Do you think we will see the Behind Close Door presentations??

  • Sup Allies,

    I was curious if you'll thought we might get to see these behind close door presentations for games like Avengers/CyberPunk/FF7 (this might be on the floor, not 100% sure)? It would seem normally (might be mistaken here) the public doesn't get to see the presentations that are presented at E3. Last year CyberPunk did release a public version of what was shown to the media and I think it generally worked out for them. It gave the game a second bump of popularity after E3 was done.

    Personally I hope more devs follow this or ever better have these demonstrations during the press conferences. I think a lot of people were disappointed in the conferences because not enough of these games were shown. If you're going to show off these games in full to the press, why not also the public?

    What do you all think, will we see these presentations pop up on youtube in a couple of months? I hope so.

  • Probably, I mean they eventually find their way out to the public at some point, like the 2-3 wait to see MGS5 gameplay, or one of the FF15 demos

  • Apparently the Cyberpunk presentation will be released after Gamescom.

  • Well when I get home from work tonight I will be giving my wife a behind closed doors presentation. Answer to your question no... You will not get to see it.

  • @paulmci27
    No one want's to hear about your suppositories

  • How dare you Sir/Madam/other. I've called her all kind of names that's the most offensive 🤣

  • @shoulderguy

    Damn, super glad to hear that. Where did you see that?

    Gamescom endes Aug 24th so still a few months away.

  • Thats about when the officially released (not bootleg) Cyberpunk footage came out last year. So... same plan, I think.

  • @tokyoslim Which makes sense, I think that worked for them last year and I think it will again this year. Because of their success releasing this footage I'm really hoping the other games (mainly Avengers if I'm being honest) will do the same.

    I do think its cool how showing stuff to media only creates this aura of hype around the game, people trying to explain why this demo was so cool and the rest of us just kinda have to imagine it.

    However if a games got the goods, just show us the goods.

  • Usually released after they have a better build of the game.