Do you play mobile games

  • And if so, what kind of phone/tablet based games catch your interest.

    Asides from some of the usual ports like Pacman, Tetris, and also Flappy Bird. The only mobile game I really got into was Fallout Shelter; for some time around its release. Play it a bit recently and like the addition of quests. Although it feels like too much of a chore clicking all 50+ rooms for resources every minute. And watching me struggle to regain a resource surplus (particularity electricity) after attacks.

  • I play a bit of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes with the EZA guild and Pokemon Go, There was a few others I played but after I switched from Apple to android either those games don't exist on the Google play store or they don't function as well as they used to.

  • I use mobile for social media and watching videos rather than playing games, as it gives ne enough to do while away from home, and when I get back I'll just play on PC. Pokemon go seems like a great game/app but I don't feel compelled to even play that.

  • Brandon's talk about Galaxy of Heroes got me to start playing it. It helped that I just got a new phone too. I've been checking out a few other games. I still have a bunch of games that I got when I first got a smartphone like Ninja Village and Zenonia. I've put a few other games like Hitman GO and Sorcery on my wishlist hoping they'll go on sale eventually.

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    I have never been a big fan of mobile games, however through out the years there have been a few games that I played for a few months here and there.

    Now however its only Pokémon GO for me on mobile, nothing else

  • I don't have a mobile device so if it's not on PC, console or handheld, I will never play it.

  • I go through the match 3 games out there, just as a time killer. Also, of course, some Pokemon Go, because it's amusing. I don't spend money on anything mobile, however.

    I have done some emulation on mobile, but in the end I always go back to my consoles. They're just easier to deal with.

    How do you guys deal with battery drain when playing mobile games? It's probably what keeps me from playing them more, because I need my phone to be a phone most of the day.

  • Besides the obvious Pokemon Go, I also play a lot of Fallout Shelter now, since that recent update with adding quests made it very cool for me again.

    I also play a lot of Fighting Fantasy games, which are basically the you-are-the-hero books compressed into a videogame version. The Sorcery series from Inkle is a recommendation if you like that sort of games.

  • I used to play quite a bit, mostly on the bus to school, but not so much recently. Aside from the time killer games like Angry Birds, I was really into a Lord of the Rings strategy game for awhile. The faction I joined randomly on day one ended up becoming one of the top in the world. I also played Clash of Clans for a bit

  • Back when I had a 1st gen iPod Touch in Grade 9, 2008, I jailbroke my iPod and got the community games before iOS 2.0 which had the App Store. So I'd play Tap Tap and a few others which let you play with songs from your own library which was cool. The iOS 2.0 released and Tap Tap went legit and they were licensed songs and such. That's about it. Once I got an actual iPhone, I never wanted to kill my phone battery by playing sub-par games. I ONLY played Robot Unicorn Attack.

    Never really liked mobile phone games (besides Snake obvs).

  • Used to play Doctor Who Legacy and Run Sackboy Run, but now the only thing I'm still playing regularly is Pokemon Shuffle. Plants vs. Zombies is always a safe throwback for me, though. I've put more hours into that game more than any other mobile game.

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    Pokemon Go I guess, like everyone else. Other than that, nope. Played a couple when I was in high school and had nothing to do in class/on the buss, games like flappy bird.

  • I play the Ace Attorney trilogy on my phone if that counts.

  • Chaos Rings was about it.

  • Marvel Future Fight, Injustice, FF Bravius Xite Bike Revengendemption whatever it's called.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Could you add me so I can join that elusive guild? hahaha Brandon is too busy to add anyone and the game doesn't have a "Find Guild" option! Dammit!

    My id is 256-895-155

  • @elamhut said in Do you play mobile games:

    @ZyloWolfBane Could you add me so I can join that elusive guild? hahaha Brandon is too busy to add anyone and the game doesn't have a "Find Guild" option! Dammit!

    My id is 256-895-155

    I believe the guild is full at the moment actually (Not that I have the ability to add anyone), but there's a plan to remove anyone who's been inactive for 10 days or so.

  • I only really play 'premium' mobile games like Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Framed, Threes, Monument Valey, etc.

  • My phone can barely handle Facebook. Actually it can't handle Facebook, I have to go on the website version. Needless to say Mobile gaming isn't something I've ever been involved with. The thing is, I pay less than half of what people would be paying monthly for a phone that could handle all the apps and stuff, so even though i would very much like to play stuff like Pokemon Go the fact that I'd be paying double my monthly costs basically turns the phrase "Mobile Gaming" into a subscription based game.

    Though, if my phone dies in the near future (it's a 6 year old iPhone 4 so you know it's like 4000 in phone years), my god am I jumping on the Pokemon GO train like there's no tomorrow.

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    Right now my go to is "Final Fantasy: Mobius" before it was just Hearthstone.