only because the theme of the game is not really my thing. It's the game I wanted after I stopped playing DS2. Can't get enough thrills from the attacking enemies gets some of your health back mechanic, one of my favorite mechanics in this game generation.
    • Uncharted Collection and TLOU remastered: solid remasters of top notch games. I do wish the Uncharted Collection had the multiplayer modes.
    • The Last Guardian: So many emotions, equally good and bad. What a trip. I need to replay this someday.
    • Gravity Rush 2: A light years leap from the predecessor. This is probably in my top 10 favorite games ever. The final act of this game is absolutely astounding.
    • LittleBigPlanet 3: Decent.
    • Uncharted The Lost Legacy: A smaller scale adventure that pushes some ideas from U4 into bigger, more realized things. Easily up there with the best of the franchise.
    • GT Sport: It grows as it goes on to be bigger and better. This is what I want future GT games to be: more focused, and more deliberate.
    • Persona 5: The first JRPG I played that I can fully get behind, gameplay wise. 100+ hours spent, none wasted.
    • The Order 1886: Got it from PS Plus, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Boring game to play. Fantastic graphics though.
    • Shadow of the Colossus Remake: It's my first time playing it, and man it was great climbing up them big boys. Not nearly as impactful as TLG for me, but has it's own unique qualities.
    • God of War: Ambitious, impactful, and wildly celebrated. Another game I want to replay.
    • Killzone Shadow Fall: it's alright, nothing too special. The first few levels were the best part. Nowhere near KZ2.
    • Days Gone: Has huge flaws, but ultimately it was a journey worth the hassle. It's the ultimate swimming in sevens game.

    Also this is not a exclusive anymore, but I also played Yakuza 0. I really enjoyed the first five hours, but it slowly gone down after that. Not my cup of tea, sadly.

    Overall, I would give it a strong 9 to a light 10. It was a gallery of amazing games held back by a few unfatal missteps. Also, third party games has been quite on point this gen. Ace Combat 7, DMC V, Sekiro, RDR II,

    There might be some that I missed because I'm only looking at my physical library right now (could be some digital only stuff or something). If there is, I update it below this text.

    • Ratchet and Clank: Had loads of fun playing this game. I was very disappointed with the story and presentation though, nowhere near the charm of the original game. 3.5 stars was the right score for this.
    • WipEout Omega Collection: I never played the WipEout games in this collection so it's like three new games for me. Currently on the 2048 campaign, it's so fun. I always adored futuristic racing games and this is a big bucket load of 'em.
    • Horizon Zero Dawn: Fighting against the machine creatures here is so satisfying. By the end of this game I truly felt like I know how to fight each enemy type, and that is due to hours and hours of encounters. Makes me feel like a master hunter or something. The lore of the world is fantastic too, it's worth playing through the story just for those parts.
    • Tetris Effect: I already cried a bit during the first few levels of the single player mode because of how beautiful and mesmerizing it is. I'll say it's a winner.
    • Entwined: The main gameplay loop is alright, but exploring the beautiful areas after beating each level is pretty satisfying for me.
    • Bound: Shattered Kingdom: I quit it after the first hour, didn't vibe with me at all.
    • PaRappa The Rapper Remastered: I love this. Never played the original game. Had a blast getting the platinum and finishing the game.
    • Spider-Man: Best superhero game ever.
    • Driveclub: The only thing I didn't like about this was the mandatory 30 FPS limit. RIP.

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  • If we are talking about the games that are true exclusives and produced by Sony's studios, then I honestly don't like them a lot myself and I'm not interested at all in some, for example Uncharted, Days Gone, it seems like they found a succesful formula that now goes in to all their games and it's not my cup of tea.

    Overall though I think it is really good, while I don't like what the biggest games are doing I think there's a lot of interesting stuff coming out, most of it to PS4 and I have never wanted for stuff to play on the PS4 and most would be able to find something they like, just have to look for it.

  • It says PS4 library. I would assume everything counts even if OP only listed exclusives

  • Not interesting enough to leave my backlog.

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    @dmcmaster If we're going with non-exclusive, this. My list is almost pushing 400 at this point.

  • If we are talking about exclusives only, the only Sony exclusive that I think I have is Bloodborne, which is one of my favorites. The only other available exclusive I have hardly any interest in is Shadow of the Colossus, which I might pick up at some point. I am also highly anticipating Death Stranding.

    Looking over my entire PlayStation library however, I think highly of many titles. In fact, this might be one of my favorite gaming generations. Not only were there many strong new IP's like Hollow Knight, Enter the Gungeon, Rain World, Darkest Dungeon, and Sekiro, but also strong additions to continuing series such as Dark Souls III (strongest in the trilogy), MGSV, RE2 Remake, Doom, and Hotline Miami 2. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was fantastic and hit all the right notes. Although they had some issues for me, I thought Resident Evil 7 and Little Nightmares offered interesting, unique experiences that I will remember. And for older releases, there is a huge catalog. I can play Resident Evil Remake and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the same machine. I've discovered old releases I have never heard of before like Prehistoric Isle 2 and The Ninja Warriors.

    Having no other current-gen consoles and a PC that is not built for gaming, my PlayStation 4 has kept me very happy.

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    General opinions and a few rando games.

    I personally think this generation has been incredible for every platform, but PS4 in particular. We've had franchises return to form after big missteps last gen (Ace Combat, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, etc) and tons of amazing advances and experiences overall.

    Now for some exclusives just going to look at my shelf and pick stuff at random.

    God of War: Probably the most moved I've been by a game in my entire life. Having a son around this game's release really helped it transcend the boundaries of videogames for me. As a long time Stan of the series, I can't imagine how they could have possibly done a better job.

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Pretty awesome with some flaws. Fantastic combat vs machines but godawful combat vs human enemies. A fantastic story with an incredible twist and magnificently presented lore, surrounded by horribly boring characters, especially Aloy.

    Uncharted 4
    Peak linear action adventure cover shooter. Naughty Dog are really masters of the craft. Most action movies of today could learn a few things from Uncharted about how to craft a set piece.

    Gran Turismo
    GG on taking one of the most lacklustre launches of the generation and turning it into the best simcade racer on the market. Also GG Canada on winning the FIA championship.

    Among the best superhero games ever created. Can get a little repetitive but when simply swinging around the city is so damn fun you almost don't notice that this is the 476th time you've stopped a jewelry store robbery.

    The Last Guardian
    Similarly to God of War, I bought this game around the time my wife and I got our dog, so seeing how accurately they had captured the mannerisms of a loyal pet was very impressive. Unfortunately the broken controls really hamper the rest of the experience.

  • If nothing else Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, and 6 are all PS4 games. So, it's good.

  • Can't forget all the Yakuza games

  • Judging the console as a whole I think it has one of the best libraries of all gaming. I love the fact that right now I have every main Street Fighter game from 1 to 5 on this system. Easily some of my favorite indie games have come out on the PS4 (Helldivers, Darkest Dungeon, Galak Z, Rogue Legacy, etc.) , their first party titles have been amazing (some duds aside, i.e. The Order 1886) and I've really enjoyed messing around in PSVR.

    I also have a Switch and that's a great system as well but the PS4 is my main entertainment device and I think the PS5 will continue that tread.