Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • @sentinel-beach Game discs are literally just base installation files and an authentication code.
    You will insert the game into your PS5 and play it.

  • Console exclusive content usually doesn't bother me, but this is pretty fucked

  • @capnbobamous Ye that's yucky.

  • @capnbobamous I get it, Sony owns the movie rights, not sure about game rights but I guess this isn't super surprising to me. I'd kinda hope it's only time exclusive, and I might be more upset if the other version get a different hero. More so if I like that hero.

  • @themarcv
    Sony only has movie rights, although I have a feeling this is a 4D chess move in regards to Spidey's movie rights.

  • @dmcmaster Honestly, I'm not a big spider man fan so I actually would rather not have spider man in this game. Probably more so because I think he'll play like a lesser version on his PS4 game self. I assume he'll have the same swing mechanic we saw Black Widow use and that animation is a far cry from what we got in the PS4 game.

  • I find it funny about the backlash for Spidey. There were always exclusive characters for Xbox and PS with other multiplatform titles. It's not a new thing.

  • @scotty Yeah, I mean I do understand it. Mostly cuz like you said other games have done this as well but I think what makes this a little weirder is Sony doesn't like own that character. It's one thing when Kratos is in MK or Shovel Knight because that is Sony's IP, Spider Man isn't.
    That all being said this stuff happens, if its enough for anyone to now not want to buy and play the game more power to them, let your voice be heard. I however kinda feel a lotta people weren't impressed with the game out of the gate and had written it off. This new development just gives them more justification to that stance. "See, I knew this game was garbage and was gonna screw over the fans." If I've learned anything about some of the gamer's is they love to have hot takes and then be vindicated by that hot take. Lot less of them seem more open minded to having their opinions changed. Just my two cents.

  • @themarcv

    Like you said; I bet the players who will buy this game before this news won't change their decision just because of this. The voices we heard come from the people who weren't even going to buy it. That makes it even more funnier and hard to take serious.

    @themarcv said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    I think what makes this a little weirder is Sony doesn't like own that character

    I think they kind of own it when they want to if they can make an exclusive like 2018 game. And they probably use that force again while Avengers is already promotioned mostly with PS side.

  • I think Disney is honestly just scared to upset Sony.
    Sony be like "Oh, we can't have Spidey exclusive to Playstation in the new Avengers game? Maybe we were a little hastey on letting you use Spidey in the MCU"

  • @el-shmiablo For sure, I imagine this stuff was part of the letting spider man back into the MCU. I wonder if I was a big spider-man fan but didn't bite on getting a PS4 if this and the Spider Man game would be enough to convince me. Inversely, if the tables were turned and lets just say microsoft had the movie rights to X-Men and they just announced Wolverine as exclusive to Xbox One I'd be disappointed that I wouldn't be able to play them but Id still get the game.

  • @scotty To be clear - you think there are zero people on PC or Xbox who are genuinely upset about the situation enough to affect their purchasing decision?

  • @themarcv
    I said this earlier but it is most likely a move to placate or use on them later when they eventually go back to negotiating Spider-man's film rights in 2025-2026 or whenever Spider-man's last two contractually obligated MCU movies release (Run From Home and allegedly either a Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel team up flick) I can see someone at Marvel using Spidey being a timed exclusive for The Avengers game as something to bring up in negotiations. And I will maintain that Spider-man is more then likely timed, because you know what's supposed to come out in 2021? Spider-man: Home 3 (or as I've been calling it Run From Home)

  • @dmcmaster I hope your right, time exclusives are much easier to swallow. You make a good point about timing that with the next movie release, however I do question if that movie is still on schedule with all the Covid delays with filming.

  • @themarcv
    I did say it was supposed to, assuming the Uncharted movie (which started production about a month ago) doesn't have any further delays Spider-man 3 could just barely make it into 2021's release calendar assuming it releases in Fall/Winter instead of Summer, seeing as Marvel movies seem to finishing filming in 6-9 months of shooting.

  • @miserableperson

    I think it's very small number comparing to people I described.

  • @scotty Ye. I find that a lot of the time the people complaining are just a very, very vocal minority. The Last of Us 2 for instance.

  • Playing the Beta, and it's pretty good, might even say it could be a major contender against Destiny or other similar games.

    Also hard to tell but it seems like the Endgame will revolve around the Power level which so far only seems to hit double digits, although cant say for sure until final game.

  • Started the beta before work this morning, only got past the opening level and that was fun. Kinda wish I had a little more time to spend with each hero as that level goes at light speed but I enjoyed it. Looking forward to putting in more time over the weekend.

  • Just spent 2,5 hrs with the beta, completed the story missions with Kamala and Hulk and now it said that you're welcome to try out different War Zones around the globe.

    I think this might be my Destiny. I think it will. There's no way this game's for everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised right away by the impact of Thor's hammer strikes. I mean I've said it before: I'd settle for a new Ultimate Alliance, but this goes beyond that (except for the roster size, clearly). That Chimera helicarrier will function as your base of operations and it'll be neat to see it come back to live. All those cardboard boxes and trash will move out, I expect, as the story moves forward. Most likely SHIELD personel will emerge there as well.

    The two story missions with Hulk and Kamala sparked enough something for me. Like, they're putting the band back together, that classic trope. I'm in! Little by little searching for the team mates. Now they were after JARVIS and then Tony. A few cool moments already.

    The missions/levels were full of caches that had all sorts of resources, like around ten different kinds at least. When I get my hands on the main game I'll be sure to search for every nook and cranny. Now it was all too overwhelming all at once to get a good grasp about all of those.

    Initially after the A-Day mission I thought that Cap might be my favourite (which he still could be, really liked his move sets and stance) maybe along Black Widow, but after playing more with Hulk and Kamala those two worked just fine as well. In the HARM room I got to be Iron Man and with that tutorial I appreciated him much more than on that bridge in the beginning.

    At times the action slowed down a bit which made me think about how I'll definitely move on to PS5 then with the game. And just in general this is clearly a long process, an evolving one. Never been a part of any Destiny style game, a living game so to speak, but this could very well be the one for me. It doesn't feel 10/10, or even 9/10, but there's nothing wrong with that as long as you know what you're getting into. This beta is something to try out, it'll definitely reveal the game's face to you.