Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • @scotty Yeah, as a fan of the game I really think its time we at least hear about the next new character release (date,missions,etc). Honestly I think its gonna need at least a couple new heros till people might start jumping aboard if they hadn't already. The base game is fun enough but I think once the roster goes from six and gets closer to ten it becomes an easier sell. If they can actually release all the characters that are rumored I think in a years time we could see a lot of articles talking about how the game is great now after a year of new heros/villians/quest. Least that's my hope, I've enjoyed the game plenty since it launched but I'd be kidding myself if I'm not also extremely excited about what this game could become.

  • New update from the Devs...

    The bad news is seems like Kate Bishop is being delayed. However I'm really glad they sent this message out. I appreciate them letting us know what's going on, although sooner would have been better, and knowing they are still planning on supporting for a long time to come. That promise of years of support was honestly I big selling point so it's nice to hear they still plan on doing so. Just really can't wait for more heros/villians/areas to start dropping.

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    New War Table Deep Dive into adding Kate Bishop to the game. She seems pretty fun to use, I'll for sure at least go through the story stuff for it. Also tease Hawkeye's new stuff slated for early 2021 which actually looks really cool, I'm sure Jones will be pleased.

    But yeah, as a Avenger's defender I too stopped playing a while back. Really glad to finally see a new character added, really hope things can pick up and maybe turn around for this game as I really enjoyed what I played.

  • Looks like it's also 50% off at the moment, at least on the EU store, could be worth it!

  • Rough news...

    My biggest worry about this game is exactly this, the game doesn't sell well and Square-Enix stops support for it. The first part is now the reality and with loses like this I don't even know if it's in their best interest to continue to support it. I really do hope they can turn the game around as I really enjoy it and want to see them be able to support it with all the rumored characters and such. If nothing else it seems like at the very least we'll get both Hawkeyes, Spider-Man and most likely Black Panther. Maybe another PS5/Series X rerelease with all this new stuff could give it a second wind but I do feel like that will only work if word of mouth gets much better as the general impression most people have is that the game is a failure.

  • Despite how boring and unambitious Avengers looks to be, it isn't by lack of effort or talent. In theory, a game like this should've done exceptionally well like other GaS games have. I just think the problem is that developers are trying to mimic Destiny 2 when even Destiny 2 is still figuring itself out. We're in the wild west for GaS and some of them have floundered. We don't know the details of Bungie getting the rights to Destiny back but I bet it has something to do with Activision not wanting to invest in it anymore.

    This might've been Square's guinea pig with an established IP and now they are thinking twice before doing it again. I don't think they'll abandon ship though, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start looking at "money on the table" and start trying to pick it up i.e. charging for new levels and other things that would generally be free.

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    @dipset I don't think they'll charge for the characters and story content, as they went to great effort to let people know those would be free.
    I have been seeing a lot of advertisements on my FB feed for the game's in-game cosmetic store, and I don't even own the game.
    Personally I'm hoping that this game ends up like so many other GaaS games and has a renaissance in its second year.
    As it stands, I'm glad I waited as usual. I'm a big fan of capeshit and definitely want to get the game, even if just to play it and shelf it.

  • Just finished going through the main campaign stuff with Kate Bishop and I think it's a real good step in the right direction. I had a lot of fun playing as her and she's got a lot of different ways to approach things. She definitely feels really distinct from the other characters. It was also nice to have some minor touch-ups to the mission structure so that it didn't feel exactly like what we had before, although there's still room to grow in that department. And there's still the issue of enemy/location variety, but from what they've already teased of Hawkeye's story, that might be coming next. Plus, Black Panther would almost definitely be a change of pace.

    It's definitely got me back in and playing, at least for a little bit anyways. I think if they can keep the quality of DLC characters to this level, continue making gradual improvements, and be more consistent/transparent about the roadmap, it'll make people happy. Having a continuing story from character to character could also present some cool moments as everything builds up again in the wake of what happens in the main campaign. Curious to hear what other people think!

  • @jamicov Just got started messing with Kate and her story missions. So far I've really been enjoying it. My hope is that these new characters/story pieces start to bring more people into the fold, at least enough to where Square doesn't pull the plug on this game too early. So far we just know Hawkeye is next and Spider Man is coming at some point. All the rumors of Black Panther are also so strong I do believe he's coming after Clint. If those characters are as much fun as the rest of the cast and the story stuff brings in more variety the game could be in pretty good shape come mid next year. I really just want that rumored roster of like 20+ more characters to become reality, this game has a ton of protentional as well as a lot of issues but the financial news from a few weeks ago was extremely troubling. I still have hope this game can be turned around, but what can I say, I'm a true believer ; )

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    Spidey is still far ahead in the feature... And I am low-key hoing this game will come to the PS+ before year ends.