Bringing hype back to the bets special! Fixing all the past problems!

  • Let me just say first that the trail of Kyle was cool, and I know it would not have happened if everything went according to plan.

    So, no stakes, no hype. Why would I be excited if Kyle is just going to weasel his way out of his punishment? Sure it is funny and all, but it takes a bit of fun out of it.

    And during the trail, Kyle said that there was a punishment that Huber didn't do! Sure it was long and drawn out and hard to remember, but he still didn't do it. Huber isn't clean of this either!

    So, the slate needs to be wiped clean. I have a suggestion for that! The rest of the Easy Allies should pick out a co-op game (probably a hard or broken one) that both Kyle and Huber have to stream to completion. This part isn't necessary, but might be good to throw in as additional punishment: Kyle and Huber would not be allowed to stream anything else until the game is finished. Whether it be Talking Syndrome or Vs. Woz.

    When they do this, the slate will be clean, and they can both put all the past issues with past bets behind them, and continue to a bright future.

    Anybody else have any suggestions if that co-op stream doesn't sound too good?

    TL;DR - Both Huber and Bosman should do a punishment together so they can put everything from past bets behind them.

  • kyle weaseled out because huber allowed it. #notguilty