Marvel's Avengers (Square Enix)

  • Kamala Khan joining up. Those brief gameplay scenes looked fun, her abilities with all that stretching and those huge limbs during the combat.

    Marvel's Avengers - Kamala Khan Embiggen Trailer - PS4
    Youtube Video

  • @sentinel-beach

    With every news I am getting more and more excited about it. Since the first trailer I'm on board with the story! I don't care a lot about online part; I am just happy that story is not just there for the sake of it. Interactive Avengers movie, that's the stuff. Also, I was thinking to just rent it and finish the story when it released but CE can change my mind about purchasing it.

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    Marvel's Avengers Earth's Mightiest Edition, which includes items inspired by actual in-game events like the Avenger's insignia, the Iron Man suit's blueprints, the mandatory Avengers-themed steelcase, a Hulk bobblehead, Black Widow's emblem, Thor's Mjolnir keychain, and Captain America's memorial statue.

    Literally Destiny
    (I'm not even mad. I love Destiny.)

  • This game looks so bad. i mean Deus Ex died for this? really?

    it looks like tomb raider with avengers and loot system.

  • Ok so based on my preferences; this game looks like dog shit.

    With that said, it looks like a high budget and high quality version of Destiny / COD / Ubisoft game but with the Avengers. The Outer Worlds just proved that you don't need one degree of innovation to be fantastic. Again, this looks like a nightmare of a game, but considering millions of people like these types of games PLUS you get to be an Avenger, I actually think they made the right choice in making fans happy while guaranteeing profits.

    Despite the gameplay I've seen being the equivalent of dated ass PS2 brawler mechanics (i.e. Iron Man flying and being attacked by other flying people = Pegasus scene in God of War II from 2007), but it still looks good if you know what I mean?

    Like - I'm hating on this game... but I think it'll be good for a lot of people. It doesn't look like a cheap cash in. It looks like an expensive unambitious safe play that'll be satisfying.

  • @dipset Based on my preferences, this game is right up my alley.
    They copied the UI, map, and itemization of Destiny to an almost comical degree. Like that part where they show how items work and how you access missions, literally just reskinned Destiny.
    Now my only concern is the gameplay. Destiny gets a pass from me because while it has all those live service trappings, the gameplay is also fucking superb. Like I would legit put it up there with Doom in terms of how great the gunplay and movement mechanics work.
    Being a huge Marvel Stan, I think I'll still find some enjoyment from the game even if it doesn't hit those same high points that Destiny does.
    Seriously excite.

  • Seeing how much time/enjoyment i've been getting out of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 makes me very excited for this game. I'd agree from the footage shown I wouldn't be too surprised if the game-play doesn't feel super great like a God of War or DMC but I'll mostly be there day 1 for the story. I think adding Ms.Marvel was a fantastic move for the narrative and while none of the recent loot games have really hooked me this as all the trappings to finally be able to do so. Can't wait to see more and finally get it next year.

  • Avengers will now assemble on September 4th instead of the earlier May release date.

  • @sentinel-beach Happy Birthday to me!

  • I continue to be cautiously excited for this game. Granted I'm a huge Marvel fan, so it's easier for me to ignore certain issues.
    I hope the delay means they are working on fixing some of the stuff that had people worried, namely the online stuff.

  • @inustar I'm with you, I've really been looking forward to this one so this delay hurts a bit. However the general consensus seems to be that the game needs some polish/work. Hopefully they can rework some stuff and show off the game some more at a later time and see if they can't win some gamers back. I'm be there day one, but for their sake I hope they can rally the troops so we're not the only ones.

  • From my understanding with a discussion I listened: Game won't have an offline campaign mode and will be like Anthem instead. Story missions and side co-op missions style, you are choosing them from map as you want etc. If that's the case I'm out. I thought it will have a dedicated single story separate from the online side.

  • @scotty Sounds exactly like Destiny and I'm down with that.

  • So will you end up with parties with more than one of the same hero? Not sure I'd be a fan of that...but then I know I wouldn't be a fan of online only so I guess this game isn't for me.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern I played Marvel Heroes a lot when it was still around and you get used to it.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern

    Iirc this won't be the case.

  • Yesterday's War Table showing, 26 mins.

    Marvel's Avengers: WAR TABLE | Extended Gameplay
    Youtube Video

    I'll say this: the game won't propably receive any "nines". Nevertheless, I'm definitely getting this. As a Marvel fan I'm looking forward to this, the characters looks good, Hulk even great with his smashing. The customization and all the different outfits are extremely welcome, cool to see some of those from all the corners of the Marvel comic universe.

    I do think, however, that the robots seem pretty dull as enemies, but hey, I've beaten the first two Ultimate Alliances several times, even earned the platinum trophies on both. (Twice, I think.) During the stream yesterday the game looked technically pretty rough at times, like it buckled noticeably. That's a clear sign that that free update to the next-gen version will be pretty necessary to do.

  • The fact that not even the allies were into it says everything, this didn't look exciting at all.

  • @bard91 I'm not sure I agree. It absolutely looks "by the numbers" but I also think it looks fun. I also think tried and true is the best route for such a big movie franchise trying to expand into gaming. I don't know that I'll get it but as long as there is nothing game breaking and it's not too monotonous, I think it will sell really well and have a long life. If it does have one or both of those problems, I still think it'll sell well.