Watch Dogs Legion

  • The more I see Ubi games getting not so great scores the more I become happy.

  • So I've put about 6ish hours into it, and I'm kinda mixed on it. The best way I can describe it right now is flavorless gum.

  • I basically don't bat an eye at these Ubisoft open world grindy games, but something about this game looks fun to me. I watched the GameSpot review and they spoke about the optimistic, yet bleak, storyline and that seems interesting. I have no strong expectations for Ubisoft story payoffs so I can get behind a strong story theme without the minute to minute character development that other games would have.

    I don't know ... like, I think the hacking looks dumb and boring. So I obviously don't want to do that. But... yeah... I can't figure it out but something seems different and I'm intrigued. For starters, the radio host conversations seems to be really well written. Maybe I think the overall world of dystopia London is better than, say, empty Egypt in AC:O?

    For the record, I got Watch Dogs 2 free with my GPU in like 2016 and I didn't download it and the code expired, that's how little I normally care for these games.

  • I personally thought that Egypt was one of the best respresentations of a real place in the entire AC series.

  • @dipset
    Watchdogs 2 isn't that bad, certainly a marked improvement over the first game, even if some of the dialog and jokes were cringey and outdated when the game came out.

    That said Watchdogs 2 at least had personality, like I could tell where I was based on a quick glance at the surrounding buildings. Legion however feels like I'm passing by the same handful of buildings, or in one instance I swear Piccadilly was repeated 4 different times. Also as cool as the whole recruit anyone thing is, I feel like it's just going to hurt the game as I go further into it's story. Which weirdly means the 3 DLC might be the better way to experience Legion (the Aiden Pierce, Wrench and Assassin's Creed DLC)

  • @dmcmaster

    I guess that's why playing it is different than watching the video review because you can't tell everything looks the same in the review and that would annoy the hell out of me.


    For my taste, I watched Damiani play it on EZA Plays and it looked a bit... empty. Again, it might play different than just watching it.

  • @dipset I mean, I'm not sure what you are expecting from a game set in a desert.
    I personally just thought it was very well realized. Lots of little secrets hidden throughout, Easter eggs, and overall thoughtful design in every area of the game. I'm playing Odyssey right now and don't find Ancient Greece nearly as immersive or engrossing.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I was expecting to go hunting mummies like Brendan Fraiser

  • @dmcmaster No, we need Konami to reboot that one

    alt text

  • opens eBay

  • It does look great
    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo Wow I'm the opposite. Egypt really did nothing for me but Greece was wonderful.

  • @capnbobamous Yeah I've heard that. I'm apparently in a minority on this.
    I'm 20 hours into Odyssey and I haven't encountered the same magic I got playing Origins. This might have something to do with the fact that I give negative fucks about the naval stuff. Like literally miss me with anything involving a boat.

  • Update: the patch didn't help me. However switching to DirectX 11 did help. No ray-tracing of course, but 1440p 60 FPS is on high is a lock.

  • Quick thoughts, was going to do more with the video but the audio of my gameplay was like tripled for some reason (although I think I know why)
    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo Not to derail the thread, but I am just much more interested in Greek history than Egyptian. Also I love the naval stuff so that could be part of it.

  • Watch Dogs: Legion was much shorter than I expected, but just as fun & playful as I expected. DirectX 12 performance problems are serious, but DirectX 11 works fine, so if ray tracing isn't for you, it's totally worth $15 (Ubisoft+ price).

    P.S. My final team, lead in the center:
    0_1604251488838_Watch Dogs Legion 01.11.jpg

  • @ffff0
    Ubisoft +?

  • @dmcmaster It's Ubisoft subscription service. $15/month - full access to their catalog (including DLCs). Formerly known as Uplay+.

  • Just listened to Huber's opinion on this game on the latest Frame Trap, and man it really sucked out the hype I have left for this game. It just seems to be lacking in parts that WD2 excelled at, and it doesn't have enough other cool things to compensate. I might just buy WD2 again on the PS4 and replay that instead, that game gets discounted so often that it's kinda ridiculous I haven't bought it yet.