I was left cold with Uncharted 4. Am I the only one?

  • I just finished up U4, and I just wasn't in to it.

    First off, I didn't play the first three, and I'm sure that has an impact on how I felt about the story, but it was more than that, I think.

    I played The Last of Us when it was released a few years ago, and really enjoyed it. To me, it had the perfect balance between cinematics and gameplay. I never felt like too much control was taken away from me. The story was engaging, and there was enough nuance to the gameplay to keep me on my toes and challenged.

    I came from that game expecting U4 to have all that, and a whole lot more. What U4 did have was the most unbelievable visuals I've ever seen in a game. I love those moments when you feel like you've truly witnessed a leap in technology, and U4 delivered that in spades. But the game itself left me feeling like I wasn't ever in control of that beautiful world.

    My first gripe is with the very simple gameplay. The climbing, while fully functional, was ultra basic. I wanted to use those simple controls to find optional hidden caves or have challenging encounters with Nadine's armies or even an optional, but very tricky puzzle, but these things never happened. The basic controls just lead you through a very narrow path. At first glance. the levels look open and explorable, but they're really just cleverly designed to look that way.

    I enjoyed the gunplay, but these were few and far between. Not only that, most were finished within a couple of minutes. The stealth felt less intense than TLOU due to the fact that you'll always be able to blast your way through if you do get seen. In TLOU, there were real stakes, and you definitely didn't want to alert the clickers.

    Probably the most immersion-breaking segments in the game were the "mash triangle to do something" moments. I really dislike these. I know they're added to keep you involved with the cinematics, but it comes off as a Dragon's Lair/Sega CD type-trick that feels kind of lazy, and really does nothing but to take me out of the game, funny enough.

    I won't go in to the story as I don't think I'm in a proper place to comment on it. It seems like everyone that's familiar with the Uncharted series is happy with it, so my opinion on it doesn't really matter. The voice acting was top notch though.

    The long and short of it is that I felt that Uncharted 4 was very slim on gameplay. It's a good example of style over substance. I really wish I didn't feel this way, so I could once again dive head first in to that beautiful world, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I don't want to climb anymore.

    Do any of these complains resonate with any of you? Am I on my own little island here?

  • I would argue that you not playing the first three games definitely impacted your experience.

  • Maybe you were just expecting a different kind of game?

    I loved Uncharted 4. It's not an open world game. It's not stealth game about "perfect" runs. It's not an RPG. It's not about pixel accurate platforming or Portal style puzzle solving. It's just a rip-roaring adventure that leads you through a succession of amazing locations and action set pieces all held together by best in class storytelling and character work. Naughty Dog wants to put you in the shoes of this accomplished adventurer, not dare you to overcome nearly impossible odds.

    But the best thing about Uncharted 4 is it's also about archaeology in a way the games never were before. Exploring the three different homes in three different time periods, in addition Libertalia itself, you get this amazing chance to piece together the history of the families from the artifacts you discover there. In a game with some of the biggest, craziest action sequences ever, those quiet moments poking around still stand out in my mind.

  • @Brad-Grenz said in I was left cold with Uncharted 4. Am I the only one?:

    Maybe you were just expecting a different kind of game?

    I think that was a big part of it. I had just come off of Dark Souls 3, and wasn't ready for the sit-back-and-relax style of gameplay that U4 presented.

  • Nah, I agree with what you're saying. That's how I felt about it too. It's an amazing playable movie pretty much, but if you really judge it as a game mechanically, the single player is nothing special at all. It's a little frustrating to know it'll be people's GOTY, see it get perfect scores, etc. Pretty much just a casual game for people who are really into movies, easy for anyone to play. Kinda sad that this is the kind of product that's more well received today, rather than games that challenge the player, make them think and problem solve, teach them skills to learn and perfect. Multiplayer is pretty rad though. Somehow that clicked right and made excellent usage of the systems established in the single player adventure.

  • I stopped reading after you stated you haven't played the first three games , why? This the 4th game in a series that is very story focused and 4 is as Huber would put it the culmination of the series , it's like you watched Return of The Jedi without seeing A New Hope and ESB you won't have the emotinal attachment to the characters or their struggles nor will you appreciate the evolution of the series , i recommend you play the Nathan Drake Collection I'm pretty sure you can find cheap now , play it and then come back to 4 again.

  • @Waleed_WSF88 I think that the game's ability to be enjoyed by the newer audience and the fans of the franchise is a very important factor of a quality of a game. Also, if you would continue reading, you would see that all complaints he had was about gameplay. I cannot speak for the quality of the franchise myself though, as I haven't played any Uncharted game, but I understand why it frustrated him.
    @matteroffact maybe the game just wasn't up your alley. Nothing wrong with that. Although it's a bad comparison, I couldn't bring myself to like the Witness, even though it was extremely well accepted.

  • I probably enjoyed UC2 the most, I went into UC4 not expecting much cause it's pretty clear by now the gameplay wasn't going to evolve all that much and the puzzles have been less and less as the series went on to begin with.

    Spoiler But my biggest gripe was the story, Nadine was more of a villain than Rafe and yet you see so little of her, you don't even know what happens to her at the end, and Nathan's brother added pretty much nothing to the story, not to mention there's still that gap in the story when Nathan first gets into his "Profession", you find out how he meets sully in UC3 but you don't really find out why Nathan and his brother were split up by then. And other than the lie he told Nathan to get him involved everything that comes afterwards falls flat for me.

    But I did really dig the environments and stuff you discover, I've always been a sucker for the pirate theme. But yeah, I'd have been more happy with a TloU sequel than another UC, but UC needed an ending, maybe it would've been better if they hadn't run into so many staffing issues.

  • It's interesting to see how a new player thinks of the game, jumping right into Uncharted 4. I personally love Uncharted 2 the best. I always come into Uncharted, not so much for the gameplay, but for the atmosphere of being an explorer with occasional fights in between. The platforming doesn't bother me (it's kind of like Tomb Raider, you basically know where you need to go).

    I'm sorry you didn't get the experience you were looking for. I find that if I was playing a certain genre of a game, say an intense game, and went to the Uncharted series thinking I would get something like TLoU, then I can see where you're coming from. It's not at all as intense as TLoU.

    The thing that really made me enjoy Uncharted 4 was the pirates story. I kept looking at every detail around a room, trying to find journal entries, basking in the minute details of every note you find on a dead body or at a library full of books and hidden drawers. It was a great adventure to be had and a great conclusion to the series. I can't wait to see what they do next.

    Sometimes, I don't need every game I play to be too challenging. I'm going to miss Uncharted a lot.

  • No. To me, it has the same problems as all the other Uncharted games.

    -> Wonky shooting with bland guns
    -> Easy climb-sections take up 60% of the game. Not very engaging gameplay imo since it's hard to fail at these things.
    -> Boring enemies, "meh" melee combat.
    -> A story akin to Indiana Jones only with less interesting characters and a boring villain.
    -> Easy puzzles

    What I did like:
    -> Shiny graphics
    -> Some of the chase-sequences


    To me, it's better than uncharted 2, but that's only due to this game not having such an annoying final boss nor does it have the same BS-enemy hordes. Seriously, I can't stress enough how annoying and shitty the final boss of Uncharted 2. If it didn't have that, it would the best game in the series without question.

    It's an 8 out of 10. Fun while it lasts, but doesn't leave any impact nor want for a sequel.

    (Just my opinion, if you adore these games: good on you)