Watch Dogs Legion

  • Totally unnecessary, but very neat.

  • Watch Dogs Legion now has a release date, October 29th. I honestly had marked this for next March, maybe, but cool!

    Watch Dogs: Legion: Gameplay Overview Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • I'm still worried about how the story stuff and recruit everyone mechanic will turn out, but I'm so down for this. I feel like this and Cyberpunk will satiate my dystopian future cravings in very different ways.

    Also, the short movie is pretty sick.
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  • It will be hard to care about characters.

  • I'm pretty excited by the potential of this one. It's super ambitious and I just hope they pull it off.

    Curious about the way the story will unfold, hopefully it's not just an initial setup followed by 60 hours of generic missions, then an ending sequence to wrap things up.

    But the gameplay shown today was promising, I love the very different playstyles on offer.

    And I think the idea is that you will care about the characters because they're your characters, just like you care for your soldiers in XCOM or your squad in Football Manager. It's a different method of characterization, it requires you to fill in the blanks and write your own stories in your head, but it can be very powerful when one of them dies or disappears in any way.

  • @axel

    I didn't play those games but even their death can be bad, it's not possible to care them as much as focused protagonist. Also, in gameplay videos characters looked like they are just there as tools.

  • @scotty The way I imagine it, you will run around London and sometimes see an NPC that catches your eye, because they look funny, badass, or whatever. So you will choose to recruit them, that decision alone makes you involved in them.

    You assemble your team, your army, and then you pick who does which mission, etc. So if they level up, get new abilities every time you play as them (I'm not sure they have any sort of progression system), you will get even more attached to them.

    Then if something bad happens to them, you'll probably care.

    At least that's the hope on paper, no idea if it'll be effective in practice. And yeah, it's definitely going to be a very different type of emotional involvement from something like The Last of Us, but I think it's worth a shot.

  • @axel

    Of course, you will care about the lost of progression but this will further stress the tools with abilities thing.

  • @scotty Yeah I get what you mean, I think it will be a bit of both, you'll get attached to their "skills" and XP, but also to who they are, even if it's just that you like their looks or name, assuming that they will all have different personalities. But of course none of them will be handcrafted characters.

  • Still very much looking forward to this one and I like the late Oct date. Like Axel mentioned I personally will be able to care about the characters cuz I RP when I play games, I can easily fill in the blanks and make the random characters my own. This also greatly helps the narrative note these games kinda miss. In Watchdogs 2 the tone was much more light hearted making it feel wrong to go guns blazing, now if my NPC is a assassin it makes sense they would be killing people. Think the game is looking pretty cool, i've gladly added it to my list.

  • I'm looking forward to this game more and more. The gameplay from yesterday really gives it a Hitman vibe which I love.

    I cannot wait to walk around London.

  • Just finished watching Brandon's latest impressions of the game, it seems to be very much in line with what I would have expected after seeing the gameplay. Sneaking in an area with the right disguise reminds me so much of Hitman, that might be my preferred approach for this game. I do like that the game has crazier options, like a literal old school James Bond-style spy complete with a car packed with guns. The first thing I'm gonna do is recruit people that look like my IRL friends, lol.

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  • Reviews are out, it's currently 74 on Opencritic. It seems that the narrative suffers a bit because there's lots of small stories going on that didn't really mesh well together, and the missions can get repetitive. A lot of people liked the play anyone mechanic and the political tone of the game, which is nice. Looks like this'll be a "wait for sale" for me.

  • Yesterday I've spend nearly 2 hours trying to find optimal graphical settings, because FPS was really bad even on medium settings. What made it even more puzzling is that lowering resolution and even disabling ray-tracing had no effect at all. The game kept telling me it's a CPU bottleneck, but I didn't believe it because I'm using AMD 3700X which is officially recommended for 4K ultra with Ray-tracing.

    Well, turns out I need to stop thinking that I'm smarter than software, because apparently many others have the same problem with CPU performance and it should be addressed in today's patch. We'll see how it goes.

    P.S. The game is more than playable with 30fps lock (although it's not perfect), so I plan to keep playing even if the patch will be delayed. So far it's exactly what I wanted it to be.

  • For a company that keeps regurgitating the same template for the last 10 years or so, one would expect their games would at least run great.

  • @phbz I believe it's the first Ubisoft game with ray-tracing support and the first game for next-gen consoles. It must be a significant update for the engine, so performance issues are understandable. Disappointing, but understandable.

    Also even though the game crashed two times during my 5 hour session, I haven't seen any significant issues that can't be fixed with a patch (like problems with AI, physics, world-streaming, interactions, etc.). So I'm sure this game will be in good shape soon.

  • The more I see Ubi games getting not so great scores the more I become happy.

  • So I've put about 6ish hours into it, and I'm kinda mixed on it. The best way I can describe it right now is flavorless gum.

  • I basically don't bat an eye at these Ubisoft open world grindy games, but something about this game looks fun to me. I watched the GameSpot review and they spoke about the optimistic, yet bleak, storyline and that seems interesting. I have no strong expectations for Ubisoft story payoffs so I can get behind a strong story theme without the minute to minute character development that other games would have.

    I don't know ... like, I think the hacking looks dumb and boring. So I obviously don't want to do that. But... yeah... I can't figure it out but something seems different and I'm intrigued. For starters, the radio host conversations seems to be really well written. Maybe I think the overall world of dystopia London is better than, say, empty Egypt in AC:O?

    For the record, I got Watch Dogs 2 free with my GPU in like 2016 and I didn't download it and the code expired, that's how little I normally care for these games.

  • Banned

    I personally thought that Egypt was one of the best respresentations of a real place in the entire AC series.