Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

  • I’m not sure I can buy/start the game yet if it truly is locked to the starting console. My Switch is a launch model that isn’t patched regarding the exploit, so my plan was always to move my account to a new model Switch like a pro before eventually hacking my original during the latter years of the Switch’s life. If I can’t move my island, that means losing all that data when I get a Switch Pro and no release date/confirmation in sight.


  • @keir The good news is I think we should have solid info on this matter in three days tops if the Japanese site is to be believed about when New Horizons is available for preload, as in when an eShop page for the game will appear, which will certainly include this type of info in detail.

  • @keir Yeah I saw it on Twitter when someone translated it before Reddit and such picked the story up. eShop listing will make it clear either way this goes.

  • @mbun I saw one person theorise that because of the multiple user system allowing for up to eight residents on the console's island, you might be prohibited from moving your save/island because of the potential island cloning and problems therein.

  • If you live in Japan and planned to buy the Animal Crossing Switch Bundle, your order may be delayed due to the coronavirus, due to the manufacturing taking place in China. Right now, this delay is only listed as for domestic Japanese customers, and the resolution date is TBA.

  • Weird story developing, but the Japanese Animal Crossing site has just announced a save data backup feature separate from Cloud Saves, but still requiring you to have a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to take advantage of. Still good news, meaning there will be some way available for you to backup your New Horizons saves. Awaiting more details.

  • My hope here is to use the back up function, migrate to a new switch, then use it to get my island back.

  • @keir Do not count on that. Here's an Australian site that got some translations on the official word from Nintendo.

    This game does not support Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves, but we are currently looking into a customized method for backing save data up that will be specific to this game in the event that your Nintendo Switch is damaged or lost. This function will be limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The timing of implementation is undecided and will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

    This game does not support User Migration or Save Data Migration functionalities. If you purchase a second Nintendo Switch, you will not be able to move your original island to the other unit.

  • @mbun perhaps the best bet would be claiming to have lost the original after migrating to the new one?

  • @keir The way it is worded makes me think right now their tool will allow you to bring your character and stuff over to a new island on a new system or such, not the island itself, but maybe it'll be like one character plus the island. Them saying you will not be able to move your original island to the other unit sounds pretty clear cut though. They do have to realize this hurts incentive for people to buy a Pro or such in the future though. I imagine there will be outcry for a fix for this if the one they're working on now doesn't turn out good enough.

  • @mbun It's making me hesitate even starting my island until the announcement of a Pro.

  • @keir You have to ask yourself how badly you really need a Switch Pro. The upgrade is probably going to be extremely marginal, similar to N3DS to 3DS gap. We know it isn't coming out in 2020 either. Guessing you want to do ditch your original Switch after you get a Pro, but you could also just keep the original Switch as a dedicated Animal Crossing machine. Any benefits it would gain from a pro would be even more negligible. Even if Pro made New Horizons 60 FPS, that doesn't matter much for Animal Crossing's slower paced gameplay. If you really wanted to futureproof, you could buy New Horizons on your current Switch with a brand new User Profile, so you could transfer your other one to your Pro with all the rest of your games and just have the straggler profile to leave behind with Animal Crossing on the original, but unless you have the Family Plan for Online, you'd have to drop $20 more to get that profile online, so that's probably not worth it either. I just realized you could still access that town with your paid online profile currently as an additional player living there and actually wouldn't need to buy extra online yet. So that'd work even better than I initially thought.

    Also just remember, there's literally no confirmation we will ever get a Switch Pro. It has always just been rumors, most of which have been debunked as the time they were supposed to have come out last year is long behind us now. Yes, it is likely we'll get one someday, especially with Nintendo saying they're going to ride this Switch thing out as long as they can, but I don't think it is something to stress over yet, and I don't honestly believe Nintendo would allow New Horizons to be a thing that holds people back from upgrading to a Pro when one does come out.

  • @mbun You make great points about Animal Crossing as a game that would in any way benefit from a potential Switch pro. I don't think it really would either.

    The thing with me is I've always had multiple of the same handhelds in the Pokémon era in order to facilitate trading with myself, simultaneous playthroughs etc. A lot of this is about being able to complete the dex all by myself, even with no online.

    I did this for 3DS where I have about 4 models of that now, and what it eventually led to what the legacy cfw scene. This is the sense that once a console is over the best thing to do is mod it and get more out of it that way. I've held onto my launch Switch like it's the baby Jesus in this regard because it is entirely unpatched against the hardware level exploit. When I want to hack this thing, the best idea would be to move my user and all the saves over to a new device in order to disassociate my NNID from the cfw device which would now be like an offline device.

    This might seem like a bit of a first world problem, but by prohibiting save transfers for potential upgrades, by the looks of it transfer to new consoles if you lost or broke your original etc., they also seem to be incompatible with this idea.

    The best thing I can think of is that I might be able to leave behind a resident on the original Switch that's not tied to my Nintendo online as a way of preserving an island as I'm forced to start again on the new one. Ugh. I just wish I had the extra money now so I could get a new battery life Switch and migrate to that and be a bit less annoyed. The last thing I want is my island tied to the one system I can easily exploit.

  • @keir I don't participate in that whole scene, but I occasionally see people talking about it, and it sounds like once your hack your Switch you dual launch with it, either into the normal bootup with games you've purchased that you can take online or the hacked bootup that will be banned if it tries to access anything online immediately, even the eShop. So in theory, even after you hacked the sucker, you could maintain your Animal Crossing town when you're booting normally with it. You'd just have to be careful when you're doing the backdoor shady stuff and make sure you don't take it online by accident.

  • From the eShop page here in the UK:

    “This game does not support the Save Data Cloud functionality of Nintendo Switch Online. However, the ability to recover Animal Crossing: New Horizons save data from the server in the event of console failure, loss or theft will be available to Nintendo Switch Online members sometime in the future.”

    “Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not support the ability to transfer your save file from one Nintendo Switch console to another.”

    To me, “console failure”, “loss” and “theft” would all require the save data to be recovered to a new console, so I remain optimistic.

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    Kotaku reporting that the Coronavirus won't impact Switch sales in North America and Europe.

    For those preloading New Horizons now, remember that if you eject your SD Card to install New Horizons directly to Switch Internal Memory you'll get the fastest load times, which will probably add up over time in a game like Animal Crossing.

  • @mbun said in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch):

    remember that if you eject your SD Card to install New Horizons directly to Switch Internal Memory you'll get the fastest load times

    Oh, thanks for this!
    I'm always conflicted over physical or digital purchases but getting AC physical just seems wrong lol

  • @thedemonpirate It is a game you play a little every day, so physical is really annoying for it, and carts have the slowest load speeds.

  • @thedemonpirate also bear in mind that when you have a game you want to install to the internal memory you have to totally power off the console to remove the sd (of course). and when updates and dlc go to install they will still target the sd unless you remove it again for those.