Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

  • @hanabi Happiest about Shrubs and Gardening Shop, but I yelped the loudest with a mouthful of cereal when I spotted Rover in the back of the May Day or whatever excursions.

  • Anyone want an amateur gardener who is really excited for hedges and bushes as a friend? Friend code is SW-6426-4969-8866. Would love to play with some of you fellow allies.

  • If you guys get good turnip prices post in here so we can get a exchange going

  • @bigdude1 Offline Twitch Chat seems to share them currently. I think this topic would get clogged if people started using it for that, so maybe use one of the other many topics about interacting online for it instead or do a dedicated turnip one, although I wonder if it'd get enough use here. I don't think people check forums quick enough for that kind thing to work well here, but could be wrong.

  • People like the new Animal Crossing. 13.41 million in its first 6 weeks of release.


  • I bought this mostly because a lot of coworkers also did and it seemed like a good way to keep in touch while working from home, so I haven't put that much time in yet.

    I absolutely hate how long everything in this game takes, this would be a perfect 5 minutes and drop it game, but because everything takes sooooo long, and there's so much loading and transitions 5 minutes mean you can't do anything. I understand they probably didn't see it like this, but to me not having this game be snappy is an absolute design failure, and I would have gladly taken a sacrifice in content and hell visuals if needed, if it meant that this game didn't move at a snail's pace.

  • @bard91 I actually find the slow pace of the game both charming and relaxing. One of the reasons why I like it so much. Just taking my time, no need to rush. However, I do get your view. Think it's just down to personal preference.