Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

  • it looks super comfy. first animal crossing i i'll actually pick up and get into.

    best part is that i can have my Australian weather in it

  • @yoshi I need to do a full writeup later for the topic, but yeah they eliminated almost all of the headaches from New Leaf I can think of, and they included some of the old comfy stuff like balls to kick around from the original, so it looks to be shaping up to being a very relaxing experience overall. I actually cannot believe some of the lengths they went with customization. Terraforming your entire town is pretty nuts. Only limits I can think of for your town now are maybe water sources for rivers, grass type, and native fruit choice that probably can't be changed after you start. Other than that, it seems like you can move stuff around as needed, even moving fully constructed buildings to other locations, and they can be only 1 tile away from obstacles now! Since no character appears to be "Mayor", it seems like you'd almost never need to reset your town again. You could just completely rework it and swap everything around as you please if you get tired of it. This is shaping up to be a legendary game.

  • Website has some extra footage now not from the Direct:

    Sick Bug-catching montage, but also a Halloween themed building?!

    Another amazing look at the museum including the lobby and exterior.

    Watering multiple flowers at once.

    Seems they improved the camera a little from what we saw at E3. The bug encyclopedia now tells you if you've donated something or not.

    Montage for Crafting.

    All about Dodo Airlines.

    Examples of Villager Interactions.

    Some four player single screen local multiplayer available with a single Switch and game.

    Some eight person local and online multiplayer with each person having their own system and game copy.

  • @mbun the the customization looks really great.

    just the fact that we can choose between Northern and Southern Hemisphere weather is just so exciting to me to we Australians pretty much always get forgotten and always have to deal with American type weather in our games and have snow in them when it should be summer and vice versa.

    my co-worker is super hyped about animal crossing so i'll play with her online and i'm going to go and chop down all her trees mwa ha ha! >:)

  • @yoshi Well you'll have to trick her into being your best friend so you can get away with griefing her island now that they placed restrictions on tools you can use in other's towns otherwise.

    I'm not sure if this was covered in the Direct, but I completely missed that wall furniture has multiple elevations you can hang it from now!

  • There's a crazy amount to cover from the Direct itself, and I'm personally dreading doing a writeup on that right now, so I think I'll leave that to the gents over at GameXplain and just post theirs when it comes out and do a smaller list of things they missed that I noticed instead if that's alright with everyone. The Direct is above, so the information is technically here.

  • Facial hair options, plus message in a bottle?

  • Everyone (from New Leaf) is here! ...except the Sanrio Collaboration villagers.

    Now, even though this is the exact total of all the New Leaf + Welcome amiibo villagers, we already have confirmation that there are indeed new villagers as well, so likely we'll get another post before release with Nook announcing that some new faces have also showed interest.

  • So in a weird move, Nintendo deleted the New Horizons Direct off Youtube and reuploaded a new version, changing two things.

    Fixing this:
    0_1582339372540_is is.png
    But more importantly this:

    To this:


    So it seems the backlash to "one time" was bad enough for them to decide to change their mind on that, but we'll have to wait for them to reunveil this in the future to know for sure.

  • Some New Horizons Previews came out too. The two I'd actually recommend reading that weren't just stuff we already knew were Game Informer and surprisingly IGN. Nothing revolutionary in either, but gives you a little idea of how the very beginning of the game starts.

  • Seems even they didn't want to cover everything at once. Can't blame them.
    Youtube Video

  • Here's an interesting picture from the website I didn't notice before that shows some house styles, how closely they can be placed to one another, and how closely the paths can connect to the front of them.
    Previewers commented how they couldn't put houses as close to one another as they expected, so even though it seems you could snug your house right up next to a river on the sides or back, the game does require one square of space between houses, probably to account for no clipping in some styles of house that might jut out some from their territory. Of course the front side of a house can't be right up against anything, because there needs to be room for the mailbox and for entry / exit.

