Watch Dogs Legion

  • Update: the patch didn't help me. However switching to DirectX 11 did help. No ray-tracing of course, but 1440p 60 FPS is on high is a lock.

  • Quick thoughts, was going to do more with the video but the audio of my gameplay was like tripled for some reason (although I think I know why)
    Youtube Video

  • @el-shmiablo Not to derail the thread, but I am just much more interested in Greek history than Egyptian. Also I love the naval stuff so that could be part of it.

  • Watch Dogs: Legion was much shorter than I expected, but just as fun & playful as I expected. DirectX 12 performance problems are serious, but DirectX 11 works fine, so if ray tracing isn't for you, it's totally worth $15 (Ubisoft+ price).

    P.S. My final team, lead in the center:
    0_1604251488838_Watch Dogs Legion 01.11.jpg

  • @ffff0
    Ubisoft +?

  • @dmcmaster It's Ubisoft subscription service. $15/month - full access to their catalog (including DLCs). Formerly known as Uplay+.

  • Just listened to Huber's opinion on this game on the latest Frame Trap, and man it really sucked out the hype I have left for this game. It just seems to be lacking in parts that WD2 excelled at, and it doesn't have enough other cool things to compensate. I might just buy WD2 again on the PS4 and replay that instead, that game gets discounted so often that it's kinda ridiculous I haven't bought it yet.

  • @bam541
    Honestly I'd say wait till you see the ultimate edition of Legion on sale for under around $30. At least that way you get the game, it's DLC and apparently a remastered version of Watchdogs 1?(maybe, just saw Watchdogs complete edition get rated for PS5)

  • The Black Friday sales are here on the EU PSN, and Legion is 35% off! It's crazy to see such a price drop only 3 weeks after launch, I don't understand why Ubisoft discount their games so much so quickly. A 10-15% discount would have been more reasonable.

    People will just learn to never buy their games at launch, it's a weird strategy.

  • Got it cheaper thru Amazon thru pre order guarantee, apparently it dropped to $25 at some point.

    That said I'm not touching the game again till the DLC is out, and on sale