Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • Yesterday's War Table showing, 26 mins.

    Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE | Extended Gameplay
    Youtube Video

    I'll say this: the game won't propably receive any "nines". Nevertheless, I'm definitely getting this. As a Marvel fan I'm looking forward to this, the characters looks good, Hulk even great with his smashing. The customization and all the different outfits are extremely welcome, cool to see some of those from all the corners of the Marvel comic universe.

    I do think, however, that the robots seem pretty dull as enemies, but hey, I've beaten the first two Ultimate Alliances several times, even earned the platinum trophies on both. (Twice, I think.) During the stream yesterday the game looked technically pretty rough at times, like it buckled noticeably. That's a clear sign that that free update to the next-gen version will be pretty necessary to do.

  • The fact that not even the allies were into it says everything, this didn't look exciting at all.

  • @bard91 I'm not sure I agree. It absolutely looks "by the numbers" but I also think it looks fun. I also think tried and true is the best route for such a big movie franchise trying to expand into gaming. I don't know that I'll get it but as long as there is nothing game breaking and it's not too monotonous, I think it will sell really well and have a long life. If it does have one or both of those problems, I still think it'll sell well.

  • This is actually starting to look a bit better with the Gameplay overview they released today. Still not 100% sold but looks like it could be fun.
    Youtube Video

  • I'll have to watch this later with sound but I'm glad this game is slowly winning some people over. I think the beta will make or break this one, if its fun to play I think some positive word of mouth could really help this game get over the poor first impression it gave a lot of people. If the beta isn't well received those that were turned off will see that as validation of their first impressions.

    I'm personally still excited to give it a try, hoping for the best.

  • That was a pretty great idea, thanks for posting it! Other than Iron Man's slow-looking flying everything else looks really good to me. I mean I'd be happy even with "just" a new Ultimate Alliance looking like this, but this does seem to go much further, luckily.

    The beta dates from the previous IGN link:
    August 7 - PlayStation preorder beta access begins
    August 14 - Xbox and PC Preorder beta access begins, PlayStation open beta also begins
    August 21 - Open beta across all platforms begins

    One thing I'm wondering - not just with this one, but with a bunch of other games as well - is that how will that upgrade system from PS4 to PS5 work if people buy a disc version? Like I tend to do. I've been scratching my head about that whole idea. Like, the stores won't just give me a free PS5 version if I bring them my PS4 disc, right? What am I missing?

  • @sentinel-beach
    I'm guessing it will work like the cross buy games at the start of the generation where Avengers PS5 will be downloadable on your system, but you'll still need to pop the disc in.

  • @sentinel-beach Game discs are literally just base installation files and an authentication code.
    You will insert the game into your PS5 and play it.

  • Console exclusive content usually doesn't bother me, but this is pretty fucked