Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • @scotty Interesting, but I take it from your response that didn't do much for you and fair enough. I enjoyed what UA3 was and dug the variety of characters they included (DLC included). Coming from that game this is more inline with what I want so I was pretty pleased with what I played in the beta. Just wanted to get a gauge where you were coming from. As a marvel fan what games have they released that you enjoyed? I'm more of a PS4 Spider Man type personally and while I think I would have liked a more focused single player game I do dig that I'll be able to play this with friends.

  • @themarcv

    I really like Ultimate Spider-Man from years ago, MUA2 was fine, SM: Web of Shadows was enjoyable, 2003 Hulk movie'e game was so fun, Captain America: The First Avengers tried to do something etc. and like you said PS4 Spidey is the best for now.

    @themarcv said in Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix):

    I do dig that I'll be able to play this with friends.

    Of course, I can understand your opinion. It's a personal thing: I was really excited when they first announced there will be a campaign too along multiplayer side but after the beta I am afraid that campaign won't be special or near to those other acclaimed games from recent years. As an example: I'm playing the The Heist DLC these days and I got much more enjoyment from one mission I did today than nearly all of my experience with the beta except the entrance part.

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  • Do you think we will see the meta score today?

  • Probably not

  • Kate Bishop was announced as the first post launch character. I personally really like Kate from the comics (Young Avengers/West Coast Avengers) so I'm excited. I hope the other characters are released some what quickly one after another, maybe like a month and a half but that's probably not super realistic.

  • @themarcv
    Honestly considering dataminers found stuff for a ton of heroes, that might be a realistic time line.

  • Apparently game has campaign seperate from the online part which is a silver lining in this GaaS thing at least. I was afraid that campaign will also be connected to online part like other ones(Division, Destiny, Anthem).

  • But is progress separated?
    Like if I spend 6 hours playing the campaign will my level 12 Hulk carry over?

  • @dmcmaster Don't have the game yet but I believe so. The game strongly encourages you to beat the campaign first then do the MP stuff as their are spoilers if you go straight to MP portion. That's what I heard anyway, personally I'm really here for the story stuff so that was my plan anyways.

  • @themarcv
    Cool, also hopefully the story mode will keep some of the technical issues to a minimum....hopefully.

    Anyway the only DLC I currently want is this alternate skin for MODOK

  • So I think I broke the game, just got to the point where Black Widow joins, quit the game to make some dinner and some other stuff, and now I'm apparently unable to talk Bruce as it apparently requires Black Widow and the game keeps spawning me as Kamala.

    Fixed it

  • I played this evening now up until that same point in which the beta stopped. I think the story moves forward really nicely, Kamala Khan's positivity is infectious and the story that revolves around gathering the Avengers together again works well as the setting for everything. Like for instance when it comes to the characters and how you meet them one by one, which gives enough time to get to know everyone and feel how they play.

    Maybe this'll be a ten-hour prelude for the endless grindfest that follows, but so be it. It remains to be seen how much I'll enjoy the "get better gear and earn new outfits" loop, but hopefully I'll do. At least there's a good feeling in the fights, and the campaign lets you learn all the moves and specials in a non-rushed way now first.

    I had no idea, by the way, that if you had pre-ordered this you got this cool steelbook cover as a freebie. The art is by Mark Brooks, I changed the disc into this immediately.

    alt text

  • Oh shit, had they had shown the steel book I would of gotten a physical copy.

    That said I do like how the game introduced each character giving you two missions to get a grasp on just how they function and work, with Black Widows being the only unfair one (let's introduce you to 3 new enemies while still getting to understand this new character).

    Also this might sound dum but I do like that for the most part I don't see Avengers suffering from one of my biggest issues with Destiny, it's got a good story, like an actual decent story, and it doesn't suffer from having a more interesting lore hidden away on a separate website, granted there are 10 years of tangently related movies that fill in some of the lore gaps but those are far more easily accessible and easy to get ahold of.

  • Ended up beating it today, campaign is roughly the same length as Destiny.

    Maybe it's me but I swear Captain America has some permanent XP boost attached to him or something, as I got him from level 1-12 in 2 missions, although I imagine it has something to do with how difficulty and XP is calculated.

  • Finished up the campaign over the long weekend. I enjoyed it, I think it started off really strong but doesn't really hit those highs again through out the rest of the campaign but it was still enjoyable and interesting through out. Now that im in the end-game ;) I thought my interest would lessen but I'll still invested. Mostly because a couple of the characters didn't unlock till later in the campaign and I'm very much enjoying leveling up and learning those characters.

    Don't really see myself completing the battle passes and all that so for new characters I won't be buying those and just have to come to the realization that I'm not gonna have all the coolest skins and emotes and I think I can live with that.

  • @dmcmaster Maybe lower level characters get a boost depending on how many higher level characters you have? Some GAAS and MMO do this.

  • Just wanted to update, post campaign and I'm still enjoying this thing. I liked the story, that was a big selling factor but I thought I'd bounce off once I was done but it's just so fun to smash robits as the different Avengers. Getting deeper into the skill trees and that's been really fun too. Still don't focus much on gear other then equipping the highest level stuff and upgrading it to unlock all perks. Don't think I'll ever get super into the battle pass stuff but I do hope to unlock the extra takedown that's like 6 levels in on all the heros (maybe not Ms.Marvel who I don't really play as).

  • May as well post this for coherence:

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  • @jdincinerator Just watched this and I agree with Huber. The combat in this game is fun and it's pretty fun playing as all the different characters even if I personally have my own preferences. I don't have any characters even close to max right now as I've been switching a lot between iron man, cap and thor but I think this might be a slow burn type of game I jump in and out of for awhile. Very much looking forward to future characters/villains and story elements.