Watch Dogs Legion

  • Ubisoft delivers! What an insane showing of Watch Dogs Legion, this game rose straight to the struggle of the top place of my list. Every NPC is playable, you can recruit whoever you want from the streets of London. I just watched this in awe.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    A bit sadly, though, WD Legion wont arrive this year, as the release date is March 6th, 2020.

  • WD2 was amazing. That alone would sell me on this game, but everything they showed was brilliant. The highest hype factor for me is London as a open world, it just feels so different compared to the american cities that most open world games are set in. Next year's already packed with cool games, and this is easily one of the most exciting ones to me.

  • That impressed me, but I really wonder how they're actually doing this.

    There can't be an infinity of unique characters, so something's gotta give. Either they're procedurally generated from templates, meaning there will be repetition at some point and the writing can't be as specific as we saw in the demo, or they're all handcrafted and must respawn after some time, which defeats the permadeath's purpose. Or they figured out something I can't think of. I'm very curious!

    Either way, I'm very intrigued, and I love the vibes. Haven't played the other Watch Dogs but this could be my jumping point. Comes out 3 days after FF7 Remake though...

  • I'm just watching the Ubi conference, I have never played Watchdogs, but I just want to see more of Helen.

  • I think Helen can get a few spin offs.
    Also I think the Gold/Ultimate version of Watch Dogs 2 is like $20-$25 on PSN/XBL atm

  • @dmcmaster Wait for sale. I got it for 15.
    Never buy Ubi games unless they are 75% off. Don't worry, they are about half of the year.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Standard is $15, version with season pass is $25

  • @dmcmaster Yeah bitch I know. I got Gold edition for that much.

  • Wow, what a fantastic showing for Watch Dogs. Before they showed this I was really hoping for a complete non lethal Watch Dogs game. Although we aren't getting that what we are getting is better IMO. My main issue with the gunplay in WD2 is that it narrative-wise just didn't work. You play as young hackers that want to expose the injustice of this tech ran world, didn't make sense to do so by killing a bunch of innocence security guards, making you just as bad if not worse then the 'bad guys' and mostly just didn't fit the character you were playing. With this new system the different characters work better for doing different objectives. Makes sense Ex-Spy would be ok killing people and what not.

    I hope they have some other non common type of characters like Helen. Maybe some heavier set characters, person in a wheelchair or something could be really cool.

  • This game is insane

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  • This was a funny video for the game. Jon Glaser and Beth Dover are in it.

    Watch Dogs: Legion - Classroom 101 Trailer - E3 2019
    Youtube Video

  • I thought it looked boring, personally. And with any character playable just means there's gonna be about a dozen architypes and they'll just randomize the skin, hair and clothes.