Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • So I figured when doing missions with AI partners they'd still get XP, just not as much as the character your using.

    AI partners get no XP

    Also there is a Performance mode for PS4 Pro

  • I just watched Kyle's stream with Brad, Ben, and Huber. Man, watching this game gives me a headache. There's too much happening on the screen for me, reminds me of how I felt with Monster Hunter World. The UI and HUD just feels more crowded than it actually is. Not to mention the screen shakes. I also don't feel like the gameplay will scratch any kind of itch that I have right now, so I'm definitely not gonna try this game out. I hope y'all are enjoying it though.

  • That was my hang up with Monster Hunter World, too much shit flying around the screen. I was never quite sure if I was playing the game properly or doing the right thing. Like this sort of feeling like I’m doing something wrong at all times. It’s a shame cause I kinda liked just running around the world but I really had no clue what was going on.

    I also get overwhelmed in Destiny as well as any MMO. I don’t see Avengers being different for me. I’m an awful multitasker. Like horrible, I’m a decent cook but extremely slow and if a recipe calls for chopping this while boiling that, I’m always 5 mins behind. I get that same sort of overwhelmed feeling when playing games like this.

    It’s cool enough to watch on stream but lord have mercy if I ever play this. I think I’ll just skip it and wait for a different superhero game.

  • Now that the Beta is closed for the moment I have to say I really enjoyed my time with it and I'm now even more excited for the full release. There are issues for sure, the online was pretty much a mess, only got a couple missions in with randos and the game can really start dropping frames when stuff is hitting the fan. However, I just had so much fun with the story and combat. Obviously the combat felt much better when I was able to expand the hero's arsenal of moves but I generally like how every hero had the same basic moves but how some of it changed from hero to hero.

    This being said I'm a big Marvel fan, I played a lot of ultimate alliance 3 so I think this game would have real big problems if it couldn't sell me. I was interested in this game from the first trailer even though I agree the faces gave me a little pause at first (I don't know if they got reworked but I didn't have any issues with them in the Beta). I 100% understand how some of the back door deals will turn people off but for me personally this beta just confirmed my excitement for this game.

  • Seems like the Beta got a update that includes data for some potential DLC characters (or Skins)

    Playable Characters

    Spoiler>*>!Captain Marvel!<

    • She Hulk!<

    • Kate Bishop!<

    • War Machine!<

    • Peter Parker!<

    Character References

    • Frostbite ( look for "Marketplace_TestOutfit_3" but there are references to Ms Marvel costumes named "Frostbite" as well so Im not sure if it's actually a character )!<

    • Rico ( look for "CardGameSet_MysteryBox_Rico_test" probably nothing )!<

    Both Frostbite and Rico are X-Men so maybe that means something?!<

  • @dmcmaster Also saw these rumors about those characters. I actually really dig those characters so I would be fine with this, only issue I've seen people raise is

    some are very similar to existing characters and maybe these are just different skins. I wouldn't even mind that that much if they were also voiced with different actors. Could also be a kinda work around so people could have two of the same type of characters in a game at once.

  • @themarcv

    I think that will be the case as I remember at SDCC last year they showed off a Sam Wilson Captain America costume, with them specifically mentioning it was cosmetic

  • Even though I loathe loother shooters/gaas; because of my love for Marvel and curiosity about the campaign played the beta this weekend on a base PS4.

    -Didn't like the performances of actors. Even Laura Bailey came off which I really found succesful as Abby in Part II.
    -Kamala is enthusiastic okay but I hope she won't be this much. Because she feels like a caricature more than a real person.
    -Combat is fun but skill tree is limited, hope it's related to beta. My favourites are Kamala and Tony.
    -Missions outside the campaign feels so meaningless and bland.
    -Missions outside the campaign gets repetitive very quickly even in beta, it can cause a big issue if the main game will be like this.
    -There are a lot of FPS drops, especially in chaotic scenes with explosions; also textures are really bad, it hurt my eyes to look at the game.
    -Even though I am curious about the campaign I'm afraid of the possibility that it will be very basic missions with average cut scenes and leave a lot to be desired.

    So yeah, obviously this isn't a game for me as a campaign lover. Also, I can't help but compare it's production quality with Arkham and SMPS4 games and it's way behind them. Even if I leave those games and compare it to some other looter shooters/gaas games like Destiny 2 and Anthem it still doesn't look very good. It's beta but there is just one month until the release, so I'm not holding my breath for it to be succesfull both commercially and critically if they don't postpone it for the spring of 2021 or beyond to polish it a lot. Btw, I'm planing it to check out PC version this weekend to see how it looks graphically and runs to compare it with the console version.

  • I highly doubt they'll delay it to spring this late.

    As for Kamala, that's sorta her character in the comics, at least the handful I've read with her in them. She basically fangirls out every time she meets Spider-man, Hulk, Thor, Howard the Duck, etc.

    I do hope that as the campaign goes one she sorta tones it down as she gets accustomed to meeting her heroes.

  • @scotty Just curious did you play Ultimate Alliance 3 by chance?

  • @dmcmaster said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    As for Kamala, that's sorta her character in the comics, at least the handful I've read with her in them. She basically fangirls out every time she meets Spider-man, Hulk, Thor, Howard the Duck, etc.

    Yeah, I know her too from the comics. It just came too much and not sincere unlike comics, more caricaturized if it makes sense.

    @dmcmaster said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    I do hope that as the campaign goes one she sorta tones it down as she gets accustomed to meeting her heroes.

    Hope so.

    @themarcv said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    Just curious did you play Ultimate Alliance 3 by chance?


  • @scotty Interesting, but I take it from your response that didn't do much for you and fair enough. I enjoyed what UA3 was and dug the variety of characters they included (DLC included). Coming from that game this is more inline with what I want so I was pretty pleased with what I played in the beta. Just wanted to get a gauge where you were coming from. As a marvel fan what games have they released that you enjoyed? I'm more of a PS4 Spider Man type personally and while I think I would have liked a more focused single player game I do dig that I'll be able to play this with friends.

  • @themarcv

    I really like Ultimate Spider-Man from years ago, MUA2 was fine, SM: Web of Shadows was enjoyable, 2003 Hulk movie'e game was so fun, Captain America: The First Avengers tried to do something etc. and like you said PS4 Spidey is the best for now.

    @themarcv said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    I do dig that I'll be able to play this with friends.

    Of course, I can understand your opinion. It's a personal thing: I was really excited when they first announced there will be a campaign too along multiplayer side but after the beta I am afraid that campaign won't be special or near to those other acclaimed games from recent years. As an example: I'm playing the The Heist DLC these days and I got much more enjoyment from one mission I did today than nearly all of my experience with the beta except the entrance part.

  • Marvel's Avengers: Launch Trailer
    Youtube Video

  • Do you think we will see the meta score today?

  • Probably not

  • Kate Bishop was announced as the first post launch character. I personally really like Kate from the comics (Young Avengers/West Coast Avengers) so I'm excited. I hope the other characters are released some what quickly one after another, maybe like a month and a half but that's probably not super realistic.

  • @themarcv
    Honestly considering dataminers found stuff for a ton of heroes, that might be a realistic time line.

  • Apparently game has campaign seperate from the online part which is a silver lining in this GaaS thing at least. I was afraid that campaign will also be connected to online part like other ones(Division, Destiny, Anthem).

  • But is progress separated?
    Like if I spend 6 hours playing the campaign will my level 12 Hulk carry over?