Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • "Avengers assemble!"
    May 15th, 2020.

    Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019
    Youtube Video

  • I just wish they would have shown some goddamn gameplay. I'm really not expecting much more than Avengers flavoured Destiny but I at least want to see how it plays before letting my inner fanboy go wild.

  • I'm not feelin it. While I loved Spiderman, which clearly separated itself from the film universe - this is just too close to Endgame to show me janky MvC reveal level character designs, wearing MCU inspired costumes with someone else's faces on them.

  • I'm not a fan of MCU but I wasn't a big fan of the Batman films yet I love Rockstead's Arkham series.

    This just doesn't look good to me. The main thing that stands out for me is the knock off character design from the MCU. Nothing about this has its own identity. I also didn't think Insomniac Spider-Man was a very good game, but at least that game went in its own direction.

    Hot take - I don't think Crystal Dynamics is top-tier. Tomb Raider didn't feel original and now this. WOW I sound really negative and I don;t like spreading this kind of negativity so I'll say that I at least have hope for it.

  • It makes me nervous that they are talking about this like it's Destiny too. Future free DLC "raids", characters and stuff is cool - It might be good, but it might also be Anthem with Marvel skins, which I think is still something I have little to no interest in.

  • Looks like it's called Marvel's Avengers: A-Day ???

  • @iboshow I think A-Day is just referring to the Avengers Day event featured in the trailer.

  • Seems like I'm in the minority here but I thought it looked awesome. I do agree the faces of the heros was off putting at first, but I'm already getting use to them and it does remind me of PS4 Spider-Man faces which also were odd at first and now totally work for me. I wish they showed more gameplay but the few seconds here and there did look great. The core concept is very interesting to me, hopefully a full and rewarding single player campaign focused on a narrative story is aces, then having side PvE stuff sounds fantastic to me.

    I haven't really followed through with any of these games as a services (played destiny 1/2,division, anthem but never stick with them) but if any could this seems like it. There's still way too much we don't know but from what I've seen I'm in baby.

  • Apparently the gameplay they showed behind closed doors is pretty amazing.
    The guys at Layem Games even ran into some devs and told them they "fucked up" by not showing that during the presentation, and that the conversation surrounding the game would have been a lot more positive.

    I love my capeshit so I'm holding out for it. Please be good.

  • @el-shmiablo

    Huh? Reports I’ve seen say it was disappointing and the models are uncanny.

  • The gameplay is up on YouTube, not sure for how long and the only one I've heard that was disappointing so far is Black Widow

  • @dmcmaster Which I personally think is kinda dumb. Widow should be one of the most fun to play as, doing flips and using different guns n gadgets n shit.

  • The Avengers leaked footage

    I haven't even watched it yet, just sharing. Not that I 100% condone these leaks... but I'm sharing it regardless.


    I watched it. I don't think it looks bad, but I don't think it looks great either. To me, it looks like a really high budget brawler game with Marvel characters. Its definitely going to appeal to the masses but I'm not too into these kinds of games anymore. Not my cup of tea, a little disappointing, but it definitely doesn't look bad nor great.

  • I see a lot of potential in that video, but I'm also a Marvel fanboy, so there's that. Iron Man, Hulk and Widow especially seemed really cool to control and acted visually great. Cap was in a small area only and there really wasn't much Thor material at all. Would've been cool if they'd shown this, or at least 10-15 seconds of every character's gameplay if not the whole video.

  • @sentinel-beach

    I'm with you, from what I could make out from this leaked footage it looks cool. I'm also a marvel fanboy who's really looking forward to this game and I'm really not that disappointed. My only concern from what was shown is the faces were off putting at first. After watching the trailers a couple times I'm already getting use to them. Again, I'd be more worried about the faces if I didn't play Spider Man, Peter's face was also off putting but now I don't even notice it.

    Still need to learn so much more about how this game really works but I'm hyped.