Do you play mobile games

  • My phone can barely handle Facebook. Actually it can't handle Facebook, I have to go on the website version. Needless to say Mobile gaming isn't something I've ever been involved with. The thing is, I pay less than half of what people would be paying monthly for a phone that could handle all the apps and stuff, so even though i would very much like to play stuff like Pokemon Go the fact that I'd be paying double my monthly costs basically turns the phrase "Mobile Gaming" into a subscription based game.

    Though, if my phone dies in the near future (it's a 6 year old iPhone 4 so you know it's like 4000 in phone years), my god am I jumping on the Pokemon GO train like there's no tomorrow.

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    Right now my go to is "Final Fantasy: Mobius" before it was just Hearthstone.

  • Pathfinder on tablet is... Okay

  • @Swordfish00830 said in Do you play mobile games:

    Right now my go to is "Final Fantasy: Mobius" before it was just Hearthstone.

    God, even though I'm 100% on both acts I can't stop playing that game.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I'd love to join the guild as well! Maybe we could start a waiting list or something?

  • Started playing the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes thanks to Brandon Go. Never really had an interest in mobile games, but he sold me on it. Actually not bad fun

  • I tend to play the odd game. Usually just the easy stuff at the start then get bored and move on. I'd recommend Monument Valley, Cogs any other slow paced game. I just can't do anything that uses an on screen direction stick/pad

  • I play the mobile version of Sonic CD on occasion but that's about it

  • @Mr-M
    While financially your decision makes sense, I don't know how you manage to stick with the iPhone 4 that long. Smartphones aren't really build to last more than 2 years. By then, apps just don't work as smoothly. And software issues start occurring.

    My iPhone 4S was falling apart (on button was also busted) and Apple didn't want to fix it. So I had to upgrade to a Galaxy 4. Then 2 1/2 years later, I was growing in greater need for a new phone. So I got the LG G5 back in May, and its light years ahead of the Galaxy 4 in speed and features. So I can only imagine that an iPhone 4 is just good enough for texting and calling.

  • ive been playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius a lot.

  • @-Jak-
    It's really not super bad, most websites were built during a time where it was still alive so the safari version of things like Wiki, Facebook, Youtube and most sites that don't have some sort of fancy aspect to it work generally fine. It is, however, slow, and outside apps like messenger just barely function. It helps that I've never damaged the phone physically too :P

    One thing that absolutely wrecked me emotionally, though, was when ios 6 was dumped from iTunes support, so I couldn't sync it unless I upgraded to 7, but I couldn't do that because I didn't have enough space on the phone. Would have been manageable, but when I plugged the phone into my computer it started an auto update, crashed halfway through and lost me everything. I later salvaged my photos, but all my apps were gone.
    "But M! You just said you don't use apps!"
    Well, there were some apps that I did use before, but they were pulled from the Apple store or upgraded to versions for ios8 or above. I had a manga app that downloaded chapters of everything I wanted so I could read them offline, but that was technically illegal according to Apple so the new watered down version was all that was left, and it was now incompatible.
    I also had a whole bunch of card game simulator apps, the usual crap like Solitaire was in there, but some really obscure games like Scopa were completely lost. Sadness I tell you, sadness.

  • I've tried a few times with things like Terra Battle, Triple Triad and Kingdom Hearts, but I just dislike touch controls. Dislike might be too weak of a word. I hate them.

  • Recently I've really been in the mood of a city simulator. Unfortunately, all the options on the mobile market I've seen are free to play. And I just don't want to consume so much time to do basic gameplay decisions. Much rather pay for something like Sim City 3000. More so since Sim City Build it doesn't automatically collect resources needed to build.

    And my options on the PC/Mac market are limited due to my old iMac. With its rather obvious incompatibility with Windows based games.

  • I play this weird car drifting game... not gonna say what it is. =3

  • I just started Pokemon GO, because there was a local competition in which one could have won a 100€ gift card to one of Finland biggest computer stores. Sadly, I didn't win that, but I casually play it, because I don't see any reason to play it seriously, as there isn't that much content innit yet.

  • My go to phone game is chess, specifically the puzzles in the Lichess app.

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  • The only one I've really spent time with is Pokemon Go.

  • I recently downloaded Reigns and I gotta say it's pretty interesting. You're always trying to balance between religion, populace, military, and money as a ruling king and you make decisions the same way you do on Tinder (of all places...), swipe left or swipe right. Certain events net you more "cards" which lead to different events occurring - some of it can get bizarre, like taking mushrooms and talking to the devil. It's good for a few short runs before going to bed.

  • @ZyloWolfBane Dammit :( I really want to join the Guild, I feel so alone playing this game! hahahahah