Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

  • Taking this as more news coming very soon.

  • There's been a couple little things here and there. Hopefully a Direct will cover them soon. Merch is slowly revealing some new animals, both special NPC and villager variety. I'll link an image here with some to spot, since lots are not officially revealed yet.

    I believe this is the first confirmation that we're getting new animal villagers period. Some people speculated before they might just be fully modeling and texturing all the previous ones, that previously body swapped within their species, instead of adding new ones, but there's clearly ones we've never seen before mixed in there too. Awhile back they did suggest there would be no new personality types, but we don't know if that goes off of New Leaf's types or Pocket Camp's types.

    Very weird we haven't gotten a Direct yet, and I wonder if they're trying to maintain surprises for launch or something. At this point, it feels safe to assume there won't be a special edition New Horizons Switch Lite or anything available at launch, but maybe they'll offer something like that down the road instead? All we can do is wait and see.

    Edit: Same new stuff in video form:
    Youtube Video

  • @mbun said:

    At this point, it feels safe to assume there won't be a special edition New Horizons Switch Lite or anything available at launch

    Jokes on me.

  • @mbun
    alt text

    I'm glad I rarely use my joycons and just play with a pro controller or else it'd be really, really hard to pass this up. Hell it still is regardless. I'm not usually one for special edition consoles but damn that's beautiful.

  • This is literally the best looking special edition console I've ever seen.

  • For people who already own a Switch but love the new Exclusive Animal Crossing Bundle one, there might be some slim hope for you yet. The Japanese Nintendo store actually has listings to buy the new Dock and Joycon separately, which I'll include below:

  • 0_1580636153150_EPwovUtWsAIXYlt.jpg

    Craftable Staircases confirmed, as well as multiple types of paths.

  • Really bummed about the one switch, one island thing. I have a 5 year old daughter I was really hoping to introduce to animal crossing (while also maintaining my own island) but I guess I'll have to learn to share.

  • @ozymandsss Game was originally designed for close friends / family to share a town anyways. If you really can't stand it, you can always get a second Switch, so you can each have your own island.

  • @Mbun Thanks for the video. Hopefully this will be a good way to share with my daughter. I do remember that the OG animal crossing on Gamecube allowed separate towns for different users but I guess they have moved in this direction. Looks fun.

  • @ozymandsss said:

    I do remember that the OG animal crossing on Gamecube allowed separate towns for different users

    Well technically it didn't, but because hacking wasn't as widespread back then, they allowed proper save data management, which meant through having multiple memory cards you could have multiple towns.

  • 0_1580881038397_EP_JxcPW4AAggrY.jpg

    Even though it was extremely likely, besides glasses, I don't think we had actual confirmation yet that animal villagers can wear head accessories like hats similar to Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer, but Jay confirms that now. Yet another path type shown. Drinks!

    Clearly Jay and the player's positioning on the display are for promotion, but the vibe makes me wonder about a photo mode, and people have been talking lately about whether or not this game will offer multiple camera angles, since the start screen has more of an overhead shot, so this just makes me even more curious about that. They did show a Camera App on the Nook Phone back at E3, but it was extremely basic, only with a simple zoom and filters, no angle rotations. People are pointing the bike(s) out on Twitter, asking if that'll be a new option for getting around, and it is true the bike has also appeared previously in another shot, but there's always been bike furniture in Animal Crossing, and now that you can put furniture outside, it likely could just be that instead.

    I'm sure there's more to be taken from that advertisement, but the photo is too low definition to really dig into what's going on in the background much.
    Youtube Video

    Some other important news that I apparently missed today. The quick of it is as follows:

    the filesize for the digital version is 6.2 GB

    Not too bad, but something to keep in mind if you don't have an SD card yet. I highly recommend digital for this game.

    “You can only set one island per console. The transfer of user and save data isn’t compatible with this software.

    That one is a bit scary. We knew the one island per console thing already, but although it is just a translation for now and might not be about this, it appears that your Animal Crossing New Horizons save data might be forever permanently locked to the console you start the game on. It could also be referring to no Cloud Save transfers, which we knew about from before, but right now I'd operate under the assumption that you're forever locked to the console you start on, until we get clarification there just to be safe. If that's really the case, that's awful, and I hope they can address that with a patch or something, because I don't think that's reasonable whatsoever that you couldn't even system transfer your New Horizons data to a new console.

    reconfirmation your previous Animal Crossing amiibo will be compatible with New Horizons in some way

    We've seen Harvey chilling on a nearby island in the expanded boxart already, so expect that to be similar to the Welcome Amiibo update for New Leaf.

    Dodo Airlines seaplane seems to be the new way for other player characters to visit your town similar to the train station or bus in previous games

    So if you were dreaming of having nearby islands in a sea region with friends and rafting between your island and theirs, sorry that's probably a bit too ambitious still for now. Going to function very similar to past games probably, just with a new flavor.

  • I’m not sure I can buy/start the game yet if it truly is locked to the starting console. My Switch is a launch model that isn’t patched regarding the exploit, so my plan was always to move my account to a new model Switch like a pro before eventually hacking my original during the latter years of the Switch’s life. If I can’t move my island, that means losing all that data when I get a Switch Pro and no release date/confirmation in sight.


  • @keir The good news is I think we should have solid info on this matter in three days tops if the Japanese site is to be believed about when New Horizons is available for preload, as in when an eShop page for the game will appear, which will certainly include this type of info in detail.

  • @keir Yeah I saw it on Twitter when someone translated it before Reddit and such picked the story up. eShop listing will make it clear either way this goes.

  • @mbun I saw one person theorise that because of the multiple user system allowing for up to eight residents on the console's island, you might be prohibited from moving your save/island because of the potential island cloning and problems therein.