    Still, I'm impressed with the seeming lack of limit of how closely you can place things right next to the house, with those exceptions above. Especially glad you can connect your paths right up to your doorway, as I expected a little annoying space you couldn't do anything with there instead. I'm curious as to whether you could completely path around your house to make a little patio foundation, perhaps if you made it in advance and then moved your house to the spot it already existed at? The big bummer I've seen people talking about so far with the Pathing Tool is that different patterns of paths you load into it seem to refuse to connect to each other naturally, but that's just going from things observed so far, so we don't know for sure that there's no way to make them fit snugly with one another. It could very well just be some option you select when you're designing your path pattern or load it into the tool. Though I know in New Leaf people often combined floor patterns, taking advantage of how they fit into one another, including the ones I used in my own town, so it would be a bummer if that's no longer possible. Another thing worth mentioning about paths and patterns in general while we're on the topic is that New Horizons has finally added the option for transparency in your designs! That means no longer do people need to tweak path patterns accounting for every season and change of the grass / snow if they want things like rocky paths that blend in with the natural ground. So that's huge. I am curious how they'll handle transparency for clothing sake though...

  • New Japanese Commercial confirms playing instruments in New Horizons, specifically Ocarina in this case, but we've seen more available from footage elsewhere. Also, waving to cute snails and hermit crabs on the beach!
    Youtube Video

    And second commercial with more wildlife and owls.
    Youtube Video

  • Super excited for this game to come out. I haven't played an Animal Crossing game since the GameCube but that game holds a special place in my heart and my friend's. I didn't have a GameCube when it came out but me and another friend of mine convinced our friend with a GameCube to get it, even tho he personally wasn't that interested in it. The day he got it we came over and played AC all night long, one of our favorite gaming memories.

    This game seemed like a great fit for my wife we fell head over heels for Stardew Valley. Had her watch the direct and it convinced her to give it a shot. March 20th can't come soon enough.

  • You can change your character's appearance at any time in New Horizons. As you play, you unlock more options for these menus, so this isn't everything. It is also possible there will be a Salon with Harriet for even more options later, but there's already a good amount between starting stuff and the other unlocks.

  • Fishing contest video found on the official site. Seems they've changed how they work to be more like the timed Island minigames in New Leaf but in your town.

  • No reliable source yet, but the rumor right now is that you'll be able to apply patterns to your face in New Horizons, like putting a sticker on your cheek or such. Possibly do even more with it such as making your own custom makeup or facepaints to wear.

  • So there's a ton of footage out there in the wild now from the PAX Demo, and surprisingly lots of insights to be gleaned from it. I'm not sure the best way to handle it would be spamming 20 minute video links, so think I'll try to highlight some stuff behind specific timecode links as I go through it all myself. So expect this to be edited and updated as the day goes on.

    Top Down Camera Angle like Population Growing seems to be a thing you can toggle by pressing in the Right Stick
    Face Paint Customization Menu confirmation, which allows Custom Designs, as was rumored before
    Player Moving Furniture while others are in the house, impossible in New Leaf
    In-Game Text Chat without the App confirmation
    Purchasing Clothing off Mannequin menu, allowing you to only buy the pieces you like
    Nook Miles+ is unlocked at a certain point, which allows for repeatable Dailies to earn Nook Miles
    Phone Case, Fence Styles, and Furniture you can buy with Nook Miles
    Map Screen look with Minimap Toggle Option
    Harvey is "Just Visiting" suggesting amiibo scanned Special NPCs walk around your island
    Jumping over Holes

    Digging up a Glowing Spot
    Isabelle cleaning
    Isabelle spritzing and smelling a flower
    Fish Puns possible in Single Screen Local Multiplayer, but I don't understand the conditions for triggering them

    Note: Museum Build in this Demo supposedly does not reflect the one in the Final Release Build, so pointless to speculate about the missing Paintings and Observatory from what is shown in this. They acted like the whole layout might be reshuffled around.


    300 Mail Slots. Happy Home Academy is back. Mom mails you again. Bank of Nook.

    Youtube Video