You're Favorite Triple Threat Franchise (I'll explain)

  • Sup Allies,

    I thought this could be a fun discussion, What is your Favorite Triple Threat Franchise. What I mean by that is what Series/Franchise has the best Video Game/Movie or TV Show,/Book or Comic. For example for me I think Scott Pilgrim is my favorite Triple Threat. I adore the Manga, the video game is fantastic and the movie was very fun. An honorable mention would be the walking dead, I enjoyed the comics up to Vol 20 of trades (thats where I dropped off) the telltale games were pretty good and the TV show started off better good and has kinda lost its way. Since the Show is kinda lack luster and I dropped off the comics I give the nod to Scott Pilgrim.

    So what bout you all? What's your favorite?

  • Off the top of my head, it would have to be Batman.

    The Arkham games are among my favourite of all time.
    The animated series and most of the movies are awesome.
    I've got very little experience with the comics but from what I read, they're top-shelf.

    I actually can't think of another franchise where I've experienced all 3 forms of media, there's always one missing.

    Never read a Star Wars book, there's no Forgotten Realms movie/TV show (you hear that Netflix?), I didn't play any Game of Thrones game...

  • Propably Spider-Man. I've been reading his comics over 20 years, I think last year's PS4 Spidey is simply brilliant, and the 1994 animation series remains my favourite.

    And I can even turn this into "Fatal 4-Way" and add, for example, 2004's Spider-Man 2 with Tobey.

  • Now that there have been some good comic book games/movies I think those are the ripest for the picking when it comes to Triple Threat. It's hard to think of series that really do all three well.

  • Used to love Dot Hack. Now I love Pokémon.

  • @mbun Pokemon have any books/comics? I wouldnt be surprised but now that I think about it I dont really recall Pokemon having a Manga right, am I crazy?

  • @themarcv You're not just crazy. You're an absolute madman.

  • @mbun haha, course I looked it up right after I replied. Have you read any of those? I'm not Manga expert by any stretch but I've never seen these in the wild.

  • Ghost in the Shell all the way. I think the magna and anime(s) already have a well understood reputations, but the GITS games on the PS1 & PS2 deserve more nods as fun little gems. Great time to be had for the superfan who wants to experience everything, even if the anime franchise is clearly the apex.

    My non-answers that don't qualify because I like 2-out-of-3 and haven't experienced the 3rd: Star Wars & James Bond 007 are both good film+game franchises in my book, haven't read any of their printed works. Lord of the Rings has great books and films, but I haven't played any of the games.

    After that, I basically got nothing. Castlevania needs a comic book -- maybe it already has one? Turok needs a movie. Doom has all 3, but the comic and movie are cheesy-fun at best so it's not going to be anyone's "Triple Threat". It is interesting though how Doom has garnered a distinct cultural relevancy/cultural memory in those two mediums despite that.

  • @chocobop Nice, I never really got into Ghost in the Shell, I should look into more.

    It's kinda hard to think of good Tripe Threats and why I thought it'd be fun to pick peoples brain. I often can think of a series that does two of the three well but often there isnt a print version or one of the three is lacking in quality.

  • @themarcv I've read some of the Clefairy ones, which are absolutely insane and not at all what you'd think of when you think of Pokemon despite being the most popular manga based on the franchise. As a kid, I also read The Electric Tale of Pikachu. I've read some of Adventures, (or Special as it is often called in the west) but I hated it. Easily the most overrated one, because it includes edgy stuff like Pokemon slicing one another in half and Gym Leaders being secret bad guys as well as stupid shit like Zapmolcuno and an Eevee that can temporarily evolve into every evolution and back.

  • @mbun A WHOLE NEW WORLD... sorry, yeah now that you mention clefairy manga it's oddly ringing a bell, weird.